12 Kinds of Clothes to wear in Bali – Traditional Clothes

Around the world, Bali is known by the nickname of the Island of the Gods. This nickname is given not without any reason. In addition to the beauty of its natural panorama is almost like heaven, the nickname is given also because the Balinese people are very strong in holding tightly the culture of his ancestors.

Although hundreds of thousands of people come to visit each year, the Balinese never know the name of cultural acculturation. Balinese culture is still preserved until now. It is by the the existence of traditional clothing Bali continue to be worn by the community in the worship and daily activities. Here are the kinds of clothes to wear in Bali

  1. Udeng

Udeng is an attribute of headband that is often used by men in Bali. In addition to functioning as a head cover made of cloth and equipment this one is also often used during the implementation of worship as well as some daily activities of the people of Bali. Udeng most commonly used at religious ceremonies are white. As for Udeng is that used every day, there are batik motifs on the surface of the fabric. By having a unique model of Udeng and the presence of a knot in the middle, it symbolizes that the user should have a clear mind and focus to do worship activities.

  1. Balinese Belt

In addition to headbands and custom clothes, other attributes on traditional clothing Bali also use belts and various jewelries. Then there is also a small yellow scarf also worn as a complement and reinforcement kamen and kerap. The commonly used bond model is to use live cover and placed on the right side. With such a bond model it also has its own meaning. One of them is that the Balinese man can control everything bad in his life. In addition Balinese traditional clothes for men are also often used at certain events such as marriage which is usually also equipped with other attributes of keris, suit, shirt and certain footwear.

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  1. Kamen Fabric

Balinese traditional clothing is a fabric that is used as a substitute for pants in general. You need to know that actually for custom clothing in Bali do not use pants like, but with kamen cloth as a replacement. In general, kamen cloth often used as a substitute for the pants have a size of 2 meters long and 1 meter wide. For use, usually it will be tied to the waist in a circular way and starts from left to right. The symbol of the bond is Dharma. The use of the bottom wear should usually be one inch from the sole of the foot and accompanied by a pointed shape at the end facing down, until it touches with the ground. This has a meaning that is as a form of homage to the motherland.

  1. Saput or Kampuh

The saput or kampuh is a cloth to cover the leg that is worn after kamen. The way how to us is by means of the membrane tied at the waist by rotating counter-clockwise. Behind the use of like this it also has a meaning, namely to hide the curves and veins. In addition, this cover cloth is also very rarely used when there are activities of worship or wedding events.

  1. Top wear of Balinese man

The Clothes on the attributes of Balinese clothing is a kind of closed shirt model and, having a closed shirt that has the same glimpse form as compared to safari clothes. Nevertheless, in general, the clothes that are used there are no rules of special rules, the importance of the clean, polite and neat.

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  1. Umpal for men

Umpal (Binder Shawl) is to strengthen the kamen and the pad, a small yellow scarf called bait is used. The bond used is a bond with a live node placed on the right. This binding means that the man of Bali must be able to control all the bad things of all his activities. The color of the fabric usually golden yellow.

  1. Wearing a bun to tidy up the woman’s hair

About how to set hair complete with ornaments, there are special requirements for Balinese women. There are at least 2 types of hairdressing forms of women or buns that can be used, such as the hubbub tagel, kekungu kekungu and pusung gonjer. Pusung kekupu or generally called also podgala pusung worn specifically for women who already have the status of widows, gonjer pusung worn specifically for single women or not married, and the tagel is used specifically for women who have married.

  1. Kebaya for women top-outfit

Kebaya Tops used in the clothes of indigenous women of Bali is a kebaya with simple motifs and bright colors. Selection kebaya assessed can highlight the beauty and elegance of Balinese women. As for the purposes of worship, kebaya used must be polite from the design, neat and clean.

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  1. Kamen for skirt

Kamen For the women skirt, traditional Balinese women’s clothing is also equipped with kamen. Kamen is used to cover the lower body to the extent of one palm of the knee. These limits are set so that Balinese women are free to move and walk, yet still look polite and elegant.

  1. Balinese Scarves

Scarves (Senteng) Bali women will generally also wear a scarf or a shoulder draped over the shoulder. The use of shawls has a philosophical meaning that Balinese women should remember the teachings of darma (rules for Balinese) and ready to educate their sons and daughters in order to be obedient to the parents.

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  1. Bulang Pasang

Bulang Pasang is used to strengthen the bonds of kamen, used a yellow scarf called pairs of pairs tied at the waist. The use of tidal scarves in traditional Balinese women’s clothing has a philosophical meaning that Balinese women can keep their wombs and control their behavior from all ugliness.

  1. Flowers Accessories

Flowers and other accessories to beautify themselves and as a means of worship, traditional Balinese women will generally also tuck a flower in the ear or hair. The selected flowers are cempaka (yellow flowers), white cempaka, and or frangipani flowers.

Those are the kinds of clothes in Bali. You can also use them when visit Bali. Those outfits are usually worn in a ceremony, praying, and Balinese ritual. You know that Bali is the island full with culture and ceremony.