14 Best Place in Bali for a Family Holiday

Looking for a destination for your family holiday? Bali is an excellent choice. From beautiful beaches to the lush rice terraces around Ubud to the culture to the purpose-built Bali Tourist Attractions for kids, there is plenty of entertainment the whole family. There are so many Advantages of going to Bali on a family holiday.

Places in Bali for a family holiday

Planning a holiday itinerary to Bali depends largely on what type of family holiday you are looking for.

Do you want to enjoy the natural Things in Bali or somewhere playful with plenty of family activities in Bali Indonesia and kid-friendly places? Here are some of the most popular places family vacations in Bali a rundown. Listing what’s good and best to inform where you’re going and what you and the kids can do there.

1.Waterbom Bali

This place offers an entire day for some splashing fun, with world-class water slides.

You maybe find this aqua park not much difference with other aqua recreation park.

However, the waterbom Bali over so many and various slides to play.

Moreover, it has various water-based activities at Bali’s premier water park.

There are many natural pools in Bali, however, this place guarantees a safe haven for a family holiday. Don’t forget to know more about Bali island such as  Best Meditation Places in Bali, Indonesia .

2. Rip Curl School of Surf

Legian Bali’s beaches if famous for surfing, it is actually a part of Indonesian history of surfing in Indonesia that goes way back.

So why not take the kids to enjoy the waves with a fun session with a reputable surf school?

There are many courses available for kids under 13 years, with consideration to build confidence and improve their skills over the waves while having lots of fun on their foam-lined boards.

3. Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali natural resources offer great nature and also exotic animals.

Gianyar Bali has a great collection of animal parks and attractions featuring fauna, and offer an awe-inspiring time for children of all ages.

There are many varieties of common birds in Bali that you will not find anywhere else or rare popular flowers in Bali that everyone admired.

4. Ayung River Rafting Ubud

Family holiday in this place can expect splashes, thrills and a whole lot of fun awaits in the lush valley of the Ayung River near Ubud.

As one of the famous rafting rivers in Bali, Ayung is an accessible choice for all skill ranges and children 7 years and up.

The trip surely give a series of rocky and gentle rapids, all while enjoying Bali’s real natural beauty.

5. Bali Wake Park Benoa

If your family into water activities in Bali. Then wakeboarding sessions at the Bali Wake Park is a must try attractions.

The unique cable system enables you to not only wakeboard but also do kneeboard.

In addition, your family also can try any other tow-pulled water sport you can think of, all while pulling off a variety of tricks.

6. Kemenuh Butterfly Park Ubud

This butterfly park serves as a gentle animal attraction suitable for family holidays.

Families will surely enjoy an educational and recreational tour at the park.

A family holiday meandering through expansive flowering garden covered by netted canopies is a great way to enjoy nature.

There are many common insects in Bali, there are over 500 butterfly specimens flutter with ease, siphoning nectar from flower to flower.

7. Banana Boat Rides Tanjung Benoa

The whole family can have fun on these bright yellow and funny-looking inflatables boat rides, for a splashing fun time out on the waves.

Banana Boat rides can take up to five or six passengers perfect for a family pack, depending on the size of the craft.

The fast-paced bumpy rodeo ride offers a bit crazy experience with deliberate sharp turns.

8. Bounce Bali Trampoline Centre Canggu

Bounce Bali trampoline center in Canggu welcomes family for a great time out exploring motion through different challenges and trampolining circuits.

Moreover, It’s great for exercise and is simply fun as you bounce off walls, do some somersaults, and even dive into a pool filled with soft black foam cubes. Therefore, visit bounce Bali Trampoline Center Canggu must be listed as one of must visit place when you travel to Bali Indonesia

9. Dream Museum Zone Trick-Eye Gallery

Legian Novel offers trick-eye 3D galleries that give amazing photo opportunities and great fun for the whole family.

It features an impressive of more than 120 unique artworks spread over three levels.

Dream museum zone trick eye gallery will bring you into new experience about 3D Museum that you can find in other trick eye museum.

10. Bali Treetop Adventure Park Bedugul

After enjoying the vast grounds of plants and flora at the Bali botanical gardens in the Bedugul highlands.

Meanwhile, kids can swing through the air like Tarzan Parents can get their adrenaline fix from an overall fun day out together at the Bali Treetop Adventure Park.

The Park offers six main circuits stretching from tree to tree, rope bridges and a flying fox zip-line of 160 meters.

11. Lollypop Playland

This indoor playground and water park in Seminyak is a brilliant place for younger kids.

There are many interesting game with everything you might expect. Lollypop Playland has much a look-a-like as other playland but the facilities which offered were more than other playland has.

Moreover, there are also large trampolines and rock climbing that makes things more alive.

12. Bali Cooking class

Bali has a great authentic taste. Therefore, enjoying Bali food with family is a great way to spend a vacation.

Kids generally love cooking and it is a huge trend in Bali, especially for a family.

It is a nice bonding activity and a great way to discover Bali spices and food. Anika cooking class in Badung and Caraway cooking class in Denpasar are among the famous place to spice things up in the family table.

13. Family adventure at Green Camp

If your family love camping, then try out this place in Bali.

Green Camp offers 3 and 5 day camp options full of experiences exploring the great nature.

However, the camp can only allow a family with kids at least 5 years old.

14. Spice Beach Club in Lovina

The Spice Beach Club on Lovina Beach is a great place to spend a holiday with kids.

Their restaurant and bar but what really makes it is the location and facilities by the beach.

It’s a complete entertainment for kids and parents to relax while the kids are very occupied.

There are numerous great places that offer fun and joy for the whole family while holidaying on this feature-rich island.

The best places to visit for a family holiday in Bali range from nature places, thrilling animal parks and safaris, fun splashing water parks, rafting up in the valleys and water sports down by the coastline. You can be adventurous and enjoy Bali with your family.