Things to Do Around Borobudur Temple : The Icon of Magelang

You know, in Indonesia, there are some places that included inside the Seven Wonders of the World. Those places are the Komodo Island and a temple, a great one located in Magelang, Central Java called Borobudur Temple. This iconic temple of Java island is known from many years ago, even today.

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Many people would amaze by how strong the temple is. You know, there were two devastating natural disasters around Central Java. The Yogyakarta quake and Merapi Eruption, and yet this temple still standing. Asides from the strong structure from Borobudur Temple, you can actually enjoy the other places located nearby, such as those included inside the things to do around Borobudur Temple, such as :

1 – The Chicken Church

The first one in things to do around Borobudur Temple is the Chicken Church. Yes, it’s not the actual name of this place. The actual one is The Rema Hill Chicken Church. The chicken is still there. This church that has a very unique shape is really iconic because of the chicken form. About the original shape of it is still unknown.

But most people know about this, after the location actually used as a setting in an Indonesian movie, one really famous sequel in Indonesia. It has some floors, and on top of it, you can see the dense forest around you, which is nice.

Location: Kembanglimus, Magelang

Entrance Fee: Rp5.000,-

Opening Hours: 5.30 am to 5 pm

2 – Pawon Temple

Aside from the Borobudur temple itself, you can actually spend your time visiting the other temples located nearby. The example is this temple called Pawon Temple. One temple that built during the Syailendra Dynasty. Actually, the temple was found back in the early 20th century, but all were like still covered in bush and mud.

Years later, the place uncovered back in 1903, and it became what it is today. The Pawon temple is nicely decorated with things from Hayati wood. Even though it’s a temple built during the Syailendra era, it doesn’t show any sign of Hindu temple.

Location: Wanurejo, Borobudur, Magelang

Entrance Fee: Rp5.000,-

Opening Hours: 9 am to 5.30 pm

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3 – Mendut Temple

Most people who live around Magelang would probably know about the name of Mendut Temple. The location of this temple is not that far from Borobudur. That’s why the tourists usually decide to visit this temple also while having a trip to that icon of the world. The place has so many interesting histories.

It’s all related to Syailendra dynasty, the one who responsible for spreading the Hindu religion in the land of this country, at least the most impactful person at that time. Even though the temple was found, the upper side of Mendut is lost.

Location: Mungkid, Magelang, Central Java.

Entrance Fee: Rp10.000,-

Opening Hours: 7 am to 7 pm

4 – Canggal Temple

The next temple is Canggal. The temple is located around a village with the same name, which is a small one called Canggal in Kadiluwih Temple of Magelang. The location of this temple is actually not very far from Mount Merapi. It’s precisely on the West side of it, you can even witness the mountain clearly from this temple.

But the sad thing is the condition of this village is can be said to be broken into pieces. You can only see the small stones as the remains of Canggal Temple. But, this oldest temple that even older than Borobudur still has its strong spirit that can be seen through the foundations.

Location: Salam, Central Java

Entrance Fee:

Opening Hours:

5 – OHD Museum

The next one in things to do around Borobudur Temple is a place we could travel in time, learning one or two about the history or culture that has shown from the collections of OHD or Dr.Oei Hong Djien. That’s why basically you can say that this is actually a private museum but can be visited by everyone.

He collected this authentic and antique stuff in his own area. You can expect to see some collections from 1970 to the present day, which is more than 2.000 objects you can witness here.

Location: Kemirirejo, Magelang

Entrance Fee: Rp50.000,-

Opening Hours: 10 am to 5 pm

6 – Ngawen Temple

Not far from Mendut Temple, you can also visit a temple named Ngawen. The temple has the Buddha motives all around it. Based on history, this temple was first built during the Syailendra Dynasty about the 8th century. Even though it’s really old, the structure can still hold it all these years.

Aside from seeing the structure from the outside, you can visit it closer and try to peek at the small statues inside it, or as Indonesian people call it as Arca. You can also see some reliefs on the inner walls.

