The Wonderful and Must Visit Restaurants in Surabaya East Java

Yep, after telling you about all the Surabaya culinary back in the article must try foods in Surabaya, aren’t you interested to seek for the best restaurant in the city? The “improved” city like Surabaya, especially because it’s also the capital city of the province, has a well economy than the other areas around. That’swhy you can find more business in here. For the food and beverage category, you can see the restaurants and cafes that become common things in this modern area.

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Especially when you visit some malls in Surabaya city, like Tunjungan Plaza or City of Tomorrow where you can find even more restaurants. With their existence, it’s not too hard anymore to find the food that you want to eat so badly. But of course, some restaurants are not well enough, some even can be considered as the bad ones based on the quality of service or the food itself. That’s why, to help all the travelers who want to visit this city for culinary trip, we’re going to tell you about the restaurants in Surabaya that you can see right below :

1 – Peco-Peco Sushi

The first one in the list of must visit restaurants in Surabaya is the Peco-Peco Sushi. If you looking for the authentic Japanese food, sushi, this one can be the best place for you. The Peco-Peco Sushi is located in Tunjungan Plaza II on the 5th floor, Tegalsari, Surabaya. The concept of it is really interesting though, thanks to its colorful wallpaper.

The place looks so simple though. There are few tables that completed with double chairs. The situation around is also very cozy, that’s why the place is always crowded by both teenagers or families. About the price, you can get a portion of sushi starting from Rp50.000,- to Rp100.000,-. For example, you can get the Gyudon, Chicken Katsu, and also the Sushi Set Menus.

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2 – Bakerzin

Still in the area ofTunjungan Plaza, TP II to be exact, there’s also one of the must visit restaurants in Surabaya called Bakerzin. The Bakerzin looks like a place for adults, but it’s actually not. The place is mostly decorated with black and dark chocolate on the walls, chairs, and also tables. It’s really formal but not too much.

However, in Bakerzinrestaurant you can get some things like Iris Cream Souffle, Chocolate CrunchFound Cake, Moutle Cake, Tiramisu, Mango Mouse, and the other Singaporean desserts and pastries. You can get their meal starting from Rp40.000,- up to the most expensive one Rp650.000,-.

3 – Wing Stop

The Wing Stop, the number 1 chicken wings in America. Is it also the number one in Surabaya? Turns out, it’s a yes. The Wing Stop is a restaurant of fast food that has the system of made by order. Even though the ordering process is considered long, but the waiting customers can directly see their order is being processed by the cooks.

It’s easier because it has the open kitchen system. However, the location of this restaurant is in the Surabaya Town Square or Sutos on Plaza Level. In The Wingstop, basically all the menu is made from chicken meat. But, they somehow made this simple ingredient into many kinds of foods like Crunchy Wings, Boneless Strips, and many more.

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4 – Tiga Tuan Kitchenand Bar

If you’re really bored of so many fast foods out there and want to seek for the best Indonesian traditional foods, then you can visit the Tiga Tuan Kitchen and Bar in SurabayaTown Square. You can come here from 10 am in the morning to 2 am. It does have a long opening time in a day. That’s why you can almost say that this restaurant has a very flexible opening hour.

In this restaurant, you can get the best Indonesian meals such as Nasi Lemak, which is the very tasteful rice that processed by using coconut milk, and then there’s KeringTempe, the combination of many flavors, and also the others. For the price, it’s really affordable in here. With Rp100.000,- you can get as much menu as you want.

5 – Fish and Co

People are really creative these days. The competition in the foods industry is making them think about the blue ocean strategy in order to survive. The restaurant who applied this strategy is the Fish and Co in Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya on the 3LG Floor. As one of the Japanese restaurants in Surabaya, Fish and Co has a unique method of serving.

Unlike the other restaurants where the waiters usually bring your ready-to-eat meals in front of you, in this Fish Co, they serve the foods with a warm pan, not the plates. Inside the pan, you can enjoy your favorite western sea foods that also have affordable prices, starting from nineteen thousand rupiahs to four hundred thousands.

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6 – Hungry Daze

Still in the area ofTunjungan Plaza, you can visit the other restaurant called Hungry Daze. The place that located right in Tunjungan Plaza IV 5th floor, on Jendral BasukiRahmat street number 8-12 has a thematic identity. Hungry Daze uses the theme of modern western, which looks simple and elegant at the same time.

However, the main points of this restaurant is not the looks. The Hungry Daze wants to give their customers the best services with most hospitality and also the fast serving. In this restaurant, you can pick from two main categories, the western or Italian foods. The price in here is starting from fifty thousand to a hundred thousand rupiahs only.

7 – Bentoya

So, we’re moving to one Japanese restaurant in Tunjungan Plaza IV, 5th floor, to a place named Bentoya. The Bentoya is actually an affordable restaurant. But because of its fancy looks, many people are guessing that this restaurant is expensive. As one of the must visit restaurants in Surabaya, Bentoya mainly served the Japanese meals.

Not only the foods but the feels around the restaurant is actually very similar to a restaurant in Japan. Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll be greeted with Japanese greeting words “Irashaimase”, which means welcome. For the foods, you can enjoy all the things such as PorkCutlet, Chicken Teriyaki Bowl, Chicken Cutlet, Sushi and Rolls, and also the kinds of  Bento.

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8 – Carpentier Kitchen

In the street of  Untung Suropati number 83 Surabaya, you can visit a very healthy restaurant named Carpentier Kitchen. Why did we say it’s a healthy restaurant? It’s not because of the hygiene or anything, but it’s mainly because of the white colors on its walls that also completed with green vegetations around.

The restaurant has different places to eat. So, the customers can choose the place where they would eat the foods. The choices are the front side, behind, inside the restaurant, and the second floor. In Carpentier Kitchen, you can get their best meals such as Bakes BBQ Chicken, the authentic Fried Rice, The Cheese Wedges, and many more.

9 – Kimchi-Go

And in the 9th place in the must visit restaurants in Surabaya, we have this Kimchi Go restaurant that located in Tunjungan Plaza on the West Plaza part. Seeing the Hangul letter on the front and the name of it, you can guess that Kimchi Go is a restaurant to eat the Korean meals. The interior looks very traditional with wooden tables and chairs.

With all the Korean atmosphere all around, this place is really suitable for basically teenagers who want to enjoy the Korean meals that they’ve seen on the internet or in KDramas. The price is also very friendly, some even say that the price is lower than the other Korean restaurants in the area of TP. However, the price is starting from twenty thousands to seventy thousand rupiahs only.

We also prepared another list with the other choices of the must visit restaurants in Surabaya, Some of them are maybe not as popular as the restaurants above. But their quality is unquestionably good. Is that the most important aspect of a restaurant? Well, you can see the other restaurants that worth to visit in the section below :

1. Myoung Ga

2. Marugame Udon

3. Malay Village

4. Warung Babe

5. Paradise Dynasty

6. Omnivoro

7. Hungry Jeff

So that’s the must visit restaurants in Surabaya. Aside from the restaurants we mentioned above are of course, there are many others, even this list can’t even describe them all. You can always try a new restaurant if you like, but you should at least do a little research first before actually visiting it, for health and budget wise. The simplest way is to look at the reviews on the internet, on the trustful websites. From there you can see that the restaurant is whether qualified or not to be a good one.