7 Mountains Close In Malang City You Must Know

Malang city has many natural attractions that will make you love this city, including mountains. The geographical condition of Malang city that surrounded by mountaints will make the nature-lovers like this city. Here are 7 mountains close in Malang city you must know: 1. Bromo Mountain One of the most famous mountains in Malang city […]

4 Reason Why You Should Visit Bromo Mountains to see Sunrise

Mount Bromo is currently one of the go to tourist attraction that is visited by not just Indonesian but also people from abroad. This mountain is inside the area of National Park Bromo Tengger Semeru, it is an active volcano. It has a height of 2329 m above the sea level and is located inside […]

13 Best Indonesian Mountain Tracks

The Indonesian state from the end of Sabang to Merauke consists of various kinds of islands and mountains in it. Naturally, if many foreigners come to go hiking in the mountains in Indonesia. Hiking has also become a lifestyle for Indonesian people, especially young people. Hiking is not only healthy but also can relieve boredom […]

The Monitored Mountains of How Many Volcanoes in Indonesia are Active

Indonesia is the country with the most volcanoes in the world. Of the total volcanoes around the world, 13 percent are in Indonesia. In 2017, noted that there are at least 139 active volcanoes that spread across several regions of Indonesia. Of the many active volcanoes, it is surprising that nearly half of these mountains […]

The Reasons Why There are Many Volcanoes in Indonesia

Indonesian geography is dominated by volcanoes formed by a subduction zone between the Eurasian plate and the Indo-Australian plate. Some of the volcanoes are known for their eruptions, such as Krakatau, whose eruptions were globally impacted in 1883, a suspected Lake Toba eruption eruption that occurred 74,000 years before now that led to a volcanic […]

17 Best Mountain Views in Indonesia You Must See

All around Indonesia, there are so many mountains for people to explore. It’s always a pleasant experience to get in close contact with nature and witness its beauty. The best part about hiking up a mountain is the journey up to the top so you can get the best view of everything. In case you’re […]

The List of 10 Mountains in Bali Indonesia

Mounts in Bali as well as volcanoes, the island of Bali in addition as a tourist destination that has a beautiful beach and unique culture, the island of gods also has a row of mountains and also an active volcano. Mountains and volcanoes on the island of Bali are also widely known by local mountain […]

Top 10 Highest Mountains in West Java

West Java Province is located in the western part of Java Island. Its territory is bordered by Java Sea in the north, Central Java in the east, Indian Ocean in the south, and Banten and DKI Jakarta in the west. North coast area is lowland. In the middle is a mountain, which is part of […]

Top 17 Biggest Volcano Eruption In Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with many active volcanoes. The phenomenon of a volcanic eruption is common in some parts of Indonesia. Some of the volcanoes in Indonesia are very dangerous as there are several volcanoes that have erupted. Based on recorded history, several volcanoes that erupted here have caused many lives and damage to property. […]

Trekking in Indonesia – Best Places to Trekking

In Indonesia, there are many places located at high altitude and have beautiful scenery that shouldn’t be missed. These are places worth trekking in Indonesia, both mountain and non-mountain. It can be guaranteed they’re not to disappoint you in terms of experiences. Below will be discussed some of the best places to trek. See Also […]