10 What to Avoid in Bali You Must Know

For some people, visiting Bali is just like an addiction. It means, when you have visited Bali, you would like missing to come back there. Bali has a lot of exotics place in every side you see. You could visit a lot of destinations with the short distance from one to another. Its beautiful nature is undoubtedly. That is why many local and foreign tourists like to visit Bali. If you do so, it would better for you search some information of Bali before visiting there.

The best preparation before visiting Bali is knowing Ways How to be Safe in Bali. Getting information of what you should do and not to do in Bali is also important. Here is the information where you could know 10 What to Avoid in Bali.

  1. Annoying Monkey

You would probably find the groupies of monkeys when you visiting the tourism object in Bali. You could easily find them in several places in Bali, such as: Sangeh, Monkey Forest, Alas Kedaton.

Make sure to search the information before visiting a tourist destination in Bali. If you do so, you could have some preparation in facing the monkey that might disturb you. The monkey might do an annoying action. They could steal your belongings or jewelry. They will even attack you by beating or scratching you. Look out your surroundings when you visit the place in Bali with monkey groupies.

2. Bali Belly

 If you are a traveler from outer Indonesia, you would possibly experience a Bali Belly. It is basically an upset stomach or diarrhea for the traveler who visits Bali. The main cause of Bali belly is a change in diet, lifestyle, or the ingredients of food. In some cases, some tourists have Bali Belly due to bacteria that found in local food or drinking water.

However, don’t worry if you have Bali Belly. It would be recovered within 24 hours. When it is getting worse, you should visit the doctor to take some medical treatment. You could also consume anti-diarrhea medications which are available in supermarket. Keep clean the food that you eat. Always wash your hands before eating to minimize Bali Belly.

3. Fake Tourist Guide

When visiting Bali, be careful of the fake tourist guide in some historical places of Bali. As the example at a Sacred Buddhist Temple in Bali Indonesia, you would probably meet an unknown person who suddenly offer a guide. They will say that it is the part of the tourist service.

When there is a cultural ceremony in Bali, the fake tour guide would ask you a payment for seeing the ceremony. It is just a trick of getting the personal benefit. Once you meet the person offering a free tourist guide to you, you could just refuse them politely.

4. Ticket Brokers

 Be careful of ticket brokers in railway or bus station. If you want to travel by bus or train, it would better to book the ticket in official agency.

By the time you arrive the terminal bus, some brokers will offer you some cheap tickets. Don’t be tempted by the cheaper price of the ticket offered by the broker. The broker will fool you by exchanging the travel or sending you in an unsuitable travel.

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5. Money Changer scam

Be careful with this kind of scam that would probably fool you. Make sure to exchange your money in an authorized money scam. Don’t try to exchange money in a crowd of the city like shop or mall in Bali.

After getting your amount of Rupiah, count your cash money carefully. Recalculate the amount of money that you should accept. Remember to use your own calculator before accepting your money. The tricky money changer staff would fool you by using the rigged calculator. (Read also:  How To Avoid Scams In Bali)

6. Restaurant with Bad Taste in Jimbaran

In Jimbaran Beach, especially at night, there are a lot of sea food restaurants with beautiful view. Be careful in selecting the restaurant you are going to visit. Some of naughty restaurants would fool you by serving a really bad taste of sea foods. They would also put on a high price with the common dishes. To make sure your self, try to search some reference about the proper restaurants in Jimbaran. (Read also: Famous Local Foods in Bali)

7. Fictive Beggars

In some road sides of Bali, you will probably find many beggars. Some of the beggars usually take the personal benefit from pretending to be poor people. There have been many causes found the fictive beggars. Some of them will act as flawed person who could make you pity to them. Don’t give them too much amount rupiah. Giving them by IDR 2000 is enough.

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8. Sunburn

Although sunbathing is common activity on the beach of Bali, be careful of sunburn. As you know, Indonesia is a tropical country with the extra heat of the sun. It would probably make a sunburn pain on your skin. Don’t forget to apply a lot of sunscreen to minimize the sunburn. You could use the sunscreen containing high SPF.

9. Swimming on the red-signed beach in Bali

Some beaches in Bali will put the red sign on the several parts. It is because some beaches in Bali have the strong current. Don’t ignore the red sign. Once you see the red sign on the beach, you must not swim on it. It could probably make you sweep out to the sea.

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 10. Theft

Theft is the common cases in almost of the spot destinations. When you leave your hotel or resort, don’t forget keep the door and window locked. Carry your precious belongings in the front-carrying bag. To save your important document, you could use the security box that available in hotel. The theft would possibly happen to you once you don’t be careful in carrying your belonging.

In conclusion, noticing these 10 things to avoid in Bali is important. You could do a lot of preparation to minimize them happen to you. In some other ways, you should take a good care of yourself in every destination you visit.