13 Tipping Etiquette in Bali Indonesia

Tipping is a voluntary act where you give a small additional money to a person who has given you a service in public places.So do Tipping Etiquette in Indonesia. In Bali, tipping is not something that is mandatory for everyone to do. But with the average earnings that they get from their job, a tip can tremendously help them to fulfil their needs. Not only Social Etiquette in Bali, This island of Gods also has many etiquette regarding cultural society. Here are 13 Tipping Etiquette in Bali that you can read so you know how to properly give out tip whenever you want.

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1. Give Discreetly

To give tip, it’s better to give in a discreetly manner. For example, when someone has given you a good service you might want to shake his or her hand as a thank you gesture. While shaking hands, you can slip the tip into the other person’s hands. This is also a way to save face for the person who has given you service as the person might be too embarrassed to accept it in a more open manner. It is also applied to in Business Etiquette in Indonesia.

2. Don’t Give Too Little

When you’re tipping, don’t give out too little. Start from the minimum amount of tip which is around Rp. 5000. From that amount, you can build up the number according to the quality of the service.

3. Bad Service

If in any way you think that a service was bad then it is okay for you to not give any tip. If you still want to give the minimum amount of tip then that would be fine too. However, you should try to talk to someone about the bad service that you have received either to the manager or the supervisor.

4. Tipping in Restaurant

There is a general rule for the amount tipping in a restaurant that you can follow. To tip a waiter or a waitress, you can can give 5% up to 10% from the total amount of bill. Keep in mind that tipping in restaurant is not mandatory as a lot of restaurants already include a specific amount for service charge. Every giving in Indonesia has its manner, include Gift Giving Etiquette in Indonesia.

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5. Tip Waiter in Cash Only

For tipping a waiter or waitress that you think gave you an exceptional service, make sure to only tip in cash. Never pay tip through any cards such as a credit card. It would be impossible for the waiter or waitress to get instant cash from things like that.

6. Tip from Money Change in Restaurant

Sometimes you get a small amount of change from the bill that you paid in a restaurant. In most places this money change would be put inside a small bill holder book along with the receipt. When you receive this, you can choose to leave the money in the closed bill holder book. The waiter or waitress would get this book back and receive the money change as tip. It also best way How to be Safe in Bali.

7. Rounding Up Bill as Tip

Rounding up bill as tip can be done for taxis. While riding a taxi, a meter will show you the total amount of money you have to pay when you reach your destination. So in case the meter shows that you have to pay around Rp. 33.500, then you can give the taxi driver Rp. 35.000 or even more as a tip.

8. Giving Tip in Hotel

Most of the hotels in Bali already set a service charge that guests already paid for. However, if you still want to tip someone for a good service then you can. For a hotel in Bali, you can give a tip starting from around Rp. 20.000 up to Rp. 40.000. You can give this total amount of tip once you leave the hotel.

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9. Multiple Tips

You can give multiple tips in the case of tipping hotel employees. It would be acceptable for you to tip a specific person for the good service multiple times, depending on what they helped you with. The tipping might also give you a chance of receiving better service from the hotel employee as a payback for the tip.

10. Do Not Use Tip for Bribing

Tipping should not be given as a form of bribing especially when it is done in an open manner. For example, it would be very rude of you to flash a huge amount of money to a waiter or waitress so that you can get a good table. The waiter or waitress would most likely not take it as tipping is for rewarding service not bribing.

11. Giving Tip in Spa

As you are already in Bali, you would also most likely try out the spa. There are various spas to choose from according to how much you want to spend. At the end of the service, you should tip the person who gave you the exceptional service a minimum of Rp. 50.000. You can give more than that and it would still be appreciated.

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12. Giving Tip to a Hairdresser

If you happen to receive a haircut or hair treatment service from a hairdresser, then you should tip 5% up to 10% from the total amount of bill. Most hairdresser would always expect people to give them tips as well. The tip can help a lot as that is a lot of additional money for the hairdresser.

13. Giving Tip to a Tour Guide

When you want a tour guide to help you navigate through the streets in Bali, it is always better to spend extra money to get a good one. An experienced tour guide would save you your time and energy. Thus, the good service would deserve a tip of around Rp. 50.000 up to Rp. 100.000. You can give more if you think the person deserves more tip.

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Keep these tipping etiquette in mind the next time you visit Bali. Giving tip is a great way of awarding good services. It also shows how appreciative you are towards their job.