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15 Things To Do In Jakarta For a Day

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You are on vacation to Jakarta with vacation destinations and want to spend all day, then your choice is not wrong.


There are many places in Jakarta that you can make as a fun hangout location.

Jakarta is not just an easy place for you to find work, there are lots of fun things. Including those who like leisure, love culinary, hobbies, shopping, making new friends, or just walking around. The advantages of living in Jakarta Indonesia, you have to know.

To make your roads more memorable and unforgettable, here are some explanations about things to do in Jakarta for a day.

You can search for complete references, and make this location your favorite place:

1. Ancol, Jakarta

Ancol, JakartaOne of the places you can visit and enjoy for a full day, Ancol.

There are many strategic locations and rides that can be enjoyed, one of them is Marina Ancol beach.

There are several other places that you can visit in Ancol, art markets, delicious culinary places, parks and so on.

To be sure you will feel at home for a long time while enjoying the cool breeze around the coast of Ancol. Here the recommend the best vegetarian restaurant in Jakarta you can try.

2. Fantasy World ( DuFan )

Fantasy World ( DuFan )You who like a lot of games, ranging from light to extreme games suitable if you try rides in Dunia Fantasy, Jakarta.

In addition to rides, there are also culinary locations, children’s playgrounds and various educational centers that are a science for you.

You will enjoy for a full day of the ride, while you walk around enjoying a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

3. Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan ZooNext things to do in Jakarta for a day are Ragunan zoo.

You are curious and want to see a lot of animals, both land and sea animals are all in this place.

As a conservation center and park offers entertainment centers, ranging from animal attractions, children’s games, and learning centers about animal life. You can enjoy all day in this place.

There are many types of souvenirs and culinary that can be found in Ragunan. You will definitely feel satisfied and curious. The famous places to visit in Jakarta Indonesia, you don’t miss it.

4. Suropati Park

Suropati ParkSuropati Park is one of the oldest parks in Jakarta that was built in 1920.

The park is equipped with a sitting and relaxing area, jogging track and shade greening. For those of you who want to visit this park, you can try visiting it on weekends especially at night.

This park is often surrounded by traveling food vendors, and while you enjoy a cool garden, you can also taste typical Jakarta cuisine.

Which is certainly very fun and the cool atmosphere makes it even more pleasant to be in this park.

5. Water Boom, Jakarta

Water Boom, JakartaA vehicle for water games located in North Jakarta is never empty of visitors.

You will find a variety of challenging and exciting rides. Some well-known games, for example, Speedslide, The Hairpin, The Whizzard, and Twizter. One game that you should not miss is Aquatube.

You don’t need to doubt the safety of this game because Waterboom has provided officers for each vehicle. In the Jakarta Waterboom itself, it also provides safety and health equipment, so that it is very safe.Hence all restaurants with the best breakfast in Jakarta.

6. Old Town Fatahilah Museum, Jakarta

Old Town Fatahilah Museum, JakartaThe museum is located on Jalan Pinangsia, West Jakarta and is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm.

Here, you will find heritage objects and replicas of inscriptions and art objects from the kingdom to the present.

This Fatahillah Museum was also the office of the Governor-General of Batavia. In this place, there are many delicious and affordable culinary sellers, ranging from roadside shop to famous restaurants.

7. Ismail Marzuki Garden

Ismail Marzuki GardenTIM  ( Ismail Marzuki Park ) is an area that offers art, science and culture tours where the name of the park itself is taken from the creator of the legendary song in Indonesia, Ismail Marzuki.

You can also bring your child to visit the Planetarium which is also located within the Ismail Marzuki Park area.

In Taman Ismail Marzuki, visitors can see art events in the form of poetry readings, music, and dance performances, to beautiful paintings and handicraft exhibitions. You can visit the best hotels in Jakarta for nightlife.

8. Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park (TMII)

Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park (TMII)Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park or often abbreviated as TMII is a tourist spot in Jakarta that is famous throughout Indonesia.

You will find historical tours, education, entertainment as well as modern tourist attractions.

In addition to cultural tourism, TMII also provides interesting rides such as the Tanah Airku Theater, IMAX Theater, and 4D Theater, Snow Bay and swan boats, Istana Anak Indonesia and cable cars. There are also various parks, ranging from Among Putra Park, Cactus Park, Apotek Hidup Garden Park, and Melati Garden.

9. Snowbay Waterpark

Snowbay WaterparkSnowbay Waterpark is a vehicle for water games located within the TMII (Beautiful Miniature Park) area.

Inside the Snowbay Waterpark, there are 5 main playgrounds namely Flush Bowl, Typhoon River, Hurricane, Cool Running, and Snowbay Beach.

Snowbay Beach is an artificial beach where 7 types of waves are designed that are fun and challenging. You will definitely like this vehicle and it seems pleasant to linger in the snow bay waterpark tour. Here are the beautiful but most expensive Japanese restaurants in Jakarta.

10. Ancol Art Market

Ancol Art MarketThis Ancol Art Market is a shopping tourist place located in Ancol Dreamland. Here you will find a variety of unique art results.

Not only shopping for art, but you can also watch art because at Ancol Art Market there is a music stage that is often used to display artwork from the community and musicians.

Not only watching a show or shopping but here you can also try to form your own artwork. You will also be assisted directly by the owner.


Besides that, there are a few more things to do in Jakarta for a day, here are the next explanations you can find out:

  • Kapuk Nature Angke Tourism Park is located in the Pantai Indah Kapuk area, an area in North Jakarta which is famous for its luxury residential complex. You can explore mangrove forests while looking at the fauna that lives in their natural habitat. The reference 15 highly standardized and most expensive international schools in Jakarta.
  • Seaworld Ancol has a variety of interesting tourist attractions. You will feel the sensation of walking underwater by interacting directly with thousands of fish in this place, such as feeding, seeing sea animals at close range and history of the types of fish.
  • Atlantis Water Adventure is a playground that carries the theme park concept but is different from Dufan because here you will find exciting water game rides. Atlantis Water Adventure has 8 main swimming pools, There are rides, where you will glide from a challenging height, then there is also a pool filled with colorful balls. And a swimming pool where you will be doused by a giant bucket or spray. Here’s what’s interesting about unique wedding venues in Jakarta.
  • Tanah Abang Market is one of the largest wholesale centers for clothing, fabric and clothing accessories in Southeast Asia. You will find a variety of buyers, ranging from individuals, companies, to local and foreign tourists. You will also get a very cheap price because most of the sellers of Tanah Abang Market are their own clothing manufacturers.
  • Elephant Museum is a museum that stores various kinds of historical heritage collections. From inscriptions, art objects, pottery, clothing, ceramic crafts, weapons, sculptures to jewelry furnishings, all you can find in this museum. The museum is given the name Elephant Museum because on the front page of the building, you will see a large elephant statue. You must know the problem and terrifying facts about a traffic jam in Jakarta.

Hopefully, the above explanation about things to do in Jakarta for a day is your reference for spending holidays in the city of Jakarta. Enjoy your holiday, and see you.

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