Interesting Facts About 15 Customs in Bali Indonesia

Who doesn’t know Bali? Most tourists that came in Indonesia are of course familiar with this island. Somehow, they even get close to the island itself, and not recognizing that they are standing on the country with the name of Indonesia.

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With the close relation between Bali island and the tourists, the foreginers should know firdt about the customs in here, about things they can or can not do in Bali island. For example, we take some things that included as parts of custom in Bali. So, be sure that you repects these customs, because the people in there highly appreciate that.

1. Don’t step on Canang or offerings

One thing to remember is, don’t ever step on the offerings. In Bali, you can find the offering at almost every spot in the city. And they places not into something, sometimes, the offering were putted on the ground.

The offering itself is like the daily tradition of Balinese people. They always put some of them during the morning or other certian times. But if you just accidently step on it, you can say sorry in your heart, and continue going.

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2. Respect the traditional ceremonies

Of course, Bali is very thick with its tradition, especially with the relation of Hindhu religion. During every year, there are some events or ceremonies that will be held by the people there. As a tourist, one should respect them all.

Respecting them is a simple way. Taking pictures a maybe okay, but interfering with teh ceremony itself is highly prohibited. You given a choice to join them too in some events, but not all of them for sure. The point is, the tourists should respects the sacred ceremonies in here, because the Balinese people will give their respect back.

3. Wearing unique clothe

Usually, when entering the places like temples and other sacred places in Bali, you would offered the clothe that use to cover parts of your body, because in there, your clothings should be polite or you’ll be kicked out by the officials.

One can not wonder so easily in the sacred places without wearing proper clothings. So because of that, the people of Bali will offer you the clothe rental that you can choose to wear if you want to enter the temples.

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4. Always show good behaviour

“While in Rome, do as Romans do” Maybe this is the perfect sentence to describe the point of 4th. If you are a tourist, you should sho the people of Bali good behavior. All the tourists are the same like the people themself.

  If you show a good behavior, your travelling in Bali will be very smooth. It’s totally different when you showing very bad behavior, people will judge for what you’ve done, and even do some bad things to you. All will come because of your act.

5. Respect the people who praying

Beside respecting the sacred or holy places, the tourist should also respect the people who praying in there, by not making so much noise, or disturb them with different actions. It’s considered as the thing to break the harmony, and things can get more serious later.

Visiting the temples is of course very recommended, especially in order to watch the arts that contained in the building, or maybe to do some religion activities in there. But, the visit should completed with understanding in heart, for not disturbing anyone inside.

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6. Always following the rules inside a temple or sacred place

This custom has the relation with the 4th and 3rd, which is having corelation with the holy places like temples or tombs. The rules are pretty simple actually, and can be followed by anyone who want to enter the place.

The most important one is actually for the girls, to no enter the place when they having their period. The menstruation is still considered dirty, until it’s done later, then she can enter the temple. Also, the other thing to notice is the usage of proper clothing and proper attitude.

7. Not turning on the lamps on Nyepi day

Nyepi day is one of the amazing days in Indonesia. Nyepi consists of an activity of fasting, and doing self introspection from the year before and for the year to come. The people who doing this Nyepi also avoid all kind of entertainment activity.

And one thing to notice is, all the lamps in Bali are being turned off until the Nyepi day is done. So for the tourisys who unlucky to get in Bali when Nyepi day is going on, it’s advisable to not turning on the lamps. There are some pecalang or the local officers who will tell you the instructions.

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8. Pissing carelessly

Of course, if you doing this, then you’ll be classified as childish and non polite tourist. And it’s prohibited of course, not only in Bali, but all the places you’re into. This one is also be considered as vandalism, and there’s punishment for this. The reasons why people pissing on public is either they don’t have nice attitude or behavior or just plain drunk. For the second problem, usually there’s patrol to deal with the drunk in Bali, and they can give them the appropiate punishment based on their crime.

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9. Touching people’s head

Like we already talked about in previous article about taboo, touching the people’s head is not okay, especially if you still not that close with that person. But still, the condition will tell the act of touching head is cam be varified as tru act or not. For example, it’s okay for you to touch someone’s head in order to save them from injury or wounds, but it’s not okay to touch people’s head only for joke or laugh.

10. Pointing with fore finger

Beside touching, there’s this costum that tells us the acitivity is pointing with fore finges is included as non polite act. As alternatives, people will usually use the whole hand to show the point, but it’s kinda akward, so they switch it with the tumb. So you can use your thumb to ask or pointing to something, than using fore finger.

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In those ten things above, you can see the yes or no activities that you shouldn’t do in the island of Bali. As a tourist, one must repsect those customs, because by respecting, they can also get some respects from the people of Bali. So it’s win-win. Plus here, we also add the other five activities that you must not do while having your stay in Bali island :

  1. Even though Bali seems free, narcotics is highly hated
  2. Throw away trash carelessly
  3. Saying bad words
  4. Show bad attitude to people
  5. Spreading terrors

So those are the things that included in customs of Bali. They are not really demanding, right? Basically all is just respect and concousness about the custom itself. Plus, there are several conditions that may surprise the tourists. So that’s why, you can see the customs of Bali earlier to prevent bad influence that you’ll bring to Bali island. Especially if you’re a tourist, because you’re bringing your country’s identification. And thanks to your polite and apropiate behavior towards the people and the culture of Bali, your country maybe the best friend of Indonesia.