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10 Most Recommended Tailors in Bali

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As one of the primary needs, clothes are very important in human’s life. Besides fulfilling the human’s need clothes are also beneficial to boosts self-esteem and as a reflection of someone’s identity.


Therefore some people prefer to go to the tailors to get their clothes sew instead of purchasing it somewhere. 

Bali as one of the most iconic city in Indonesia has so many talented and qualified tailors spreading all around the city.

Not only for spending holiday, you can also use local Balinese tailors service to satisfy your needs. Below are some of the most recommended tailors in Bali that you need to visit. 

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1. Anika Tailor

 Anika Tailor comes up as the top place who offers tailor service in Bali.

This place has a good reputation between the fashion lovers. Their main tagline is emphasized on customer’s satisfaction therefore they always try to make the best products for the customers. 

Anika tailor is established in Bali for about sixteen years ago and it has been recognized by the best professional tailor on the island. 

Anika Tailor is a fully integrated company primarily specializing in fashion industry. If you are interested to find this place, it addresses 
in Jalan Kartika Plaza, Gang Melati No.7, Kuta, Bali. 

2. Kuta Leather & Tailor

For those who interested in leather, this tailor is perfect for you!

Kuta leather and tailor will help you to make your leather clothes or fabrics clothes customized.

It began to start business in Bali from 15 years ago and it still manages to get the recognition even until now. 

The workers are capable and talented person so you can fully trust them to serves you the best outcome.

Been working with many well-known partners in the island, this place becomes very famous for its products. Their main products are such as leather jackets, footwear, pants, bags, suits, belts, gloves, and even hats.

3. The Bali Tailor

The Bali tailor will brings you the best of Bali tailoring and designs for you.

Just like the others, this tailoring place also has been existed since a long time approximately 6 years ago in Bali.

Moreover the founder has been collaborated with other professionals all around the island specializing in leather quality and design. 

The Bali tailor provides you the best in design, quality and price. It is located in Jalan Beraban No. 67, Seminyak, Bali and open from Monday to Sunday. 

4. Sweet Tailor Bali

Located on Jl. Kediri, Tuban, Badung, Bali, this tailor is probably the one that you have been searching for.

The customers will be satisfied with the high quality of services and the professionalism offered by sweet tailor.

Moreover they have friendly employees that will make you comfortable during your visit. 

Various types of clothing they produce there such as: Evening Dress, Cocktail Dress, Wedding Dress, Ball Gown and others – others. Not only will your clothes, we also make bags, purses, shoes, a jacket made of leather.

Customer satisfaction is their main goal therefore they have been working hard to ensure the quality of the products.

5.  YY Tailor Bali

YY tailor, a unique name for a qualified tailor running in Bali.

This place has been running business in tailor since its establishment in 2010. Since then, this place is recognized as one of the best tailors in Bali specializing in fashion designed.

Their customers are mostly coming from hotels, villas, resorts, as well as executive loyal companies. 

The address is in Perum Pegending Permai Dalung Canggu Bali, Indonesia. They will help the customer to select the design, material, fitting the size, and negotiating the price.

The products are coming for gentle, ladies, leather, and they also provide accessories.

6.  Alus Tailor & Boutique

“Your Exclusive Tailor in the heart of Bali.” That is how the tagline of this tailor. 

Alus Tailor has been in the business of Premium Custom Tailoring for over 60 years, servicing clients from around the world.

They provides garments of exceptional quality at very reasonable prices, combining this with excellent customer service. 

This tailoring place is not only go for the domestic market but it also expand the business internationally in the field of fine clothing. They provides only premium fabrics and materials, making them very competitive in the fine clothing market.

If you are interested to purchase one of their products, you may come to Jl. Raya Kuta no. 40B, Bali.

7. Nikki Collections Tailor & Leather

Located in Seminyak Bali, this place is suitable to get your suits or dress customized.

This place is known for its friendly service and hassle-free approach to making any changes your garments might require. 

The business specializes in suits and leather jackets, with impressively quick service. Save time by placing your order at the start of your trip, allowing the tailors to to finish all your alterations before you head back home.8


  • Lemona Leather and Tailor: The business has been running for over than 15 years in Bali. It enhances customer needs by providing talented, skilled and experienced people. This place is specialized in leather quality and design. Not only domestically, they had collaborated with professionals in Bali and Australia.
  • Tidy Tailor: Tidy tailor is an exclusive tailoring service in Bali. It provides service for any order designs for ladies and gentleman. The most orders are coming to make wedding dress/ bowl dress.
  • Jermyn Street Leather Fashion and Tailor: This place is located in Badung regency, Bali. It provides service for gentleman and ladies such as jacket, hat, suit, purse, and many other. Also, it is guaranteed that Jermyn Street Leather Fashion and Tailor will be a great tailoring place with great services inside.

Bali is great place for fashion and the heaven for shopping purposes. However sometimes you fall in love with a dress or suit which does not fit your size.

That is why we recommend these tailor services to help you. With a market full of fabrics and textiles, and lots of reasonably priced tailors, don’t come to Bali without custom making your own clothes!

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