History About Technological Development of In Indonesia

The development of technology history in Indonesia is very rapidly developed and modern. From the colonial era to the present era of millennia, many technologies have been developed in various fields. Such as IT field, health, infrastructure, economy, business, education and many more. You must know history, laws, and population muslim customs in Indonesia.

The development of human civilization is accompanied by the development of information delivery (hereinafter referred to as information technology), ranging from the insignificant images on the walls of the cave, the placement of a milestone in the form of inscriptions, to the introduction of a world of information flow known as the internet. Hence the brief history of decentralization in Indonesia.

Here are some explanations of technological development history in Indonesia to date:

A. Prehistoric Times

In prehistoric times, information technology and communication by humans serve as a system for the recognition of the forms that humans know. To illustrate the information obtained, they describe it on the walls of the cave about hunting and game animals.

At this time, people begin to identify objects that exist around their neighborhood, then paint it on the wall of the cave where he lived. The beginning of their communication in this day and age only revolves around the form of a grunted sound and uses hand gestures. Need to know popular foods in Indonesia that you should taste.

In prehistoric times began to be created and used tools that produce sounds and gestures, such as drums, trumpets made of animal horns, and smoke cues as a means of warning against danger. In Indonesia alone technological tools are still in the form of sheets of natural objects, they create tools – means of communication and signaling with sober.

However, it still can describe their daily lives run normally and harmoniously.

B. Modernization Era

The development of communications technology is now widespread and can not be limited. Along with these developments, more and more people are forgetting the old history of how the communication process in our beloved country is long ago before any phone or SMS.

Of course, we imagine how busy and duration they have to communicate if apart distance. Well, so you can more develop and appreciate the history of our technology, following the history of communication in Indonesia that we need to know. Some examples of the impact environmental effects of ecotourism in Indonesia.

In the era of modern and developed has started a lot and entered the technology that many sparked from various countries, the entry of modern technology certainly brings many positive impacts for the life of Indonesian society in general. Starting from television technology, radio, telephone, computer, telegram, correspondence to other public infrastructure technology.

Examples of technological development history in Indonesia as an example below:

1. The Letter

The correspondence is apparently the first way to communicate with the first choice. The correspondence has taken place since the time of the kingdom. They use a lot of media to write letters because it is still hard paper in antiquity.

Media that is often used is wood, leaves to animal skins. The technology of correspondence grew so much that the Dutch up to and mastered Indonesia. Coupled with the activeness of several post offices that make the correspondence become more fluent. Interesting facts about customs in Bali Indonesia.

2. The Telegraph

In 1855 became the beginning of the history of the start of the phenomenon of new telegraph technology. Short message senders that can only be used using morse password is very good at that time. Though the beginning of the telegraph is intended to send messages related to the war that is very secret.

Until then telegraph became a separate aspiration found teleprinting and telegram that make it easier for people to communicate, especially among the people in Indonesia. You should know public behaviour in Indonesia.

3. The Telephone

The increasingly widespread telegraph technology makes people’s demand for telegraphs higher. It is the background of the emergence of telephones in Indonesia. Although the phone has been discovered by Alexander graham bell since 1876, in Indonesia itself a new phone is used after 6 years later.

And the first location that gets the honor of getting a phone line is Gambir to Batavia. Since then, Indonesian communications has grown to this day. The following facts about benefits of tourism In Indonesia.

4. The Telegram

In 1920 Indonesian communication technology grew with the presence of telegram. The telegram has a similar way of working with telegraphs only cost less than the cost of the phone although the calculation of the cost of telegram calculated the character does not close the interest of the community.

5. Transportation Technology

After the modern era began the development of developing transportation fleet in Indonesia, which used to only use the fleet of animals such as cattle, horses, donkeys and so forth. Currently, it has started to move to buses, private cars, motorcycles, bicycles, tricycles, even aircraft with various types, trains, ships, air balloons, and many more examples.

With the discovery and results of these technologies increasingly facilitate the reach of the community to run the business and daily needs – the day with a mileage of a close and fast. Hence the example of benefits of Llving in Indonesia.

6. Banking Technology and Industrial Economics

Technological development history in Indonesia is the rapid technological field of industrial economy and banking world. The people of Indonesia know the name of Bank, Insurance, Factory, Industry, Traditional Market, Modern Market, Industrial Center of automotive, electronics, furniture, services, textiles and other variety.

As more and more of these technologies create convenience and security in banking transactions and open up many employment opportunities for the people of Indonesia generally. Life of society and environment social taboos in Indonesia.

7. Health Technology

In the world of health is also nowadays in the modern world is very important, especially disease that has now started many types and levels of danger. With health technology, vaccines, anti-inflammatory drugs, anesthesia, and complete medical equipment are created.

Therefore for the people of Indonesia who need treatment and health care is no need to worry about the availability of facilities, treatment and tools are sophisticated and modern. Herewith facts about social factors affecting business in Indonesia.

8. Education Technology

Education became one of the important factors in the formation of mental, personal, character and attitude of the next generation of Indonesia.

In the development of this modern world, the impact of technological development is felt very large, ranging from curriculum changes, educational methods, textbooks, quality teachers, facilities and adequate school space until the learning time is adapted to the times and modern technology.

The more intelligent the modern-day children open their insights and intellectuals become critical, strong and sharp characters in response to every new thing. Coupled with high-level educational centers such as campuses, universities and course institutions as well as tutoring from early childhood (3-6 years) to old age, all are very complete.

9. Culture and Tourism Technology

Technological development history in Indonesia the other is to master the culture and the entire tourism in Indonesia. Culture has begun to be modern, with many regional dances combined with modern dance, creating a new kind of dance.

Therefore, also with modern musical instruments ranging from guitar, piano, drums, trumpet, flute, violin, and many more. The world of tourism was not spared from the development of modern technology, such as the number of games and rides children, parents, teenagers, places that are formed in such a beautiful and modern.

Outbound games, education, and more. All make the people of Indonesia can enjoy it easily and comfortably. The following incredible facts about rice in Indonesia.

10. Internet Technology

With internet technology, many already technological all-around virtual worlds like youtube, facebook, twitter and others that currently become the culture of a modern society in Indonesia in communicating and information.

Both children, teenagers and the elderly begin to switch to using this technology. The creation of the Internet also adds other technologies such as smartphones, pagers, laptops, notebooks, smart TVs, and other equipment based on this internet technology.

Therefore, it is opening a new horizon for modernization culture in Indonesia. Just four your reference and interesting facts about the climate in Indonesia.

There are many more technological developments in Indonesia that can be studied completely. Hopefully, the explanation of technological developments in Indonesia adds to your knowledge of the ever-growing, modern and growing technological world. Good luck.