Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium: History – Facts – Events

Yes, we are quite sure that you have known this sports center very well, right? Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) Main Stadium is such a famous sports center in Indonesia. One of several facts about Indonesian sports is “football has a lot of fans all over Indonesia”. However, GBK Stadium does not only for football, though. […]

8 Most Successful Indonesian Athletes, Who Is Your Favorite?

Indonesia has many talents, particularly sports, who are universally well-known. Plenty of athletes get medals and become the milestones to bring Indonesia in the global arena. Not only do they receive the medals, but some also be awarded as the best in history. Those who conquer the major challenge to defeat other competitors are defined […]

10 Most Well-Known Indonesian Badminton Players

One of the well-known Indonesian sports is badminton. Sometimes we wonder why badminton is popular in Indonesia, but there are a lot of achievements from Indonesian badminton players. For several years in the past, Indonesia has a lot of best achievements in badminton. Badminton in Indonesia is pretty popular and becomes more popular now. This […]

6 Biggest and Most Supported Football Teams in Indonesia

As we have been knowing, football is still the most favorite sport in Indonesia until now. There are some reasons why Indonesians love football so much. One of the reasons is because football is for everyone. No matter what your gender is, how old you are, or where you come from, everybody loves football very […]

7 Reasons Why Indonesians Love Football So Much

In previous articles, we have read about history of basketball in Indonesia. Now, we will see about another sport which is also considered as one of the most popular sports in the world. That is football. Indonesians are crazy about sports, especially football. Football, like badminton in Indonesia, is one of the most favorite sports […]

5 Most Popular Sports for Children in Indonesia

Indonesia always have good spirit about sports, locally or internationally Indonesia has achievements that sometimes even the people in the country don’t know about it but it is recognized worldwide. Indonesia always participate in Southeast Asian Games, Asian Games, Olympic Games and others. The athletes who participate in this events comes from different provinces in […]

10 Annual Run Festival In Indonesia You Should Join

Running activity has been rising its popularity these past few years. In fact, millennials are very interested in this activity. Many sport event that includes fun run will be crowded by many young people. Running is a cheap sport activity, yet very effective in shaping your healthy life. Moreover, many organization has been doing various […]

15 Useful Guides to Do Scuba Diving in Bali – All You Need to Know

Hello everyone, back again to the island of Bali to talk some more about the wonderful attractions of interesting activities you can do on this very island. So, aside from telling you about some beautiful attractions on our previous lists like the must see things in East Bali, best attractions in Pandawa, and others, now […]

13 Best Meditation Places in Bali, Indonesia

Quoting Sri Chinmoy, an influential global Indian spiritual leader, Meditation is a form of dynamism of the inner peace. Meditation is very helpful to achieve anything good for human’s inner and outer life. One of the best activities to spend holiday is by yoga or meditation. Meditation is a meaningful activity to calm people mind and good for health […]

30 Unique Facts About Indonesian Sports

Many people love sports. The sports itself can bring healthy to the body, and also iseveral circumstances can bring so much joy by watching the sport competition out there. Not only for soccer and football, there are so many competitions that are joyful to watch like hockey and baseball. Sometimes, those sports can bring rather […]