The 17 Traditional Beliefs in Bali That Exist

As a country with different aspects, Indonesia has some islands that also have high level of diversity. One of them is Bali island, which located just beside the big island of Java. Beside having a great attractions that already famous in the eyes of world tourism, Bali also has some beliefs, the unique ones that still exist in this very island.

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Of course, as you can see there are the legal religions of Indonesia, the Islam and the other religios in Bali. But beside them, there are some unique beliefs that still unbeliavably exist in Bali, especially in the traditional tribes of Bali. Sowhat are those traditional beliefs in Bali, so here are seventeen of them :

1. Hinduism

The Majority people in Bali took the Hinduism as their own traditional unique belief. And because of that, you can find som many Hindu aspects in every day lifes in Bali. You can see the perfect examples like the ritual offerings and also some ceremonies that still held until this time.

The percentage of Hinduism in this Bali island reaches 83, 46 percent. And that’s a huge amount of them. Beside that, there are other religions too in this island. The beautiful thing is, people in there still live in peace even though they have different beliefs.

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2. Islam

The second one on the list of traditional beliefs in Indonesia is Islam. The number of moslem in Balialmost reach 13,37 % of total Bali population. As people that hugging Islam as their religion, they still having great times in Bali.

Even though there are several views that make Moslem  a little bit uncomfortable, but they can prevent them with their own way. An island without a conflict because of the different religions making this island is really suitable to live in.

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3. Christianity

Beside those two religions, there’s another one here, Christianity. Beside many buildings of temples and also mosques, there are also some churches that also can be found in the island of Bali. Together they can live in peace, minding their own business withouth interfere with each other.

Even if there are some christ events, so many people will join in to enjoy the decoratiosn in some malls and other buildngs. Especially enjoying those christmas discounts. But, even though they live in almost the same area, they can live in peace.

4. Buddhism

After the Hinduism, there’s also Buddhism religion in this island. Even though there’s some people that have the Buddhism religion, you can spot them hardly because it’s one of the fewest population of them all.

But even though they hard to find, you can still spot some of the Buddha temple in here. Even though they are not so many as the temple of Hindu. They still noticable though, even some of them have the same architectures as the temple in Thailand and Sri Lanka.

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5. Confucianism

AS the last recognised religion in Indonesia and also in Bali, there’s Confucianism. This religion is not have the huge amount of population, it’s only reach the percentage of 0,01%. You can add that percentage with the number of total population in Bali. The number that will show up is about 420.

That number is the total people that have the confucianims as their religion. Yes, it’s hard to notice the confucianism aspects in Bali, because they usually be blurred out by the aspects of the other religions mentioned above. But, it still exists in the island of Bali.

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6. Shivaism

The next belief is actually another branch of Hinduism religion. There are frout main branches in Hinduism, and they are gonna be explained in some informations below containing explanations about the four branches.

Some people in Bali also having this way of Hinduism in their life. Mostly you can’t notice much different between the people with shivaism with another branch because usually they do their own thing in their own house secretly. If you’re in India, you can notice the people with shivaism by their look. You can see their faces covered with ashes.

7. Vaishnavism

Another branch of Hinduism is Vaishnavism. If in shivaism the people praying for the God Shiva, the thing is different in this branch. In this vaishnavism, people start to pray and to do some offerings to God Vishnu.

Beside Vishnu, the worshippers also praying to the other gods, like Rama and Kresna, which are other forms of Vishnu. The interesting fact about this branch of Hinduism is, usually the worshippers of this Vaishnavism have the dualism personality.

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8. Shaktism

And the third one of Hindusim branches is Shaktism. Some people in Bali who have the Shaktism way of worshipping, praying to the Goddes or Sakti. The people that have this belief refret the Sakti as a power that has much masculinity.

People of Shaktism really have the unique way of restoring peace and their own natural power. It was believed that they use some kind of meditation and Yoga to summon the cosmic power to be transferred to their mind and body.

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9. Smartism

And then in the last one of Hinduism branch, we have the Smartism. Smarta or Smartism is the belief that had by not so many people in Bali, who praying or worship more than one God. Usually they go for the two or three gods.

Usually, the people of Smartism wroship The God Almighty, A God that resembled into six personifications, Ganesa, Shiva, Vishnu, and the others. It’s actually the younges one than the other three. And because of its young age, people still a little bit unfamiliar with this belief.

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10. Shiva-Buddha

Aside from the religion or belief of Buddhism and Hinduism, there’s one belief that combine both of them, making them into one belief called as Shiva-Buddha belief. Yes, this belief still exists up to this time.

Actually the history of this belief was started from one of the greatest kingdom in Indonesia called Majapahit Kingdom. And then it’s started spreading until finally reached the land of Bali. If you want to look at more informations about it, there’s one place called Geria Budakeling that worth visiting.

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Beside the beliefs mentioned above, you can still take a bit look at the other beliefs that still exist in Bali. Some of them are hardly found in the cities of Bali, and only can be found withing some tribes and villages. After ten of them already mentioned, we wan to introduce you to the other seven beliefs below :

  1. Animism
  2. Dynamism
  3. Kebatinan
  4. Judaism
  5. Atheism
  6. Subud
  7. Baha’i

Yep, that’s our complete list of traditional beliefs in Bali. In our article here, we include 17 of them in the above paragraphs. As you can see in the informations, several beliefs are indeed hidden within some Balinese tribes who live in that very island until now. Different beliefs in Bali resemble how rich the island of Bali is, and that’s another good point given to that island.

Also, seeing how peaceful the land is, remembering there are a lot of religions in belief in here, is a meaningful and interesting thing for the tourists that visiting Bali for some reason. That can also be used to be an example to the other areas, either in Indonesia or your own country.