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15 Lists of Fabric Factories in Indonesia

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As we all know, Indonesia is very rich in natural resources. Even since hundreds of years ago, colonial countries have been targeting Indonesia as a country which has many potentials. Between all of the natural resources that available in Indonesia, it is rich with cotton forest. Therefore Indonesia has many big textile factories which grow rapidly. Here are some largest fabric companies in Indonesia.


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1. Indorama Synthetics 

Indorama synthetic is one of the largest polyester producer in Indonesia. This compnay has been awarded several times for its excellent export performances. The company exports to premium customers in North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

It involves to produces several items such as polyester, spun yarns, and fabrics. The company’s currently installed capacity is 24 million metres per annum of grey fabrics and 42 million metres per annum of dyed and PFD fabrics. It started fabric manufacture in 1994.

This company is outstanding in producing polyester filament fabrics which is inspired to mimic and improve the properties of cotton, wool, silk, linen and viscose. The product range addresses almost all requirements for fashion fabrics, eveningwear, bottom-weights and summer wear. You may want to read about Types of Batik Printing in Indonesia

2. PT Sri Rejeki Isman Tbk. (SRITEX)

This second largest textile company in Indonesia was built in 1978 with Sukoharjo as its headquarter. Sritex is engaged in an integrated textile industry, it produces woven yarns, gray fabrics, finished fabrics, clothing, multi purpose tents, blankets, towels, traveling bags, protective helmets, hats, and footwear.

Sritex is a main supplier of high-quality yarn to major global textile customers in the United States, China, Spain, Argentina and South Korea. Sritex’s greige, or raw fabric, is renowned for its excellent standard and is prized for being “the perfect canvas” to an outstanding product. You may want to read about Facts about Child Labor in Indonesia

Moreover, Sritex’s fabric is notable for its sleek design, meticulous workmanship and luxurious comfort that is instrumental in establishing its name in the competitive fashion industry.

3. PT Pan Brother Tbk.

This garment industry has factories in several countries in Indonesia such as Tangerang, Sukabumi, Bandung, Boyolali, and Sragen. The items that produced in this company such as padded light weight jackets, pants, shorts, casual pants and dress shirt.

Technical, functional and active wear jackets such as jackets which suitable for snow boarding, ski outer wear, active wear, jogging, hiking, and other sport and outdoor activities jackets are also produced here. You may want to read about Importance of Entrepreneurship Development in Indonesia

Last but not least, it produced Polo Shirts, Golf Shirts, Track Suits, Sweat Suits which are included as cut and sewn knit garments productions.

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4. PT Asia Pacific Fibers Tbk. 

This is a leading integrated global polyester production in Indonesia. This company is at the forefront in polyester industry, staple fibers, filament yarns and fleece fabrics. It was one of the participants of “Techtextil” fair in Frankfurtwhich is held on May 2017 due to APF excellence in producing innovated textiles.

APF has an innovated and developed technical products in filament and yarns for the usage of Automotive, Performance, Protective, Furnishings, Hygiene and Fashion segments. You may want to read about Social Activities in Indonesia

Thus, this company combines the link between technology and materials for varied applications. It specializes the production on automotive textiles, performance textiles, protective clothing, home-textiles, hygiene textiles, leisure wear and fashion wear.

5. PT Polychem Indonesia Tbk (ADMG)

This company is established in 1978. The Company’s polyester plants production technology were acquired from Zimmer Aktiengesellschaft of Germany. These plants are designed to produce short and long fiber polyester yarn to meet a requirement from textile industries.

The polyester production process has two stages, the polymerization stage, which produces polymer; and spinning stage, which further process polymer into polyester yarn and polyester fiber.

The Company produces pre-oriented polyester yarn (POY), polyester staple fiber (PSF), drawn texture yarn (DTY), and polyester chips. PSF itself is the raw material for textile industries to create apparel, household goods, carpet pile, toy, sleeping bags, padding, sport shoes and diapers. Not only polyester this company also produces nylon yarn.

6. Embee Plumbon Textiles

It was first established in 1999 and located in Cirebon West Java. This company ties to cope with technology so it can balance the high growth demand of textile industries in the global market. It continues to produce yarns which are compatible with the latest tehnology in weaving and knitting.

