10 Most Recommended Tailors in Bali

As one of the primary needs, clothes are very important in human’s life. Besides fulfilling the human’s need clothes are also beneficial to boosts self-esteem and as a reflection of someone’s identity. Therefore some people prefer to go to the tailors to get their clothes sew instead of purchasing it somewhere.  Bali as one of […]

14 Extraordinary Facts of Indonesian Batik

Batik is a cultural heritage of Indonesia that has a high value and fusion of art, loaded with philosophical meanings and symbols full of meaning that shows the way people think society. Batik is a craft that has become part of Indonesian culture (especially Java) since the first. Batik tradition was originally a hereditary tradition, […]

10 Incredible Facts of Indonesian Kebaya

Kebaya is one of the typical clothes owned in Indonesia. Kebaya is a traditional blouse worn by Indonesian women made of thin material worn with sarongs, batik, or other traditional knitwear such as songket with colorful motifs. It used to be the type of dress that became the traditional dress of Java. However, it is […]

13 Fashion Schools in Indonesia

It takes a lot of skills for a person to dive into the fashion industry. The competition is tough but the result is rewarding. More and more Indonesians are interested in the fashion world. One of the best ways to jump into it is to learn from schools with experienced instructors. These are the 13 […]

The History of Batik Yogyakarta

Batik is beautiful patterned cloth that characterizes the richness of Indonesian culture, especially in Java such as Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta batik cloth that is versatile is actually a lot of functions. The development of batik as a fashion trend in various circles, whether young or old, to a variety of professions & economic background, more the […]

Hijab in Indonesia – Style – Trend

Indonesia is a country with many religions. It also known by countries with a high sense of tolerance. In this country, you can find many religions such as Hinduism, Buddhist, Catholic, Christian, and Islam in this country. But mostly people in Indonesia take Islam as their religion. However, in Islam there’s a rule, ” Women […]

What to Wear in Indonesia – A Woman’s Guide Etiquette

In Indonesia, as the world’s largest Muslim country, foreigner tends to think that this country might have more conservative standards of dressing so you should only bring one pair of shorts and stuck to mostly dresses. However, there some things that you ought to know the aspects that influence Indonesian in their clothing. Here are some […]

30 Famous Indonesian Fashion Designers List and Achievements

There are many famous Indonesian fashion designers. These designers are successful both in local scale and internationally. All of them come from different parts of Indonesia. They design various items and contribute to the fashion industry. Here are the names of Indonesian people as the 30 Famous Indonesian Fashion Designers along with their achievements: See also: […]

15 Most Beautiful Fabrics in Indonesia (#3 is Extraordinary)

Indonesia is a country of diverse arts and culture. Every region in Indonesia has a characteristic . As well as original fabrics in Indonesia. Indonesia traditional fabrics has a high cultural value, especially in terms of aesthetic, symbolic, philosophical meaning. Coloring techniques are still using natural colors like, leaves, and sap of tree. A series of charming fabrics produced […]