Money Saving Tips for Backpackers When in Indonesia : 18 Appliable Tips

Visiting another country would be another remarkable journey. And thanks to the technology these days, we can look at another part of the world with much ease, exploring the locations we’ve never visited before. Sometimes, those places lead someone to actually visit them and get to know them himself.

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But, not all people have a decent fund for that. That doesn’t stop them. They can go with the “backpacking mode”. In Indonesia, you can find so many backpackers, coming from all countries in the world. Is it hard to do it? Or is it really that changing? Do you dare to try it? Here are the money saving tips for backpackers when in Indonesia

1 – Plan your budget well

First and foremost, one important thing you should do is create a little list containing your budget plan. Yes, planning is so important. With it, you won’t or can’t spend some more money on random thingies that not even that beneficial for your trip. You can make it as simple as possible, or a little bit specific.

For example, you can just list all your possible outflows, starting from the vital ones like plane ticket, motel budget, food budget, transportation budget, and so on. You can make it more specific with adding the possible cost for each location you wanted to visit plus the additional stuff. It can be complicated at first, but it’s clearly helpful later.

2 – Know what you eat

Yes, eating is important. Without it, you can make your way to basically everywhere because your stamina will go out, and so does your soul if you don’t eat for days. So, another thing in money saving tips for backpackers when in Indonesia is to know what you eat. Identifying what kind of food you’re gonna eat.

Remember you’re far away from your hometown. This is Indonesia, with all kinds of foods you can’t possibly imagine without searching about them in the first place. At least know what to expect from them, plus if you also understanding the price of them, it’s even better. With this, you can choose what you want to eat, with the affordable price possible.

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3 – Always buy the foods from street vendors

Like said above, Indonesia not only rich for its beautiful attractions, but also for the kinds of food. Imagine that each region has its own special foods, made especially with their own secret method. Thanks to that specialty, the price can be a little bit expensive, especially for the people who are backpacking, like yourself.

So, how we can overcome this? The answer is to try to buy the foods from the street vendors, not the restaurants. The price, of course, will be very much different and the taste can be very similar. Plus, foods that bought from the street vendors are actually not that bad. They can be a great help for all backpackers.

4 – Visit the natural attractions

The next tip, which can save your budget greatly is to visit the natural attractions only. With visiting them, you can avoid going to the human-made locations such as an entertainment center that can pul your money off from your wallet. Another reason for this is because almost all the natural places in Indonesia are free to enter.

Things like a waterfall, lake, and even the beaches will only cost for a parking ticket or maybe no fee at all. With this, you can explore all side of Indonesia until your heart contended. Plus, they are way more refreshing, enjoyable, and calming the heart. That’s why visiting them should be included in your mind.

5 – Try the low budget motel

Another one in money saving tips for backpackers when in Indonesia is trying low budget motel. Remember that this is the money saving tips, so we try our best to give you any kind of tips that can greatly help you to maintain your budget nicely, including this one. Staying in a motel is not that bad though.

With the price that is really affordable than any hotel, they can also give you a comfortable room to live in for a while. This can save your money a lot. If you want a friendlier atmosphere, you can also try another alternative, which is staying in a guest house. You’ll meet people of different nationality there sometimes.

6 – Get the free food from a mosque

Any religion in this world teaches us how to be a good person not for yourself but most importantly for our surroundings. We can give goodness to everyone with the simplest way possible like giving free food for those who in need. In Indonesia, this behavior can be found in the mosques.

Sometimes, they give away free foods for people who stay in the mosque for a while. Even people who are just sitting or laying can also get this humbleness. But remember, not all mosques done this, only some in every city. But once you find one, be always grateful to them, respect, and remember them.

7 – Visit the Sunday Market (Pasar Minggu )

The next tip is a fun thing to do. When you don’t have anything to do on Sunday, just go for the Sunday Market, or as many Indonesians like to call it as Pasar Minggu. A market is a place that “built” on a special occasion, which is the day of Sunday. There you can find so many kinds of stuff, including affordable meals.

For backpackers, this is a good opportunity because basically, they can get culture, art, and also traditional culinary all in the same place. Sometimes, there’s also a special even that giving free stuff like free drinks or meals to the visitors. As an independent backpacker, you won’t miss it.

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8 – If it’s possible, go with somebody

Another thing to remember in money saving tips for backpackers when in Indonesia is backpacking with someones. If there’s no hope for going alone, exploring all sides of Indonesia by yourself, then you can go with somebody else. That somebody can be everyone, your family member, your friend, even your partner.

With more people adding in, your funds can also indirectly increased. Things can go much easier if you go with someone you close with. Your best bet is going with your best friends or maybe your lover. The trip will be so much fun and worry about the funds you have can be a bit decreased.

9 – Avoid visiting clubs 

Well, you can expect in every big city in Indonesia there are some entertainment places that live up during the night, like clubs for example. The clubs are known as places for having fun with music, drinks, and dance, forgetting all your problems in a flash. But, they can be very much costly.

For you backpackers who want to save your money in the best way possible, you should avoid visiting them. Yes, they look great, they seem nice. But remember, a glass of mineral water can be really expensive. You can just visit the beachside during the night and calm yourself with the sound of the ocean and view of stars.

10 – Use food delivery app for discounts

These days, applications for consumers are really famous and somewhat really important. Aside from giving potential customers with a list of stuff like foods, cheap or affordable foods, sometimes they give interesting discounts. You can also install it and collect some vouchers if you can.

Aside from taking the benefits from apps, you can also try to look for places that have promos around you. You can start to search for them on the internet, there is plenty of information you can get about them. With a little price of money, you can get more during the promo period, which is really good.

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11 – Don’t forget to use vouchers

Sometimes when you walk on the street, random people will give you a voucher to eat somewhere with a great price. Usually, the vouchers can be used on their stores only, that’s why those people are standing right in front of their venues. But hey, you can save them or just use them right away from the start.

You can get things like buy 1 to get another 1 free or discounted price. For backpackers, this thing is greatly helpful. Also, you can get vouchers from sites on the internet, just remember to visit the trustable and reputable sites only.

Aside from serving you with the detailed information about the money saving tips for backpackers when in Indonesia, we also have another list containing another large number of the tips that you can see below.

1. Never try to enter a restaurant

2. Exclude resorts from your list

3. If you consider it, only visit the cafes with low prices

4. Visit the night market

5. Visit the traditional ceremony

6. Use your credit card carefully

7. Avoid using a taxi

So that’s the money saving tips for backpackers when in Indonesia, applicable tips for you who want to try to save more money during your trip to this country. Indonesia is actually very friendly for all, actual and financially. You need to think smarter in order to get the full experience exploring Indonesia in backpacker way.