10 Consumer Buying Habits in Indonesia

When time flies, people start to life in a modern way. Technology makes a lot of changes, especially in the economy life. In Indonesia, the growth economy might not be significant. But people could feel the differences. Their activities in selling and buying prove it. They could still buy something although the raising of the price.

In marketing strategy, it is necessary to analyze some characteristics of the consumers. For those who want to make a business in Indonesia, here we would expand the 10 consumer buying habits in Indonesia.

  1. Short Term Prospective

Indonesians have a short term perspective in buying something. They are typically like to be in a hurry, do something instantly, or even do something without a lot of considerations. That is why the rate of recognition for Indonesians people to join an insurance or education savings is low. However, they will directly being interested if there is a food discount in a market, supplement, or energy stabilizer. It easy for them to buy it once they want it.

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2. Religious

Although liberalism and secularism are well spread in around the world, Indonesians are typically religious consumer. This habit is growing rapidly. The product with religion meanings will have a lot of consumers. It is because Indonesians is sensitive with their belief and religion. As the example, Sharia Bank in Indonesia has the good rate of its growth. Music, book, electronic, and clothing which brings religion messages will have a lot of chance to develop in Indonesia.

3. Collective Habit

Indonesians are typically prefer to be in a group or collective, rather than individual. They like to build a community and social gathering. The people in their group or community will influence them to buy something easily. The feeling of being superior in a community will normally happen in among them. They tend to be the same or even more than their group member. That is why they usually would buy anything when the people on their group do it too.

4. Context Oriented

This habit of buying still exists up to now. They would more be interested at the product packaging rather than the ingredients or the material of the product. They have a perception that if something well packaged, it would also have a good quality. For example, the news in media social, Indonesians will just care about whether it is interesting or not, without think whether it is fact or an issue. They also like to read some memes and scrolling their Instagram than to read an article.

5. Prestige is Important 

For most of Indonesians, prestige is number one in buying something. Most of Indonesian like a compliment. They would be really excite if other say something good for of they wear or use. They will buy the branded product or even limited edition which others could not afford to buy it. This habit is no longer for the up level class only, but the middle class of Indonesian people also like to buy branded product for their prestige. For example, no matter in a crisis economy condition, the luxurious cars are sold out in Indonesia.

6. Low consciousness toward environment

The consideration toward good environment for Indonesian people is bad, although the campaign of environment consciousness is growing up in Indonesia. The campaign of not to use any plastic bag while shopping seems not give any result. However, some experts of economy are optimistic if Indonesians consciousness toward environment will grow rapidly in around 2030. Therefore, they would change their consideration to choose environmental products in term of 2025s-2030s.

7. Adaptive to technology

 If in 19’s Indonesians are typically not adaptive to technology, nowadays people already changed into a gadget generation (although it is for the young generation only). In every new technology, Indonesians would adapt it fast. For example when Pokemon Go was trending, Indonesians also followed the trend to download it and play the game.  As time changes, the early adopter will grow significantly.

8. Imitating

Indonesians typically like to imitate others on their buying habits. For example, when their artist idol is wearing something good, they will imitate to buy it. They also like to search the reference from others. When it looks good in others, they would be interested to buy it. The power of celebrity in Indonesians buying habit is so big. That is why the best marketing way in Indonesia is by using celebrity to introduce the product.

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9. Like to show off

This habit is also the part of prestige important. After they buy the branded product, they will show off it to others who could not afford to buy it. Indonesians mostly like to looks glamour and luxurious. They will be excited while being complemented of what they have or wear. That is why they like to show off. For example they will likely to upload their activity in social media when they have a holiday in abroad, or while driving their new luxurious car.

10. Strong in Subculture

Although some people in Indonesia like to buy branded product, some other would likely the buy the local product only. This stereotype is proven when most of Indonesians now changes their product into local product. It is because the campaign of the young entrepreneurship in Indonesia. Indonesians will create the product with the high quality.

Those are the 10 consumer  buying habits in Indonesia. Although some of them are not good habits, however it still could be accepted. Have you got a consideration of what product you are going to make? If you want to know more of Indonesians characteristic you could visit unique facts about Indonesia .

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