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The Types of Accommodation in Bali Indonesia

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On the Bali Island, you can find the abundant attractions that became the highlights of this very island. Many people would come to this country just for having those nice locations in their beautiful holiday. Of course, when visiting a place that located very far away from their location, they want to spend not only a day but two, three, until weeks vacationing in Bali island.


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Surely there are a lot of accommodations that you can get when having your visit to Bali. There are hotels, resorts, and villas that you can pick based on your own interest and budget surely. In Bali island, all of them have a very interesting concept for the tourists. And they come with different types of course. For looking some of the best from them, we made a list of the types of accommodation in Bali that you can see right on the information below :

The Unique Hotels

In this article, we have the three different categories, starting from this one. Inside the category of Unique Hotels, you can find some hotels or resorts that have a very unique form of the building. Some of them are not even a building. You’re not getting a usual form of a hotel room, but you can surely get something amazing instead.

1. The Bubble Hotel

For the first one in the article of types of accommodation in Bali, we have this Bubble Hotel. As you can see in the picture, this hotel is basically the big gigantic bubble, which is also your room. They use the bubble tent, which is becoming a trend now not only in Indonesia but also the other countries that famous for their tourism.

However, the location of this bubble hotel is in the Nyang Nyang Beach, on the area of Uluwatu, Bali. The bubble can be filled with two persons only, so if you bring a group of more than two, the staff will arrange the bubbles to be located close to each other. Aside from the unique form of a room, you can also get the supporting facilities such as breakfast menu, comfortable room service, BBQ equipment, and also the bathroom.

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2. NewEarth Haven Eco Dome

The next one is The New Earth Haven Eco Dome. This Dome is made out of woods and bamboo, so it looks so natural with all those materials. It’s like blending in with the green environment around it, looking really neat and nice. The name of this dome is Crystal Dome, having about two floors and pretty wide space.

The dome is also located close to the rice fields. So when waking up and open your window, you can directly see the fields right in front of you. Inside the dome, you can also find the compost toilet. The water to supply the dome also come from the nearest water sources which are still natural and very clean. It’s also very refreshing, especially for the tourists who first arrive on the spot.

3. Firefly Eco Lodge

If you want to be in a private hotel that located far away from the city, you can go for the Firefly Eco Lodge. This resort is actually a very unique building. You’ll get this nice looking bamboo hut that made out of woods and bamboo. The materials are all natural, but still strong enough to hold the customers.

Waking up to a new day on this resort is always great. It’s because of the location of this resort, which is in the middle of the rice terrace. The atmosphere is really great during the morning. If you want to have a romantic dinner outdoor, you can ask the staff to prepare it for you. They will serve you with the best foods they have, especially the Balinese.

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4. Hideout Lightroom

To create this masterpiece called Hideout Lightroom, there are some artists who are competently involved on this project. This bamboo resort is located in the Alas Tunggal street, Selat Duda of Karangasem, Bali. Most materials used on this resort is bamboo. You can find it on the walls, floor, windows, and even the roof. Even though the roof was a little bit modified.

However, inside the resort, you can also find a very great service as similar to the services inside the five-star hotel. The bed is really nice and comfy, a little bungalow located close to the room, and also the pets. Yes, even though this is not official service from them, you can pet some cats and dogs that live in there.

The Affordable Hotels

Who says that staying in Bali is really expensive? If you’re on a budget, of course, you want to make sure that you can stay in a decent place to rest and sleep for days. We’re gonna help you too with this one. We have some recommendations on the affordable hotels that should be included inside the types of accommodation in Bali, like these ones :

5. The Edelweis Boutique Hotel

The next one is the Edelweis Boutique Hotel located in Kuta, Bali. The location of this hotel is in the street of Kartika Plaza number 8, Kuta. The location is strategic near some great locations around Kuta. Even though the hotel has the locational benefit, but the price of it is surprisingly very affordable.

You can have a room at this Edelweis Boutique Hotel with only Rp300.000 per night. The concept of its rooms is also very nice with the combination of light and dark colors. Inside this hotel, you can have the swimming pool, coffee shop, BBQ set, and also bike for rent if you want to explore parts of Kuta, Bali.

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6. Palloma Hotel Kuta

The next hotel is also located in Kuta area of Bali island. Yes, the Kuta has some best affordable hotels in Bali, that’s why many of them are always full, especially during the holidays. The location of this hotel is as strategic as the Edelweis Hotel above. The difference is, the hotel is located near the shopping spots instead of attractions.

That’s why, for the tourists who want to buy a lot of Balinese goods, they should stay at this hotel to space more time and more budget of course. With less than 250 hundred thousands rupiahs you can get a room with AC, DVD player, TV, bathroom, swimming pool facility, massage service, and also bike rental.

Hotels and Resorts with Beach

If you want a special view that you can see right from your room, you should have a place that located close to the beach attractions in Bali. As you may know already, in some places like Sanur or Kuta, there are some best hotels that you can pick. But aside from those, we have the hotel and resort that is great and located near the beach.

7. Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa

The first beach inside the Hotels and Resorts with Beach category inside the types of accommodation in Bali is The Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa. As you may know from the name, aside from getting the hotel services you can also enjoy the best spa services they have, which is very suitable for tired travelers.

The location of this hotel is in Nusa Dua, on the most southern part of Bali island. The hotel can give you the high-quality service, very fancy but with the best price possible. This five star hotel can give you direct sunset and sunrise view that you can see from your room. You can also do anything you want in their private beach.

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8. Candi Beach Resort and Spa

If you want to have more relaxation in a calmer place, then maybe you can switch to Candi Beach Resort and Spa. The location of this place is in the Karangasem regency of Bali island, directly facing the Mandira Beach in Senkidu, Candi Dasa, Karangasem. The location of Candi Dasa also became a popular spot for a vacation, especially because of its unusual attractions such as Pengalon Bamboo House and Charly’s Chocolate Factory.

Even though the name of this Mendira beach is less popular than the other beaches like Sanur, Kuta, or Pandawa beach, the beach is still considered to be one of the best beaches in Eastern Bali. The place is also very quiet, perfect for people who seek peacefulness.

Aside from the types of accommodation in Bali above that consisting some examples of hotels, resorts, and also villas, we also have the other list that has more choices for you. They are six additionals for you, so in total, you’ll have 15 different accommodation.

  1. Nirwana Resort
  2. Ramada Bintang Bali
  3. Sadara Boutique
  4. Ayana Resorts and Spa
  5. Grand Aston Bali
  6. Hotel Neo Kuta
  7. Maxone Hotels Suites

So that’s the list of types of accommodation in Bali island. As you can see, the island has abundant choices of place to stay from the resort, homestay, hotel, to the villa. Make sure that you book a suitable place for yourself and your group. If the budget is sufficient, you can also get the best one with the best services and location to make your holiday more pleasurable.

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