7 Types of Family in Indonesia

Family is the relationship between two or more persons because of marriage or genetics. The people in a family would create the great integration. Some values and norms are made to keep the family in a right path. It makes sense since a family is the first direction to build the main character.

A good family comes from the characters of each the family member. In Indonesia, the parameter of good family is the habits of the family member. The Indonesian family member normally consists of parents and children. This is the standard type of the family. However, there are actually 7 types of family in Indonesia.

  1. Nuclear Family

Nuclear family is a family group consists of parents and at least one child. It is a standard family in Indonesia. To decrease the growth of the population, the government in Indonesia doing a campaign for nuclear family. It is called “Keluarga Berencana” or abbreviated as KB. It means, the government suggests a nuclear family to have two children only.

The benefit of having no more than two children is to avoid the poverty. You can imagine while there is ten members in a family. It will be harder to fulfill all of their needs, since the only worker in a family just a father.

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  1. Extended Family

Extended family is also popular as the big family. It is a group of family member which has the same genetics. As the example, the family from a mother which is consists at least 3 generations. They are called the extended family. In extended family, all of those family members live together in the same house.

Although it is quite rare to find that type of family, however in remote area of Indonesia you would still find this kind of family type. You will still find a grandmother who looks after her grandchildren because their parents passed away.

3. Single Family

Single family means uncompleted parents because of divorce or death. The single parent becomes widow or widower. Then, he or she will take over the housework and the children by themselves. A single parent will have the double status to rear the children.

In some of way, a mother is also a worker for the children in addition to rearing. Meanwhile, the single father would also take over the housework besides of being a worker.

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  1. Composited Family

Composited family is a family which consists of two wives and more. The husband, the wives, and the children live together at the same house. This is a unique type of family in Indonesia. Although it is rarely found today, there are still a number of families in some regions of Indonesia that have this kind of family.

The man that chooses to do polygamy must have a good financial life. Besides, the man must be fair to all of his wives. When those two requirements are fulfilled, the composited family could live together in a house.

  1. Commuter Family

Commuter family is a family which the members live at the different place for some periods. Once there is a chance, they will go home. As the example, the father of the family has to work on weekdays in the different city. On the weekend, he should come back home to gather with his family. It is called win-win solution.

When the head of family should work in the different city, it is not possible for him to move his family. Some people would decide to commute since it is the most effective way. As the time changes, this type of family is chosen by some young age-marriage. Moreover, the sophisticated technology could support their communication.

  1. Multi Generational Family

This kind of the family is almost the same with extended family. The difference is on the condition of the family. Multi generational means the family consists of at least 3 generations.

While the people in extended family live together because of an urgent reason, in multi generational family, all family members could life happily at the same house. For the example, they choose to live together because they have a family business. It is the best choice to run their business together. The benefit to have this kind of family is being closed to all members of big family. Moreover, they could support each other.

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  1. Kin-network family

Kin-network family is a group of families who live together in a closed area. They share some facilities of their houses. As the example they share bathroom, kitchen, and well. You could easily find this type of family in village area in Indonesia.

However, some people find that kin-network family gives much disadvantage. When they have to share the same facility to other family, it means they should manage their emotional feeling of not to be selfish. They should not snatch away to use the facility. Whereas having these kinds of feeling is not something easy to do. That is why living in a social life is not as simple as you think.

In conclusion, living in a family could be a special thing for you. You would have the role, or even become a role model. In whatever type family you live, you should love your family. No matter what, family is the precious thing in your live. Hopefully, these kinds of family types would be the useful information for you. You could see 25 Indonesian Family Values for further information about family.