8 Typical Foods That You Won’t Regret To Try In Blitar City

Located in East Java, Blitar city has many interesting places and will be suitable for your traveling or holiday. Not only traveling or holiday spots, Blitar city is also has typical foods that you must try when visit this city. Here are 8 typical foods that you won’t regret to try in Blitar city:

1. Ampok Rice

The first typical food of Blitar city is Ampok Rice, known in Bahasa as Nasi Ampok. But not like the name, this food is not using rice as main ingridients. Ampok Rice is made from corn as a substitute of rice, where people back then having hard time to buy rice because of its expensive price. So they used corn as main ingridient of Ampok Rice, then add other dishes such as salted fish, boiled vegetables, and chili sauce.

2. Lawu Seasoning Tofu

Lawu Seasoning Tofu is a combination of lontong (some kind of rice-processed food), half-cooked tofu, bean sprouts, and crackers. You can add your seasoning and chili sauce as much as how you like for enjoy this food more. You can find Lawu Seasoning Tofu in many places at Blitar, but it’s recommended to try this food on Lawu Street directly.

3. Sego Pecel

Another one of 8 typical foods that you won’t regret to try in Blitar city is Sego Pecel. East Java is indeed known for its pecel, but this Sego Pecel of Blitar city has different taste. The seasoning of Sego Pecel is more tender, oily, and kind of combination from sweet and salty taste.

To get that taste, Sego Pecel has its special seasoning made of peanuts and cayenne pepper. Sego Pecel is also using various spices such as kencur, lime leaves, garlic, tamarind, brown sugar, and salt. For additional dish, you can also take fried tempe or rempeyek on your plate along with this Sego Pecel.

4. Rujak Cingur

Cingur is ox tongue, and it’s the main ingridients of Rujak Cingur from Blitar city. Rujak Cingur is a combination of cingur, lontong, tofu, tempe, various fruits and vegetables. People in Blitar city usually add the fruits such as cucumber, yam, pineapple, mango, and kedondong. As for the vegetables, they usually add bean sprouts, long beans, and kale.

Rujak Cingur has its special sauce that give you a delicious and savory taste. The taste came from a combination of shrimp petis, brown sugar, peanuts, fried onion, and banana klutuk. This taste is what make Rujak Cingur is loved by many people, even the one who are not from Blitar city itself.

5. Blitar Meat Soto

Another Blitar city food that you won’t regret to try is Blitar Meat Soto. The unique thing from this food is it used black meat as main ingridient. You will also taste the savory of this food because of the soto soup that is made from special spices. If you want to try Blitar Meat Soto, it’s recommended to try the restaurant called Soto Daging Bok Ireng at Cokroaminoto Street.

6. Peyek Uceng

Peyek or rempeyek is one kind of cracker food that is loved in Indonesia and usually became a completion dish in the meal. Peyek has various topping in it, and one of them is uceng that is typical food in Blitar. Uceng is a kind of fish that living in the river, also has the round-and-long shape of body. This uceng fish is pretty small, about the size of pinky finger.

Because the peyek is using uceng as the topping, this food then called as Peyek Uceng. You can find Peyek Uceng in many places at Blitar city, especially in the souvenir places. This Peyek Uceng will be a fit for dish in your meal, or can be the gift for your family and friends when you come back home.

7. Geti

If you want to buy the souvenirs from Blitar city, you can buy Geti. Geti is a sweet snack that made from peanuts, sesame, and brown sugar. Also known as enting-enting, Geti usually served as a snack in the feast day or wedding party at Blitar city, or other cities in Java.

8. Wajik Kletik

Another one of 8 typical foods that you won’t regret to try in Blitar city is Wajik Kletik. Made from sticky rice, coconut sugar, and coconut milk; Wajik Klejik is a sweet snack that liked by many people. Wajik Klejik wrapped by dried cornhusk, so it will be easy for you to bring this food for your beloved as a gift.

Those are 8 typical foods that you won’t regret to try in Blitar city during your visit there. Hope this information is helpful!