15 Historical Temple in West Java : Heritages of The Old Kingdoms

Seeing our previous articles that related to temples such as the historical temples around Jakarta and Yogyakarta city, we know to realize that this country actually holds a deep secret about the ancient history about the Great Kingdom Era. That time, many great kingdoms were built, having only one purpose, to unite all of them […]

14 Historical Temples in Jakarta : Gems of The Capital

We all know that the capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta, a city that is so advanced than other cities in Java island. It’s full of entertainment, a lot of things that you can possibly imagine. But, you can find a trace of history in this city? Is there anything left behind to uncover and […]

8 Famous Religious Places in Indonesia You don’t Want to Miss

It’s not satisfied to visit abroad, if the tourist attractions in the country alone have not been traced. It’s never endless when talking about tourism potential in Indonesia. Ethnic, cultural and religious diversity is a factor that makes Indonesia rich in tourist attractions. Indonesia is a country inhabited by various religions and beliefs. Besides being […]

10 Best Temple in Lombok You Must Visit

There is one more famous tourist attraction among foreign tourists besides Bali, namely Lombok. Lombok is an island in the Lesser Sunda Islands or Nusa Tenggara is separated by the Lombok Strait from Bali in west sebelat and Alas Strait in the east of Sumbawa. The area of the island reaches 5,435 km² place it […]

History of Elephant Cave in Bali – Stunning View

Elephant Cave or famous with Goa Gajah is one of the historical tourist destinations located in Bedulu Village, Blahbatu District, Gianyar Regency. The distance from Denpasar to Goa Gajah is 27 Km. Goa Gajah as a Living Monument is administratively included in Banjar or Dusun Goa, Bedulu Village, Blahbatuh District, Gianyar Regency. From the parking […]

15 Historical Relics in Indonesia – Cultural Sites

Indonesia is categorized as the fourth most populated country in the world. Indonesia is an archipelagic country composed of approximately 17 thousand islands from Sabang until Merauke therefore Indonesia is well-know for its cultural heritages. Indonesia has many historical relics which are getting acknowledged by the global world. Those heritage sites are perfect for the […]

13 Suprising Facts about Borobudur Temple in Indonesia

Borobudur is an important place of worship for Buddhists  that considered as one of Most Beautiful Temples in Indonesia. It is one of the most famous cultural heritage sites. As the form of harmony in achieving the aesthetics of Buddhist architecture on the island of Java, Borobudur temple is more popular today in around the […]

Top 10 Interesting and Famous Temples in Magelang

“Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” or unity in diversity means that even though Indonesia is a plural country, the people are respecting pluralism; including the differences in culture, language, race, and religion. As we know that Borobudur temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and categorized as one of the seven wonders by UNESCO (United […]

5 Underwater Temple in Bali (#2 Amaze You)

Okay guys, back here again with your friendly neighborhood author here, we’re gonna talk about some more interesting facts of Indonesia. We all know that Bali has some interesting temples, right? Those temples stand on the land, on above the water. But here, we want to tell you about much interesting stuff, the underwater temples […]

20 Sacred Buddhist Temple in Bali Indonesia

Bali is known as a city for tourism and nightlife activity and also famous for its sunset, so you wouldn’t find many places that offer peace and tranquility in between the chaos of Kuta traffic, even so, you will be surprised to find a quiet Buddhist temples scattered throughout the city. Below will be explained […]