Location: Muntilan, Central Java

Entrance Fee: Rp3.000,-

Opening Hours: 7 am to 5 pm

7 – Asu Temple

If you translate it directly, the word “Asu” means Dog. So does it have any relation whatsoever with that loyal animal? In fact, it’s a big yes. The temple was named after Dog because it has such an interesting history. The temple actually located not far from Mount Merapi, just like some temples mentioned before.

The location now, which is a village named Sengi, was once had so many dogs. And those dogs would like to visit and gathered around this temple. The reason for their existence around the temple location is still unknown.

Location: Dukun, Magelang

Entrance Fee: Rp3.000,-

Opening Hours: 7 am to 6 pm

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8 – Lumbung Temple

Another temple in the things to do around Borobudur Temple is called Lumbung Temple. The location of Lumbung temple is actually not far from Asu Temple. Aside from the Asu temple, there’s another one called Pendem Temple. With all three together, you can call them as the three musketeers, or the Sengi Temples.

The structure of Lumbung Temple is strong enough to hold it for a hundred years old. Maybe the reason for this is the thick foundation, which helps to increase the height of Lumbung temple about 1 meter.

Location: Magelang, Central Java

Entrance Fee: Rp10.000,-

Opening Hours: 8 am to 5.15 pm

9 – Selogriyo Temple

If you really love to visit the temple located in cool weather on a comfortable hill, this Selogriyo Temple is the one suitable for you. Selogriyo is located around a village named Candisari Village. You need to go up the hill for a little bit to be able to reach the Selogriyo Temple.

The complex is actually small, but yet it still has a very good condition. The structure is still in one piece, and even some statues inside the temple are very recognizable.

Location: Windusari, Magelang

Entrance Fee: Rp5.000,-

Opening Hours: 8 am to 4 am

10 – Candirejo Village

Well, sometimes going to a village, away from the crowd of the city and pollution every day, can be a really good idea. There’s a village called Candirejo village, which located about 2,5 km from Borobudur temple. Not a few people actually visited it after visiting the temple.

The tourists can learn so many things from the locals, including the culture, arts, and the friendly behavior of Indonesian people.

Location: Gunungkidul

Entrance Fee: No entrance fee

Opening Hours: Always opens

11 – Losari Temple

The Losari temple is actually quite young than others. It was found back in 2004, about fifteen years ago. And the condition around the temple is totally different. You know, around the temple, there’s some water around it. We still don’t know if its’ just usual thing or not.

Overall, the condition of this temple is still really good. Inside the excavation area, you can find som different structures.                                                    

Location: Salam, Magelang

Entrance Fee: Rp5.000,-

Opening Hours: 8 am to 6 pm

12 – Umbul Temple

Another unique place to find around Borobudur temple is called Umbul Temple. Besides witnessing the temple itself, we can actually visit a nice hot spring located nearby. This Ancient Mataram temple has two main pools which both can be used by people. It’s really refreshing and healthy.

Location: Borobudur, Magelang

Entrance Fee: Rp7.500,-

Opening Hours: 8 am to 6 pm

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13 – Silawe Waterfall

Visiting another kind of natural attraction would awesome. So, we included the Silawe waterfall, which is a beautiful one located around a village named Sutopati, Magelang, on the feet of Mount Sumbing. Even though it’s a wonderful experience to visit it, but the access still not as good as you can imagine.

Location: Magelang

Entrance Fee: Rp6.000,-

Opening Hours: Opens everytime

14 – The Camera House

The last one in things to do around Borobudur Temple is the Camera House. Even though a bit of contrast from the other locations we mentioned earlier, this place is really unique. Basically, it’s a big gallery with the 3D pictures that you can take pictures with.

Location: Magelang, Central Magelang, Central Java

Entrance Fee: Rp15.000,-

Opening Hours: 7 am to 10 pm