Product aplication include high end apparels/garments, automobile industry, home textiles, technical textiles among others. Read more about Characteristic of Indonesian Workplace

The productions such as: 1) Viscose yarn which is utilized for fashion, linings, home textiles, medical textiles, and technical textiles. 2) Lenzing modal for intimate apparels, socks, lounge wear, baby wear, home textiles, terry clothes. 3) Poly yarn for apparel, technical textiles, laminated fabrics, and functional clothing. 4) Lenzing tencel for sportswear. 5) Combed cotton for intimate apparels, sock, bab wear, etc. and 6) Special yarn for socks, inner wear, garment, etc.

7. Asia Pacific Investama Tbk. 

This company is focusing on garment industry and products, it holds the title of big scale textile company in Indonesia.

Apac Group’s industrial structure comprises both upstream and  downstream industries, such as produces yarns, grey fabrics, denim and export quality garment with a market  share covering 5 continents.

The productions are as follow: yarn, grey fabric, and denim fabric. Read also Most Imported Products from Indonesia

8. Sunrise Bumi Textiles

This company was established in 1979 and now it is considered as one of the world’s leading quality yarn manufacturers.

About 35 per cent of its products are value-added such as siro spun yarn, lycra core spun yarn, slub yarn, rayon / cotton blended yarn, sewing thread, bamboo 100 per cent, bamboo / cotton, modal / cotton yarn, etc.

Sunrise caters to the highly-quality conscious market with exports of about 67 per cent spread across 30 countries in six continents.

9. Eratex Djadja Tbk

This company is engaged in the integrated textile industry covering spinning, weaving, coloring, finishing, printing, apparel making, falsetwisting and knitting fields, as well as selling and marketing its products at home and abroad.

This company was established in 1974. Since 2008 this company decided to stop the production of Textile (yarns and fabrics). You may want to read about Types of Tax in Indonesia

And since then the Company has focused its production on apparel, with full orientation on export sales.  The Company’s core product is Pants. Starting from standard five pocket jeans to casual fabric pants, with materials ranging from denim to Italian fine twill cloth.

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10. Ever Shine Tex Tbk

This company was established in 1974 and listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange since 1992. It operates as  is a fully integrated Polyamide 6 manufacturer of synthetic yarns and fabrics in Indonesia with its subsidiary, PT. Prima Rajuli Sukses.

PT. Prima Rajuli Sukses (Manufacturing Facility) have a total production capacity of 12,000 tons per annum of high quality Polyamide (Nylon 6) filament, textured, twisted yarn, air textured and micro filament yarns.

Applicable for woven and warp knit, circular knit, rascheel knit, elastic, narrow weaving, embroidery, sewing thread, sweater, socks/hosiery etc. These fabrics can be used for Jackets, Sport Wear, Children Wear, Outerwear, Ladies Wear, Under Wear, Lingerie, Wedding Wear, Ribbon, Home Furnishing, Decorations, Bags, Automotive, and many more.


  • Elegant Textile Industry: It was established in Indonesia in 1973, nowadays this company is the world’s largest producer of spun yarns which directly contributes 10 percent of the global spun yarn trade.
  • PT Metro Garmin: This company runs is garment industry in Bandung West Java. Its main production is textile industry.
  • PT Sunson Textiles: It is an integrated textile company in spinning, weaving and texturizing industries, with a primary focus on spinning.
  • PT Roda Vivatex Tbk: It is a multinational company that produces textiles in the form of polyester woven fabrics.The company produces various kinds of clothing materials. The Vivatex wheel has a GENO trademark which means “Georgette Number One”.
  • Tyfountex Indonesia:  is a fully integrated textile mill with over 100 years of experience in Spinning, Weaving, Embroidery, Garment, Home Textiles and Dyeing-Finishing. To enrich your knowledge read also about Indonesia Cocoa Production

The textile and garment industry is an important contributor to Indonesia’s economy, serving as a large source for jobs and export earnings. Being one of the largest textiles and apparel producers in the region, the country has a long tradition of producing and exporting ready-made garment and home- fashion textiles. The textile and apparel industry continues to play a major role in Indonesia’s economy, contributing significantly to the country’s gross domestic product growth and its foreign exchange earnings.

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