35 Moral Values in Indonesia You Must Obey

Indonesians give special attention to moral values. They highly believe that morals keep society in order. They also help in shaping better individuals that will make Indonesia become better. Indonesians teach moral values to their young ones at such an early age. So as they grow older, they will always remember these 35 Moral Values in Indonesia below which will create a strong foundation in their lives.

1. Always Respect Parents

Indonesian believe that parents must always be respected. They are the ones who give life to you. For many Indonesians families, the least that a child can do is show that they appreciate their parents. Respect can be shown through obeying, listening or not demanding much.

2. Display Good Manners among the Elderly

Indonesians are obliged to behave in their best manners when in presence of the elderly. When you speak to an older person, you use polite language. The body language is important too. Indonesians must sit or stand in a way that shows the elderly are more superior.

3. Devote Self to the Country

One must always devote their life to the country. This means that whatever you do, you must maintain the good name of Indonesia. Also, it means that the things you do must at least have an impact to the country’s growth. The devotion shows a good Indonesian citizen.

4. Help Your Neighbours

Indonesians must help their neighbours who are in need. Whether they are close to the neighbour or not, help should be given. It is seen as an important human behaviour in Indonesian’s society. The help should come from the heart without asking for anything in return.

5. Contribute to Society

An Indonesian must always try to contribute to society. It doesn’t have to be big, it can be small. An example would be trying to keep the neighbourhood clean. Such contribution might seem small. But through that action, people can help the country from pollution.

6. Speak Politely

Speaking politely is another moral value in Indonesia. It shows that you have a good communication etiquette. Other than that, it also shows that you treat everyone with respect. Talking with rude or harsh tone of voice will likely make people think that you are uneducated.

7. Take Care of the Environment

The environment is a huge part of Indonesia. People depend on nature for their life. So, Indonesians must always try to take good care of the environment. This value is often taught at a very young age. Children are often reminded the importance of keeping the environment clean.

8. Share with the Less Fortunate

Indonesians are very aware that there people who are less fortunate than them. The highly believe in sharing what they have with other people. This act of sharing is hoped to help them receive a better life. Indonesians know that what they have are given by God, so they always try to share.

9. Always be Grateful

Indonesians are always taught to be grateful ever since they were little. They must be thankful for how little or how much they have. Indonesians have this belief that what they have today, might be gone tomorrow. So, it is good to stay grateful no matter what the situation is.

10. Appreciate Teachers

In Indonesia, teachers are considered as ‘parents’ in school. That is because in school, they are responsible for teaching so many important lessons and values about life. Thus, Indonesians always appreciate their teachers forever. They even have a hymn specially made for teachers.

11. Listen to Older People

Listening to older people is a must for Indonesians. This applies especially to the young ones. As the older ones have more life experiences, the young ones must always listen to their advice or their story. Listening is a sign of respect. It’s also a way for the older ones to pass on their knowledge.

12. Maintain Peace

Peace must be maintained in a country like Indonesia. The country consists of a lot of different people. Every Indonesian must try to be at peace with other people. That way, unnecessary conflicts or fights can be avoided. Indonesia does not value hateful behaviours.

13. Conserve Traditions

There are numerous traditions in Indonesia. These traditions must be conserved by the people. They are an important part in defining what Indonesia is. Without traditions, the people will lose a lot of valuable practice, values and history. Every generation must carry on their traditions.

14. Protect Culture

Due to globalisation, Indonesians realise that there must be a greater effort to protect their culture. The culture in Indonesia is unique. Indonesians are very protective of their culture. They will not let it disappear or even let another country to claim it. Read more on how to preserve Indonesian culture so that it can last for generations.

15. Eager to Learn

The eagerness to learn is instilled in every Indonesian’s hearts. They act as if they are students for the rest of their lives. Learning doesn’t stop outside the classroom. Indonesians can always find other ways to study. They have direct contact with their surrounding or find new skills.

16. Be Humble

Being humble is expected from every Indonesian. Indonesians always try to stay humble and display humanity. They believe that people can easily get carried away when they think highly of themselves. Indonesians keep their egos in check to avoid that.

17. Never Forget Family

Family is a very valuable for Indonesians. They believe that the bond within families are stronger than anything else. They put family first before anything else. Forgetting family is the same as forgetting your root.

18. Care for Siblings

As Indonesians grow older, they are still expected to care for their siblings. Other than in materialistic matter, they must keep in touch. Staying in contact with one another shows that you care.

19. Keeping Things Clean

Indonesians are always taught to be clean. Clean in terms of their body and also their surrounding, such as their homes. Cleanliness is a part of their character. It reflects purity and a sound mind. You can see this moral value practiced in one of the cultural habits in Indonesia such as taking off the footwear before entering homes.

20. Respect Differences

Indonesians must respect the differences they have among each other. It’s a difficult task, often hard to maintain. But Indonesians try their best to do so. They believe differences are beautiful and must be respected. It’s one of the Indonesian core values because that behaviour promotes unity.

More Moral Values (21-35)

Continue reading below to find out more moral values that Indonesians practice in their lives.

  • Greet People: It shows respect for one another.
  • Share Knowledge: It is useful for other people.
  • Be Kind to Animals: They are God’s creations too.
  • No Corruption: So the country can prosper.
  • Don’t Do Drugs: They destroy your future. 
  • Maintain Unity: It keeps people living in harmony.
  • Uphold Justice: Justice must be served in the country.
  • Respect the Laws: They keep society in order.
  • Be Honest: It shows responsibility and courage.
  • Hard Working: Indonesians believe in giving that special effort.
  • Don’t be Wasteful: Wasting food or resources is looked down.
  • Fight for Humanity: Fight for those who are oppressed.
  • Don’t Provoke Conflicts: Violence doesn’t resolve anything.
  • Sacrifice for Indonesia: It shows your love for the country.
  • Love Each Other: Consider the people in Indonesia as brothers.

These moral values define Indonesia as a cultural country. They also give Indonesians something to hold on to in order to become better in their lives. Without these moral values, Indonesians will find themselves lost and be poor humans in terms of morality.