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13 Importance of Batik in Indonesia

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Batik is an Indonesian fabric that is full of arts. There is also a beautiful craftsmanship behind the techniques in making it. Batik has become a traditional clothes in Indonesia. Many people would wear it to formal or casual events. Indonesians love Batik and are proud to wear it. Surely, Batik is important to Indonesians. However, exactly how important this historical fabric is to Indonesia? The answer lies in this article. Below are 13 Importance of Batik in Indonesia that will tell you why Indonesians care for Batik.


1. As an Identity

Batik serves as an identity to Indonesians. It has a unique characteristic that makes Indonesia different than other countries. Although they may also have similar concept to Batik, there are some unique aspect in the different types of Batik techniques. This applies to the fact that the tool, canting is authentic to Indonesia only. So Indonesian Batik pattern design is authentic too.

2. Unifying Indonesians

Batik is also important in unifying Indonesians. Indonesia has many Indonesian tribes and ethnic groups. Each one of them has their own culture and characteristics too. However, through Batik these differences can become one. When people wear Batik, the people will remember that they come from the same country, Indonesia. Those who wear Batik knows that despite the many differences, they all share the same land.

3. Economy Push 

This next importance in Batik is by contributing to the economy. Through the increasing demand for more Batik fabric, there is stronger demand for production too. As a result, this opens up more job opportunities. People with the right skill can work and earn money to better their living condition. After all, poverty is a huge problem in Indonesia that there are many types of poverty in Indonesia. Batik can push the economy in many families’ lives into a better condition.

4. Appreciation to Culture

Batik is an important cultural part in Indonesia. There is a long history to Batik. Moreover, there are patterns and colours in Batik. They vary from the culture of a specific region in Indonesia. Additionally, the Batik technique has a cultural value too. By proudly acknowledging Batik, it serves as an appreciation through an original fabric from Indonesia.

5. Remembering History

As we said before, there is indeed an interesting history of Batik Indonesia. Batik was only made for the nobles and the royals. Now, they’re available for everyone. Batik is a reminder to a part in Indonesia’s history. The fact that Batik is able to survive many years to this day proves how important it is. When people look and wear Batik, they also wear a piece of history with them.

6. Understanding the Meaning Behind Each Pattern

There are so many patterns in Batik designs. These designs depend on the people who make them. Moreover, they depend in which region in Indonesia they were made just like Indonesian Ikat Fabric. When you look at all the varying patterns, you might end up loving one. Learning and understanding the meaning behind the pattern will give you insight to the culture of the people in the region. Batik serves as a medium to connect people and teach them about the values in Indonesia.

7. Respecting Batik Craftsmanship

This next importance of Batik relies on the technique. Some techniques in making Batik are complex while some are simple. Some take years while some may only take a couple of hours. The end results are also different. Nevertheless, every people always appreciate the Batik. They also appreciate the people and the craftsmanship that make the Batik. Without them, Batik won’t exist. So Batik fabric is another way to respect the skill behind Batik making.

8. Conserving Heritage

Batik is a precious Indonesian heritage to Indonesians. It has withstand many years and it is still highly valuable. Therefore Batik must always be protected. Indonesia’s legacy lies in Batik too. It is an important part in conserving heritage.

9. Realising the Value of Nature

Another reason why Batik is important is because it teaches you about nature. Specifically, it teaches you how to value nature and realise all the beauty it has to offer. In the olden days, the colouring for Batik comes from natural ingredients. Moreover, the patterns include parts in nature such as animals or plants. Thus, they all show how nature mixes into Batik. Nature became one of the inspirations for Batik. In return Indonesians can realise how important nature is.

10. Mix Culture with Modern Concept

People once saw Batik as something ancient or out-of date. But thanks to the hardwork of many Indonesian fashion designers, Batik became popular again. This shows how adaptable Batik can be. It also shows how much people love Batik that they really work to make it popular again. Batik proves that Indonesians are able to adapt their culture with the modern world.

11. Gives Pride to Indonesians

The fact that UNESCO approves Batik gives Indonesia an important role in the world. So, Batik gives pride to Indonesians. Indonesians can have Batik as something to be proud of. It represents the people, the culture and the Indonesian Beliefs and values in Indonesia.

12. Strengthen Nationalism

Batik can strengthen nationalism among Indonesians. It has the power to make people love the country because Batik is known worldwide. Nationalism is important to Indonesians and Batik can help people to always remember to love their land.

13. Passing Down to the Next Generation

Batik is important to all generations in Indonesia. It is especially very crucial to the teach the next generation how precious Batik is. Only by that, Batik can live on to the future. If the young ones do not appreciate Batik, it can become a thing left in the past. Batik is a crucial tool to carry on Indonesia’s important culture, value and art into the future.

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Knowing that there are so many interesting story behind Batik fabric shows that it definitely deserves a special place in many Indonesians’ hearts. It will always be treasured and remembered through many more years to come.

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