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10 Deportation Rules in Indonesia

by Tri Setiya

Some people going to abroad for the various purposes. If you do so, make sure to bring the complete administrative document of yourself. Each country has the different immigration rule. Before going abroad, read well the immigration rules in the country you are going to visit.

For Indonesia Immigration rules, you could read them on UU No. 6 by year of 2011 about Immigration. Be careful of the deportation. Once you do the worse, you can be possibly deported from Indonesia. Here we would like to summary the 10 Deportation Rules in Indonesia.

  1. Overstaying in Indonesia for more than 60 days is a crime

Based on the Law of Indonesia, a foreigner must not stay more than 60 days for the first day of coming. That is why you should not stay in Indonesia for more than 60 days.

For some reasons, you could stay in Indonesia for a few days longer than allowed by the visa or by the stamp of entry. Those several reasons are: a convenient and great-value flight, illness, changed plans, and disaster. Overstaying more than 60 days could end up your self being deported.

  1. Penalty for overstaying delay

 You would be charged a penalty for IDR 300,000 for the each day of your delay of overstaying. This payment is not a bribe. It is the legitimate non-tax state revenue. You could pay the penalty at the airport before the departure.  Be sure not to violent the law in Indonesia. It would better if you pay the delay of your overstaying. Then, soon to be out from Indonesia.

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  1. Foreigner who does not pay the charges after 60 days will be deported

It is an application of the law of UU No. 6 2011 Chapter VII about Administrative actions article 78. It is stated that:

 (1) Holder of an expired Stay Permit but still in Indonesia for less than 60 (sixty) days from the expiry date of the Stay Permit is charged in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

(2) Foreigner who does not pay the charges referred to in paragraph (1) is subjected to deportation and blacklisting as a form of deterrence.

If you refuse to pay, you will be possibly deported from Indonesia for at least 6 months. The blacklist of your name will be prepared. You couldn’t enter Indonesia during your deportation time.

  1. Doing a light or heavy crime

While in Indonesia, avoid to do any potential crime that would send you in a jail. Keep your habit and attitude during your staying in Indonesia. Once you don’t like something about Indonesia, don’t mock it. There has been a case of deported foreigner despite of his mocking through social media. Besides be careful of your habit and mouth, you should take a good care of your finger in typing something through social media.

Terrorism and drugs trafficking are heavy crime in Indonesia. If you do one of them, you might get a death penalty.

  1. Illegal foreign workers

 Many illegal foreign workers don’t follow the immigration rules. They don’t event bring any valid administrative document to work in Indonesia. If you want to work in Indonesia, make sure to work in a legal way. Give a report to Indonesia Immigration Office that you would work in Indonesia for the longer period. Once you caught as illegal foreign worker, you would be sent back to your country with the deportation more than 6 months.

  1. Escaping from a punishment in a country

If your aim of coming Indonesia to avoid a punishment in your country, Indonesia could take out a deportation for you. After an arresting warrant accepted from your country, you might be imprisoned. Wait until a team from your country come to pick you up. During your punishment in Indonesia, the embassy of your country would ensure your needs.

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  1. Breaking immigration law

Indonesia has a strict Immigration Law. Don’t forget to bring the valid document that probably needed. Passport, ID card, and visa are important to be brought everywhere. Bring the some copies of them. Declare your purpose of staying as clear as possible. Some unclear purpose of visit is unacceptable.

  1. Being difficult to re-enter Indonesia after being deported for 6 months

 Because the foreigners who blacklisted are not being updated automatically, it would still be difficult for you to return Indonesia even after your time of deportation finished. While you pass the passport control, the system would show a ban of entry. That is why you might still be banned to return in Indonesia.

  1. Provision for the imprisonment for up to 5 years and/ or a fine of up to 500.000.000 IDR

For any foreigner who enter or stay in territory Indonesia using a false visa knowingly could be punished. So, be careful if you have any intention to make a false visa or passport. According to a part of UU No. 6 201, it is stated that:

“For any person who intentionally use an immigration information and / or access to immigration data for their own benefit or the benefit of third parties, Immigration officers or other officials, who intentionally and unlawfully grant or extend immigration documents, for persons who do not have a right for that, shall be punished with imprisonment for up to 7 years.”

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  1. Detentions

Detention is a quarantine facility if a foreigner is not willing to be detained in Indonesian jail. The immigration authorities would offer you a detention if your visa has overstayed for more than 60 days. It is because the facility in detention will be better than if you live in jail.

It is relevant with the regulation of UU No. 6, 2011 Chapter VIII – Immigration Detention Place that the Immigration officers have the authority to put a foreigner in the Immigration’s Detention Place if he/she is in Indonesia without having a valid Visa/Stay Permit. And she/he is awaiting execution of a deportation.

In the detention, you could ask your Indonesian friend to visit you. Don’t forget to leave them a bit of money and bring you some personal necessity or foods during your stay in detention. They could also get messages to your friends or family in your country.

Those are the 10 of Deportation Rules that might useful for you. By knowing the regulations of immigration, you could be safe from a deportation. However, a best way to avoid the deportation is by not breaking some immigration rules. You should read the regulations first, so you could see what you should do and not to do in Indonesia.

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