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16 Impacts Of Climate Change In Indonesia

by Tri Agustina

Climate change is quite drastic happening in various countries, including one of which is Indonesia. This happens due to several factors, among others, that is due to global warming and melting of the ice sheet in the polar regions. So climate and extreme weather currently hit in Indonesia. Hence interesting facts about the climate in Indonesia.

This if not addressed and solved seriously and will certainly have an impact on the future and future generations of the nation. Coupled with climate change affect the attitude and mental pattern of the nation in Indonesia, very concerned about course. Effects environmental impacts of deforestation in Indonesia.

To know the impacts of climate change in Indonesia to watch out for and maintain the nature and surroundings, the following explanation:

1. Economic Unstable

For the next few decades, experts predict food crops from corn to wheat, rice to cotton, will decline by 30 percent. This declining result led to an increase in food prices. Because, there will be a process, storage, and transportation of food that requires more water and energy.

This is also felt in vegetable and fruit farmers so that in the season of floods and extreme dry season the crops will be less and the abundant needs do not match the income, consequently, the price will soar. Here are sample causes of Volcanos in Indonesia.

2. An Unhealthy Cycle

Increased temperatures coupled with the global population will fuel energy demand. This eventually led to the production of emissions that cause climate change and, ironically, triggered more emissions. While rainfall is projected to decrease by as much as 40 percent in some locations.

Especially in certain areas where rainfall alone almost never goes down for a year. This has an impact on daily activities, especially for the needs of bathing, washing, cattle, and cooking. Here they are political impacts of deforestation in Indonesia.

3. Disturbed Infrastructure

Climate change triggers more extreme weather that results in disasters. As happened in DKI Jakarta in January to February 2013. Rain in high intensity caused the big flood. The capital city of Indonesia is paralyzed when almost all its roads are flooded, including central government in Central Jakarta.

Public transport roads and buses that are an important infrastructure for Jakarta residents are no longer functioning. Not to mention other areas, almost all regions in Indonesia experienced a big flood during the rainy season arrived.

4. Reduced Water Resources

The booming population causes high water demand. This leads to massive suctioning of existing water sources. Especially for Jakarta, rising sea levels can make the boundary between groundwater and seawater farther to the mainland. So pollute more sources of drinking water.

Not to mention the problem of waste and water pollution that is still ongoing and still occur in various regions in Indonesia. It is increasingly difficult to find springs in conditions free from contamination of toxic substances. Samples kinds of disaster are common in Indonesia.

5. Causes Respiratory Illness

Climate change also causes air pollution which ultimately decreases the function of the lungs. In big cities like New York City, USA, asthma cases will increase by as much as ten percent. And in Indonesia respiratory and lung diseases are the biggest cause, and are still occurring today.

As a result of unhealthy culture and letting go of the effects of climate change occur without realizing the overall health effect. Hence kinds of weather in Indonesia you must know.

6. Emerges Natural Disasters

Natural disasters, the result of climate change, increasing storms and extreme weather. Only a few cities in the world have adequate coping systems for these disasters. And even if the disaster happens often late, because it assumes it has become a subscription and this is certainly a loss of life and loss of material.

7. Losses In Agriculture

As an agrarian country, Indonesia suffered heavy losses in the agricultural sector due to climate change. The long dry season when El-Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) caused the drought on farmland to irrigate the irrigation system causing drought. The area of agriculture is reduced due to the increasing damage to agricultural land due to lack of water availability.

This certainly has an impact on the economic condition of Indonesia. You must know impacts of change climate have happened major health problems In Indonesia.

8. Causes Various Diseases

Diseases resulting from extreme climate change are very influential on the condition of disease and bacteria and germs. As a result of pollution, global warming, and polluted air conditions cause new types of diseases that are more susceptible to more malignant attacks and cause death to the sufferer.

This is very disturbing let alone the awareness of hygiene and health is still very minimal in Indonesia. Dangerous and volcano eruption In Indonesia.

9. Damage to Marine Ecosystems

Indonesia, which is a triangle of coral reefs of the world, has a significant impact on coral reefs due to climate change. Rising seawater temperatures make coral reefs become stressful, releasing algae that produce nutrients for coral reefs. This coral bleaching is a sign that the coral is dying and will die within a few months. Most of the marine animals living on coral reefs have lost their homes.

Corals are the most important and productive source of biological diversity and are home to more than twenty-five percent of marine fish. The existence of coral reefs as the basis of marine ecosystems can change the religiousness of marine biota.

10. Environmental Damage Due to Plastic Waste

Indonesia is a country with the second largest plastic waste producer in the world. Sixty to eighty percent of the waste floating in the ocean is plastic. Plastic waste is a global problem that can endanger the environment because it is difficult to decompose, thus increasingly accumulate every year.

Plastic waste also endangers their survival and worse can cause death from ingestion by marine animals. The accumulated waste is certainly the biggest contributor to climate change that occurs if it is not used or recycled properly. Here they are environmental effects of ecotourism in Indonesia.


For impacts of climate change in Indonesia other are:

  • The rise in temperatures occurring since the mid-19th century caused extreme weather in the world that triggered various natural disasters. It is estimated that by 2050, 136 major cities in the world located in coastal areas will suffer losses.
  • The rise of seawater causing coastal abrasion and coastal retreat several kilometers caused people living in coastal areas to lose their homes and resources. Small islands in Indonesia threatened to drown due to rising sea levels.
  • One of the biggest challenges that are closely related to climate change is the issue of land fires. Various studies have been submitted, how such land fires have significantly increased Indonesia’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Hot energy acts like fuel for storm clouds. If global temperatures continue to rise, storm and lightning activity will intensify. people in the storm will suffer more. The number of wildfires due to lightning strikes will increase. Lightning creates greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that indirectly regulate other greenhouse gases, such as ozone and methane.
  • There seems to be no correlation between climate change and increased volcanic activity. In fact, the Earth has a predictable dynamics. As the 2 km thick layer of ice melts, the pressure on the Earth’s crust decreases and as a result, the activity of volcanism and magmatism increases sharply.
  • The situation of human feelings is also very sensitive to climate change. Social psychology has long observed the growing phenomenon of climate with the rise of impulsive behavior and violence. Especially in countries of equatorial region observed people more easily stressed. Also, global warming could trigger global conflicts, due to the seizure of natural resources such as water and food.

Thus the explanation of the impacts of climate change in Indonesia may be a concern to keep the environment and nature awake well and balanced. Good luck.

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