8 Types of Indonesian Black Magic (#3 Scares You)

Do you believe in magic? Whether you believe or not, black magic is really exist in this world. That is why it is a mysterious thing. Nowadays, the magic activity is considered as a clever art of deception. The magic works because of natural and supernatural forces. At some points, black magic could be the really dangerous thing.

It has been known that Indonesia is famous with the supernatural power. The black magic has been used since fighting for Independence. Long time ago, black magic has the function of weakening the enemy. However, black magic is the heritage of Indonesian Mythology Stories. Although black magic could not be logically thought, there are still many people keeps using these kinds type of black magic.

  1. Santet

Do you know voodoo? This black magic could be defined as some kind of Indonesian voodoo. Actually, santet taken from Javanese language since almost the user of this black magic is Javanese people (Central Java and East Java). The shaman could do a magical power such as delivering needles, shaving razor, nails, and other small sharp stuffs, inside the target’s body. Of course this is by request of the costumers. They usually have the personal problem with the target likes vengeance or jealousy.

In many cases, santet would need a mediator to send the black magic to the target. They would like using the target’s stuff, such as picture, hair, clothing, doll, flowers, and many others. The target could suffer the effect of santet for some hours, days, years, and even for a lifetime. It depends on the request of costumer.  Moreover, some targets usually will die not so long after suffering from santet.

2. Pelet

Pelet is the kind of black magic aimed to give an influence a target to fall in love. A shaman will do this kind of black magic by request of the customer. Once the target gets a pelet, he/she will start falling in love to someone without realizing it.

The customer should do some requirements before doing sending this kind of black magic to the target. As the example, taking the target’s hair and uttering some magic utterance.  Some others would use the magic perfume, beverages, or foods as the mediator of pelet. Pelet not only exists in Java. For your information, there are so many people in other regions of Indonesia that still do the same kind of black magic with the different name.

3. Gasing Tengkorak

In West Sumatra, this kind of black magic is famous as Gasiang tengkurak. It is the head of skeleton that is rotated. The owner of gasing tengkorak, would rotate the skull to take the target into the death. The victim would be probably crazy or even die. A few months ago, this kind of black magic was also filmed in Indonesia with the same tittle, “Gasing Tengkorak”.

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4. Pesugihan

Pesugihan is derived from Javanese language. The meaning is being reach. Pesugihan, is an effort to get much wealth and money through a black magic. The user of pesugihan usually does a kind of ritual with some requirements. They must sacrifice something before getting some money. It is called ‘tumbal’. Another kind of ‘pesugihan’ that famous in Indonesia is by nurturing a ‘tuyul’. It is a spirit (usually formed in bald kids) that can steal money and give it to the owner. As the payment for the tuyul, the owner must give everything that tuyul wants. (See also: Indonesian Mystical Creatures)

5. Babi Ngepet

Babi ngepet is a boar demon in Indonesia. The creature is believed as the incarnation of the people that want to steal money magically.

It was told that the man covered in black clothing before miraculously turning into Babi Ngepet. Soon after the transformation, the demon would get around the village and penetrate all the doors, walls, or even furniture magically. The villagers’ precious belongings would disappear. And the mission completed. After that, the Babi Ngepet would be back home and transforming back into human with a lot of stolen jewelry and money. The babi ngepet needs a partner to keep a candle for making sure he is safe.

6. Cetik

This is also Balinese black magic. The target can be killed at just few days, or even seconds. It depends on the request of the costumer. The cetik is delivered through the foods or drink that given to the victim. Soon after eating the foods, the target would die. The mediator to send the cetik is wind.

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7. Palasik

 Palasik is a vampire legend from Minangkabau. It is a creature of spirit that usually eats the baby under 5 years old as the target. He even consumes the baby in the womb.

It is known that palasik is actually a cursed man who posses an advanced black magic. He should suck the blood of baby through the crown in the night. During the day he is just an ordinary man, but the curses make him to do blood-sucking.

8. Leak

Leak is the famous Balinese black magic. For you who have visited Bali would be familiar with Leak illustration. Leak is the transformation of human into some animal creature. It is the stealth. The human would transform into stealth for some purposes.

Some stealth has the good behavior, although many of them have the evil habits. The kinds of Leak transformation, such as: Desti (the transformation of the scary animal, Lalakut (the transformation of a big white lizard), and Babae (the transformation of the black goat). (See also: Cultural Activities in Bali )

Those are the type of black magic in Indonesia. Don’t try to use them. It is too dangerous for you as the ordinary human since it would give the bad impact.  However, if you become one of the black magic targets, you should contact a master of your religion. For your information, those black magic could be annihilated by the religious activity.