13 Rules for Getting Married in Bali

Due to the huge amount of attention that Bali is receiving from the world, many people would like to make it into a part of their special moment in life. The island is surrounded by wonderful people, unique culture, beautiful locations and breathtaking sceneries. No wonder that there are couples all over the world who wish to hold their marriage in Bali in Balinese Wedding Traditions.

Balinese have no problem with this. In fact the island has many wedding venues and agencies to provide couples with the best event in their life. In this article, there are 13 Rules for Getting Married in Bali. You should at least know these 13 rules so your wedding can run smoothly.

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1. Give Notice for Marriage

Before proceeding with the marriage ceremony in Bali, you have to file a notice first. This notice is called as the Notice of Intention to Marry. You can file your notice at the Civil Registry Office. Look for the office around the regency of where you are currently staying or living in Bali.

2. Have the Same Religion

Before you can proceed with your wedding, you must declare the fact that the couples indeed have the same religion. This rule is taken very seriously as it is written in the Indonesian law. If the couples have different religions, one of them must give declaration of willingly marrying under one of the religions.

3. Present CNI Certificate

If you are a foreigner who wants to get married in Bali, you have to present your CNI certificate. CNI certificate is short for Certificate of Non Impediment in Indonesia. It means that you approve your legal marriage to happen in Indonesia. You can get this certificate through your embassy in Indonesia.

4. Prove Valid Passports

Before you can get married in Bali, you have to prove the validity of your passport. Make sure that your passport is still valid for at least another 6 months. Those 6 months should start from the date you entered Indonesia.

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5. Prove Valid Visas

Other than proving the validity of your passport, you need to prove the validity of your visa as well. Ensure that you are still legally allowed to stay in Indonesia through your visa. If you are a tourist in Indonesia, remember that your visa has to be valid for up to 30 days.

6. Give Valid Birth Certificate

Both parties who wish to marry in Bali must also present their birth certificates. These birth certificates must be legal and valid. At best, present the original birth certificate as it is more official. However, if that is not possible then you may use a copy of your birth certificate. But keep in mind that this copy has to have a legal status.

7. Give Letter of Status

Another rule to follow in Bali is to give letter of status. Both parties must give this letter of status as a rule to carry on with the wedding. The letter is a written statement from the couples who are going to get married. It shows confirmation about each of the individual. The letter states whether the person is a widow or a widower. Moreover you have to declare if you have been married before but ended in a divorce.

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8. Show Identity Cards

The identity card here means KTP. It is an Indonesian identity card. As foreigners have to show their passport and visa, Indonesians must show their identity cards before proceeding with the marriage. Moreover, you need to give a notice letter if you have legally changed your name.

9. Have Side by Side Photos

Another rule for having a marriage in Bali is having photos of the couple. The couple must give four photos. These photos are in the size 4×6 centimetres. The photos show the couple standing side by side.

10. Have 2 Witnesses

You will need to have 2 witnesses for your marriage in Bali. These witnesses must be above 18 years old. If these witnesses are foreigners, then they will have to show their original passports. They must also give photocopies of their passports. On the other hand, if the witnesses are Indonesians then they can just show their identity cards.

11. Have Religious and Legal Ceremony

In Bali, you have to hold both religious and legal ceremonies for your wedding. There is an exception for couples who are muslims. Both the religious and legal ceremonies must happen in the same location. Additionally, they also have to occur on the same day. So, in your wedding ceremonies there will be two representatives. It could either be a priest, a monk or a pastor and there will also be someone from the Indonesian Civil Registry Office.

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12. Register at Civil Registry

After holding your religious ceremony for the wedding, you will need to register at the Civil Registry Office. The office will make a record for your marriage. That is the only way of making the status of your marriage to be legal in Bali. This registration can happen at the same time and place of the ceremony. If you want that then you have to pay an additional money.

13. No Same Sex Marriage 

In Bali, you cannot have an official same sex marriage ceremony. There have been reports of strong opposition from the public about the very idea of allowing same sex marriage. Apparently, there were some companies or venues that specialises in wedding ceremony who got backlash from the public. They got extreme criticisms for helping a same sex marriage to happen in Bali.

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Having a wedding in Bali will definitely be a memorable moment in your life. If you follow these rules then you will have less chances of running into trouble and unnecessary obstacles towards your wedding day. You can also read Wedding Etiquette in Indonesia to get familiar with the wedding culture in Indonesia. Invite your closest friends and family members to make your wedding in Bali even more special.