Top 10 Largest Temple in Indonesia (#1 is Popular)

As we know, Indonesia rich in anything. Such a cultures, foods, plants, also the temples. In the past, Hinduism take control in Indonesia. Also in the world maybe. It makes sense why there’s plenty Hinduism building in Indonesia.

Maybe you already know about the largest temple in the world, and two of it belong to Indonesia. Every temple in Indonesia has their own story. It is not built naturally, but tend to established by a Kingdom who domineering one area.

Most of the temples built in hundred or even thousand years ago. To make it lasts till now, constructions must be commit. But the constructions purposely in some areas, not to rebuilt the whole temple. (See also: History of Tanah Lot)

When travel to Indonesia, maybe you gonna find out a temple in some place. And every temple had their characteristics. Well, visiting one area with temples existed aren’t complete without trying to come inside and see how the shape is look like. Regularly, every temple look as same as the other. It is just the stuff inside or the material while built is totally different. Let’s take a look about 10 largest temple in Indonesia. Hope this information useful for you, readers! (See also: Indonesian Tribes)

1. Borobudur Temple

This temple is very familiar. Not only for local people but also for tourism. History of Borobudur Temple is exist. I went three times to this temple, I get inside and it’s amazing. Totally I’m dumfound, not solely for a big statue at the top but also a little statues arround.

On the other hand, this amazing Buddhism temple located in Central Java, rightly at Magelang. It will takes 2 hours to be in Borobudur Temple from Yogyakarta. But remember, exclude the traffic jam. This temple built in the 9th century in the Syailendra dynasty.

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2. Prambanan Temple

Another biggest temple in Indonesia is Prambanan temple. This one well-known as Hinduism heritage. Well, Hinduism and Buddhism temple live close one to the other. Prambanan temple or familiar allude as Rara Jonggrang Temple also located in Yogyakarta, Central Java.

Meanwhile, from the History of Prambanan Temple, the biggest temple built as a dedication to Shiva. The two other temples in the left and right as a dedication to Wisnhu and Brahma. Your visitation to Yogyakarta will not complete if you miss this temple. Trust!

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3. Muara Takus Temple

Muara Takus Temple also well-known as Buddhism heritage. This largest temple located in Kabupaten Kampar, Riau, in Sumatera Island. Well, the temple is belong to one of the biggest kigdom in Indonesia, named Sriwijaya.

The whole temple made up from a red stone. When you come over, the colour will be show distinctly. Muara Takus is not the only temple, because there are also 4 temples around. The temples are Tua Temple, Palangka Temple, Mahligai Temple, and Bungsu Temple. From those four, Mahligai Temple is the iconic for Muara Takus Temple. (See also: History of Chinese in Indonesia)

4. Kalasan Temple

There’s a lot of Buddhism temple in Indonesia. The other one is Kalasan temple. You can find this temple also in Yogyakarta, exact in Sleman district. The unique fact about the temple is there is a Bajralepa at the top. Bajralepa is a plaster with sleek carving.

Meanwhile, when we come inside, we will see stack of stones that made the temple looks amazing. You can reach Kalasan temple by bus or by walk from Prambanan temple. It takes only 2 kms. Yup, it’s not far. In 10 minutes maybe, you can step your feet in Kalasan temple. The temple consist with 52 statues.

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5. Mendut Temple

Syailenda dynasty leave many temples in Indonesia. Mendut temple is included. From distant, the temple looks amazing also captivating. You can find a beautiful carving in the surface of the temple. Theres’s will be birds, turtles, crabs, monkeys, and the other animals. People who come can reach the temple by step up the stairs.

On the other hand, every night, start from 07:00 PM – 08:00 PM, there are ritual and meditation in this temple. This ritual regularly for Buddhist, but if you want to following the ritual, it’s fine. There’s no rule who must following the ritual is.

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6. Arjuna Temple in Dieng

Dieng belong to Central Java. Underneath the mountain in Dieng, Wonosobo, Central Java, there is Arjuna Temple. The temple known as a Hinduism heritage. Arjuna temple built among 8th till 9th century. There’s a source said that the temple is one of the oldest temple in Java. But the fact cannot disclose certainly. Underneath the mountain in Dieng, there are also the other temples. There are Sembadra Temple, Srikandi Temple, and Puntadewa Temple.

Therefore, Arjuna Temple is not the one and only temple in Dieng. If you come to Dieng, don’t forget to visit one of the largest temple in Indonesia. You’ll get benefits because you can visit four temples at the same time.

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7. Sewu Temple

You can find Sewu Temple easily by visiting Prambanan Temple. Because the distant only 800 metres from Prambanan Temple. Instead Borobudur and Prambanan temple, Sewu temple is the oldest between. In Java language, Sewu means “thousand”. It calls “thousand” because its contain with 1.000 statues inside, well not 1.000 but 999.

Supposedly, the temple built by a man in one night only. Fantastic! He do that to get a woman named Roro Jonggrang. But he failed because when the sun set up, there’s one statue missed.

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8. Istana Ratu Boko Temple

The temple built in the reign of Rakai Panangkaran. This building height is about 196 metres and the area is about 250.000 meter squares. The whole temple divided in four parts. Which are East, West, Middle, and Southeast. The views from the top is amazing. All visitors can enjoy the views of Prambanan Temple also the Merapi Volcano. (see also: Javan Leopard Facts)

The right time to visit Ratu Boko Temple is in the afternoon close to evening. Beside enjoy the whole views, you also can enjoy the sunset at the top. The temple must be crowd. If you don’t want to missed it, come earlier is a must.

 9. Barong Temple

Barong Temple located in Candisari, Sambirejo, close to Prambanan. The temple is a place for worship to God of Wisnu and the Goddess of Sri. The main purpose of worshipping is ask for platations lush. In the fence or entrance door, there is a carving look like Barong. Afternoon close to evening is the right time for visiting the temple. Beside enjoy the sunset view, you can also feel the breeze.

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10. Muaro Jambi Temple

You can reach this temple easily from the centre of Jambi province. Muaro Jambi become an iconic spot for tourism. The temple get impact from Buddhism and built in the time of Sriwijaya Kingdom. This temple already exist in 11st century, but well-known in 1935. The whole temple set up by red stone, as same as Muara takus Temple. When holiday come up, this temple must be crowd because many people come along. This beautiful and unique temple must be visit when you come to Jambi.

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That’s all the information about top 10 largest temple in Indonesia. However, there’s plenty other temple in Indonesia you must visit. Make sure you’re not gonna miss them one by one.