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13 Major Health Problems In Indonesia

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All people want their body and body always in healthy, but there are times when unexpected illness comes suddenly without any known cause. Lately, Indonesia is shocked by a new outbreak called Diphtheria and Rubella.


The epidemic attacks anyone, wherever and whenever, people with the disease is not a few who in the verdict died. When viewed from the outbreak of the disease is indeed the disease is spelled out long illness, only at the present moment, the epidemic appears with a high attack and very horrible.

With a clean life is not enough, should also pay attention to health from diet, drinking patterns, sports patterns, and resting patterns. With a weak immune of any virus and bacteria that enter will cause disease ( read also: Diseases in Indonesia ), ranging from mild disease to severe disease.

To find out the phenomenon of health that becomes a problem for the people of Indonesia in general, the following discussion as a reference:

1. Death In Pregnant Women and Childbirth

Basically, a pregnant and giving birth mother has a high sensitivity, ranging from pre-pregnancy to postpartum. At the time of pregnant women are very susceptible to diseases, especially diseases caused by viruses and bacteria because the effect can cause congenital defects to death. For mothers giving birth also has a high risk, ranging from amniotic water poisoning, bleeding to excessive fatigue. If a healthy lifestyle and resting patterns are not maintained, automatic health will be impaired. Read more about Parenting Styles in Indonesia

2. Abortion

Many cases of abortion that occurred in recent years, many factors and causes. Starting from the social to social level, if this is not handled seriously that the impact that occurs the increasingly widespread illegal practices and legal norms and social distorted. The current case of abortion is not only happening by adult women, unfortunately also occurs to adolescents with relatively young age levels.

Therefore, the role of parents, the environment, and the government must be firm and educate, so the case is not increasing in the years to come. Freedom of sex and hypodermic needles cause this disease to become a deadly and frightening disease.

3. Malnutrition

Indonesia with its plurality of cultures, economies, traditions, and tribes, has made the standard of living diverse. Ranging from rural to urban, whose name is malnutrition has become a scourge in big cities. Malnutrition is currently not a problem that afflicts small towns or villages, but urban as big as Indonesia is still a lot of problems about this.

The imbalances of economic and social levels and the cost of goods that increase each year makes some people malnourished, especially for those whose livelihood does not exist, even just expect from nature alone. This is very worrying and needs for prevention nationally. Read more about Types of Poverty in Indonesia

4. Infant and Toddler Death

Not a few newborns experience death in terms of congenital disorders to the disorder due to illness, this factor is one of them exactly the same as the above exposure. Healthy lifestyle and hygiene in keeping the first pregnancy process. In addition to cases of abortion, the presence of congenital abnormalities is also a trigger of death in infants in Indonesia.

Diseases suffered by infants and toddlers are very vulnerable, must be handled immediately addressed through medical and vaccine would cause problems of high mortality. Read more about Activities for Toddlers in Jakarta

5. Infectious diseases

The world of health has ways and remedies to combat both communicable and non-communicable diseases. It’s just a lot of factors that cause a high mortality rate due to this disease. One of them is the insensitivity of the patient will be dangerous infectious diseases suffered, then economic problems that require patients to treat on a regular basis with a large cost. Most important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle as well, infectious diseases include HIV, lung or tuberculosis, diphtheria, bird flu and so forth.

6. Non Communicable Diseases

This disease is the opposite of non-communicable diseases, the cause is also ranging from lifestyle, lifestyle, genetic to the virus or bacteria. The main problems that cause the patient’s disease to grow even worse because of the lacks of awareness, expensive hospital costs to let this disease to a severe level. The main thing is prevention rather than cure. Medicinal and herbal treatments can be performed, for example, Indonesian Herbal Medicine

7Mental Health

In a strong body, there is certainly a healthy soul, of course, the saying is not wrong. It’s just that many cases of mental disorders that occur in developed countries, especially Indonesia. Unbalanced economic and social levels, not to mention the basic religious factors that are not strong make this disease increasing. With the therapy and medical action is expected to reduce the level of psychiatric illness into small.

High levels of stress and technological advances are also able to influence the lifestyle of today’s society, the many demands for the profession and life make many people become stress and depression. Spiritual medicine is only with faith and devotion to God so that any life that must be lived must remain guided by the principle of religion.

8. Malaria and Dengue Disease

The disease is very vulnerable to a climate in Indonesia, the tropical climate. The spread of this disease outbreak with the right climate makes the case of malaria and dengue become a subsidized illness. Caused by mosquito bites and can cause death to the patient if not handled properly and appropriately.

9. Cancer

Disease no. 1 this indeed cannot be separated from the disease worldwide, this deadly and malignant disease attacks many members of the human body. If you have cancer gene and are not immediately consulted to the expert regularly, then this can lead to an acute stage even late-stage to death.

For now, the world of medicine does have sophisticated technology and medical machines but has not been able to cure 100 percent of this disease thoroughly. In addition to genetic factors, the disease is caused also because of lifestyle and eating patterns / unhealthy drinking.

10. Diabetes

One of the next deadly disease that is diabetes or known as diabetes and diabetes. The disease is also caused by genetic factors and excessive lifestyle. The lacks control of the sugar content affects the increased increase of this disease. Another factor that is obesity also affects, the tendency of people in big cities to consume fast food and the like and the rarity of exercise routines trigger the numbers of obesity. To prevent and treat it needs to check regularly in hospitals and health centers that are guaranteed quality.

11. Vaccine

Indonesia has the obligation to vaccinate from newborn until reaching the age of 13 years. This is able to prevent various diseases and viruses that plague such as measles, diphtheria, paralysis and so forth. Provision of vaccines can also be done in adults considering the disease is now widely developed into a new type of disease. For certain vaccines such as vaccines given during pilgrimage and Umrah, it is also an obligation as a condition in carrying out such activities.

12. Using of Contraception

One of the programs in Indonesia is family planning (KB), to reduce the high population level. The government makes the regulation through the minister of health in the use of contraceptives. Besides aiming to reduce the number of residents also improve the standard of living of the community. Having a small child (2 children), able to provide economic convenience and other needs.

The types of contraceptives recommended in Indonesia include the pill, injection, implant, spiral, condom, Norplant, Vagina Diaphragm, Spermatisida and the Fem Cap / Cervical Cap. You may want to read about  Teenagers Lifestyle in Indonesia

13. Impact of Mixed Miras (Oplosan)

The rise of this type of drink is mixed liquor (oplosan), causing the death rate, especially among teenagers increases. This is certainly a serious problem, especially in the world of health, the impact of beverages mixed with materials and illegal drugs would have an effect on death and dangerous health. The tendency to consume excessive liquor has adverse physical and psychological effects.

Hopefully, with this discussion, we can maintain a healthier lifestyle. Maintaining health is better than treating it.

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