11 European Football Clubs Which Have the Most Supporters in Indonesia

The pace about to be a loyal supporter of the football club in Indonesia is well known to the wide world.

They are not only being loyal to the local football club, but also football clubs around the world such as Europe.

The supporter believes that the club will be stronger because they support the club.

It also brings back us the memory to the history of soccer in Indonesia which grew rapidly because the supporter.

This time we will discuss eleven European football clubs which have the most supporters in Indonesia.

As we know that football is one of the most popular sports in Indonesia.

So, let’s check them out! Probably you are already as the member as one of them.

1. Inter Milan

Inter Milan fans club in Indonesia called as ICI (Inter-Club Indonesia).

The club is Inter Milan fan base which has spread in more than 30 provinces and 150 regional cities in Indonesia.

The club starts in Agustus 23, 2003 and becomes the Official Supporter in 2009.

From time to time, this club becomes bigger and has reached more than 4.900 members.

2. AS Roma

AS Roma has a big fan of Indonesian people in the amount.

AS Roma fans club call as the Roma Club Indonesia as the Indonesian Romanisti.

The club becomes a supporter for AS Roma since 2005 and has reached more than 4.200 members.

3. Manchester City

In 2010, a lot of fans of Manchester City tried to find a way to be an official supporter as the Indonesian Manchester City Supporters Club (MCSC).

MCSC is the official supporter of Manchester City supporters in the United Kingdom.

MCSC Indonesia becomes part of it since 2011. The club becomes bigger in Indonesia and now has reached more than 4.000 members.

4. Juventus

Juventus official fans club from Indonesia or the Juventini Indonesia or Juventus Club Indonesia becomes a supporter for more than ten years.

The supporter becomes bigger and reaches more than 135 thousand followers in the official Juventus Club Indonesia on Twitter.

5. Arsenal

Arsenal Indonesia Supporter is a club which truly a fan of Arsenal in Indonesia. Start in 2003, the club becomes bigger from time to time.

Now, the club becomes the official partner with the Arsenal Fans Club in London.

The club also has members from every region in Indonesia and become the teenager lifestyle in Indonesia.

6. Liverpool

Indonesia Liverpool supporter club claims as the biggest supporter around the world beat the official Liverpool fans club in London.

The supporter has reached more than 1.3 million members in the official Liverpool Facebook account.

7. AC Milan

AC Milan supporter in Indonesia called as Milanisti Indonesia, built-in 2003. As a supporter, Milanisti Indonesia spreads in moreover 90 regions in Indonesia.

The member becomes bigger since then and they involve at the social charity to the earthquake as the big disaster in Indonesia. They come to the victim in Palu and Lombok.

Any new member can join the club as a member of the supporter on the first day of the month until the ten-day of the month.

8. Real Madrid

Real Madrid official supporters in Indonesia build in 2007 and the member has reach more than 16 million members on Facebook.

The supporter becomes larger from time to time as the club becomes bigger. The supporter called the REMAFI (Real Madrid Fans Club Indonesia).

9. Chelsea

Chelsea FC Indonesia Supporter Club (CISC) is the Indonesian Chelsea supporter as the fan base in Indonesia. The CISC claims as to the biggest supporter in Indonesia.

Start in 2003, the club has reached more than 10.000 members and spread in more than 150 regions in Indonesia.

10. Barcelona

SBI or Supporter Barcelona Indonesia is a new fan base in Indonesia.

The club builds in 2017 and has reached more oven 400 members since the first time was released.

The becomes bigger and still exists until now and reaches moreover 210 thousand members on Instagram.

The club successfully spreads in moreover 15 regions in Indonesia.

11. Manchester United

United Indonesia is the biggest supporter of Manchester United in Indonesia. It starts in 2006 and becomes bigger since then.

Now the club has reached more than 31.000 members and spreads in more than 114 regions in Indonesia.

The club also has an Instagram account and followed by more than 350 thousand followers.

All of them are the European football clubs which have the most supporters in Indonesia.

Most of them in every supporter club becomes bigger and bigger from time to time.

They have a unique character to support their favorite club and sometimes influence the member of the family to join the club.

So, which one as the most favorite club for you? Are you already a member of one of them?