13 Spiritual Activities in Bandung During Ramadhan : The Devotion in the Holy Month

So, entering the third week of Ramadhan, what have you done all this time? As a Muslim, did you do as you’re told? To do better things for yourself and around you, especially in this very special month of the year. The month comes in order to bring changes for your life, better and meaningful […]

Important Tips to Spend for Only $300 in Jakarta – Effective and Easy

In the Facts of Indonesia.com, we mainly talk about all the interesting attractions located around the country in Indonesia. Recently, we’ve told you about the best places to get delicious meals and beverage in the best cafes and restaurants in Jakarta that have their own unique themes. Read also: Must Do in Bali Bars Recommended […]

The List of 15 Benefits of Moving to Indonesia

Do you know the country that located inside the South East Asia region called Indonesia? If you ask people around the globe, you may receive different answers regarding that question. For the people who are living nearby, like in Thailand, Malaysia, or even Singapore, they may be very familiar with the name of Indonesia, because […]

15 Types of Bamboo Indonesia You Can Find

After talking so many stuff about Indonesia like its culture, its traditional dances, its foods, or even the wonderful coffees, we want to tell you about one important plant, a bamboo. Bamboo is an important thing in Indonesia, because people can use it to be a material for building structures, especially for people who live […]

The Most Popular Jobs in Indonesia

Of course after studying in elemntary school, and the going to the middle school, and then high school and finally a collage, we want to be something that we always wanted. Finding a career is not an easy thing, because you need at least a research first on the particular job. Also as an adult, […]

15 Popular Flower in Bali That Loved by People

Bali island is not only famous for having the interesting locations which can hipnotize the people, especially for the people who rarely see them. The stuff like the beaches and the nightlife are two thing of all many things that can be found inside Bali island. Read also : Common Flowers in Indonesia Rare Flowers […]

50 Facts About Indonesian Art Works That Made By Indonesian People

Wow, talk about arts in Indonesia again are we. Well, if you don’t know it already, Indonesia is like the heaven of arts, so many types of arts can be found within this country on every corner. So, it must be easy to find the arts that you looking for. See also : Most Popular […]

17 Public Behaviour in Indonesia

There are many habits of Indonesian people who become the main attraction for others, especially foreigners who think it is strange and inappropriate. Herewith general attitudes in Indonesia. If for ourselves it is an ordinary thing to do. In fact, it has become an activity or everyday behavior, but in this case good behavior and […]

13 Common Skin Diseases in Indonesia

In some developing countries especially those who are considered as tropical countries, skin disease is considered as Diseases in Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the countries who still familiar with skin disease problem, there are some skin diseases that still haunt the local people. The factors are varied,  ranging from temperature, environment, or even from personal hygiene. […]

17 Interesting Daily Activities in Indonesia

As Indonesian people, of course in day to day activities we usually do something that the people in other countries don’t. It’s part of the habit and Indonesian culture. The things like eating with right hand, and also londrying outside houseis common in here. See also : Indonesian Lifestyle Indonesian People Basic Rights in Indonesia […]