Batik Day in Indonesia

Batik is a fabric that is painted using canting and liquid wax to form of high artistic painting value on mori cloth. The word batik comes from the Javanese word amba and tik. Both words mean writing point. Ambatik refers to the complicated technique of painting points. Batik technique is an ancient technique that has […]

10 Most Famous Dance in Bali

Bali is an area that can be considered Mexico Indonesia. The island is usually called the Island of the Gods has many natural scenery that has been recognized internationally. In addition, Bali is famous for its cultural diversity, one of which is traditional dance. The Balinese Dance is one of the cultural forms which often exhibited […]

10 Social Cultures in Bali You Can Experience

Bali province lies in the Eastern part of Java island. This province is included in the Nusa Tenggara archipelago. The archipelago was once called as the Little Sundanese. The Balinese people inhabit Bali Island which is now a province with eight districts and one city. The Balinese live in a neighborhood called Pawongan, Pawongan itself is divided […]

10 Unusual Festival in Indonesia

Talking about Indonesian culture is something that has no end, Indonesian culture is unlimited from Sabang until Merauke. As we know that Indonesia has so many tribes, and each tribe surely has a unique and even unusual culture. One of culture kinds in Indonesia is festival. Festivals give people opportunity to come together and celebrate […]

35 Moral Values in Indonesia You Must Obey

Indonesians give special attention to moral values. They highly believe that morals keep society in order. They also help in shaping better individuals that will make Indonesia become better. Indonesians teach moral values to their young ones at such an early age. So as they grow older, they will always remember these 35 Moral Values […]

Monkey Dance in Bali – History – Performance

Monkey dance is one of Bali performing art presentation that is known throughout the world as it’s integrated the complicated level of percussion vocal sound, movement, and folklore. Monkey Dance or Kecak dance is one of the kinds of traditional dance from Bali which is very impressive to the audience. The uniqueness of the movements […]

Top 20 Indonesian Cultural Activities – Traditions

Indonesia is not only famous for its stunning natural charms. In addition to the stunning natural beauty, the country also has many unique and interesting cultures and customs. In fact, every tribe that exists in each region in the archipelago has different cultural uniqueness. Thus, the variety of cultures and customs make Indonesia much more […]

Language in Bali Indonesia – Characteristics – Types

The Balinese language is one of the regional languages in Indonesia which is well maintained by its speakers that is the Balinese. The Balinese language acts as the mother tongue and also the first language for most Balinese people. The language is widely used as a means of communication in various activities within the household […]

15 Culture in Palembang – Art – Characteristics

Indonesia is indeed rich in culture of its own people. Stretching from the East of Sabang until the East point of Merauke, all of the people have their own unique traditions and habits that can not be found in other areas. Like this one for example, Palembang city has some unique and different culture that […]

New Year Celebration In Indonesia – Best Places to Celebrate

In many parts of the world or in many countries, the new year celebration is regarded as festive celebration and its also happened in Indonesia. However, Indonesia is unique country made up by so many people from different ethnicity in belief, such as: in rural tradition which so much traditional or urban tradition and usually […]