13 Surprising Benefits Of Balinese Massage

Arguably almost every woman in this world has ever felt the pleasure of massage. The art of massage has long been recognized in several Asian countries, including Indonesia. No wonder if the massage griya mushroomed and visited many. Even foreign citizens did not miss to enjoy it. Massage lovers believe that every message will have […]

17 Benefits Of Tourism In Indonesia – Hidden Paradise

Indonesia became the preferred tourist destination for many visitors, both local and international visitors. Many interesting sights, fun and also uni that can be enjoyed. Cheap price and equipped with adequate fleet fitting into one of the countries with a fantastic tour. Hence interesting positive impacts of tourism in Indonesia. In addition to the above, for […]

17 Benefits Of Living In Indonesia

Wherever you settle and stay certainly provide some benefits and advantages. There is a comfortable, safe, peaceful to feel satisfied in this environment. One of them is in Indonesia, why Indonesia became a country that many people demanded to be used as a place to settle and spend the rest of their lives with the […]

10 Benefits of Living Near Volcanoes in Indonesia

Many people of Indonesia choose to live in the area of volcano, especially on the island of Java. It is not a few residents who live and depend on the life of the volcano. Although the great risks threaten the population when the volcano erupts, there are several reasons why they survive to live in […]

12 Economic Benefits of Transmigration in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with the most populous population after China, India, Uni Sofiet, and the United States. Of the total population of Indonesia, 60% live on the island of Java and Madura which is only 7% of the total area of Indonesia. Therefore, the governments start to make some efforts to solve the problem. […]

13 Great Benefits of Living in Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is a metropolitan city where many industries are developing. That is why job opportunities in this city is increasing. It triggers many people to move to live in Jakarta. Day by day, the population in Jakarta is growing rapidly. Some people prefer to choose Jakarta as their […]

Top 17 Indonesian Tea – Characteristic & Benefits

Indonesia with all of its nature and the prosperity land, makes Indonesia becomes agrarian country with the richness of its biodiversity. The geography of Indonesia as the tropical country, makes Indonesia have a constant temperature and humidity on its highland which is very ideal for some plant to grow well. One of all those plants […]