13 Great Benefits of Living in Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is a metropolitan city where many industries are developing. That is why job opportunities in this city is increasing. It triggers many people to move to live in Jakarta. Day by day, the population in Jakarta is growing rapidly.

Some people prefer to choose Jakarta as their dream of city. Although living in Jakarta is not easy, the number of immigrant in Jakarta keeps raising every year. Living in Jakarta is a harsh life, but it has a wonderful thing that attracts people to live there. Here are the benefits of living in Jakarta.

  1. The complete entertainment and tourist facilities are available

As the center of destination where to wander, Jakarta itself offers a variety of entertainment facilities and interesting sights.

This is a special excitement for boarding children, where they can entertain themselves and seek excitement to unwind due to the density of their daily activities while in Jakarta. Starting from the cool city parks, educational tours, modern city tours, to marine tourism can all be found in the city of Jakarta.

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  1. Get to know friends from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds in Indonesia

Another advantage of living in Jakarta is that you can get to know many friends and acquaintance with various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Indonesia itself is blessed with a wealth of tribes and cultures which can be an attraction for the people in the world to visit Indonesia.

Diversity in every Indonesian will be an important tool in getting to know friends or acquaintances from other tribes and cultures. This is where the excitement and also the intimacy can be built nicely, so you will feel very lucky to get to know people from different backgrounds of different tribes and cultures. Therefore, you have to learn how to make friends in Jakarta.

  1. Learn independently with the harsh life in Jakarta

The harshness of life in the City of Jakarta would certainly be an appropriate tool for the parties who want to experience and learn the art of independent life side, away from family and family. Independent character and attitudes can form well and correctly in a hard and disciplined environment. Jakarta City environment is harsh, it would make some people are interested to come to conquer it.

  1. Enjoy qualified education facilities in Jakarta

If you are a student in the city of Jakarta, of course you will be able to enjoy a wide range of modern and up-to-date education facilities from schools and educational institutions in Jakarta. Educational facilities in the city of Jakarta is quite completed. It can be enjoyed by all parties.

For those who are the students of course will be very lucky in this case. A variety of services and educational facilities that support the process of teaching and learning activities in the city of Jakarta you can enjoy for free.

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  1. The good place of looking for more various additional income

Recently, many creative ideas and innovations are done by the young people of Indonesia. Jakarta city itself is one of the cities in Indonesia which became the center of the trend center for creativity in Indonesia.

For you migrants, this creative idea can also be made to seek additional income in their loose time while in Jakarta.Kota also offers so many kinds of business opportunities and work that is interesting and potential to be done by everyone, including you.

  1. The good place for business

Jakarta city is one of the most potential cities in Indonesia to start business. Not only because the city consists of largest number of population in Indonesia, but also the lifestyle of modern people. This could be good chance to create a business for you. Currently, service companies are really happening in Jakarta. Small businesses engaged in services such as laundry, delivery orders, shuttle, or even cleaning the house has well spread in Jakarta. For those whose hobby is cooking, you can also innovate a business in the culinary field.

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  1. Learn to be discipline

Stuck in traffic is a nightmare for everyone. But if you live in Jakarta and use this excuse for late. You will be scolded by your boss because JAkarta is always jammed. Precisely with a jam, you are expected to be a disciplined person.

Therefore, living in Jakarta is a matter of managing time. If it’s 10 o’clock in the morning, you have to leave an hour earlier than before the event starts. Or even two hours earlier, depending on the level of congestion you are predicting. This mental assurance will be very useful for you in life.

  1. Tasting the various of culinary as musch as you want

Culinary centers such as Rawamangun area and also Kemang area will certainly be a culinary tour heaven that will not be forgotten. Not to mention the culinary center in some areas spread across the city of Jakarta will be the main attraction for culinary lovers in the city of Jakarta. Variety of culinary tours in Jakarta can make you satisfied and fulfilled his needs.

There you could taste some of Street Food in Jakarta. In addition, the dining facilities are varied and Instragamable can be a cool place to hang out with your friends.

  1. Adequate health facilities

The quality of health service in Jakarta would be good enough to support your health need. The health facilities such as health centers, clinics, hospitals or health facilities at the central level are accompanied by sophisticated facilities and equipment that can not be obtained if you live in the village.

Moreover, the some facilities such as beauty and nursing clinics, dental hygiene, eye health, sports facilities would support your daily needs.

  1. More variative place for shopping are available

In Jakarta there are many shopping center options available. You can find any item you want with reasonable price and expensive.

You can find traditional markets even the grandest mall though. For that you will not travel out of town when you want to buy goods at the price you want. Jakarta is the largest economic and business center in Indonesia, therefore you will easily find everything you want.

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  1. The most updated city

Jakarta is the first major city in Indonesia. So it is not surprising that this city will be the first city to be a test of a new policy from the government. Information and communication sources in Jakarta is equipped with a wide network so you will know the most updated news.

In addition, Jakarta is the number one largest fashion center in Indonesia. So the people in this city will automatically be the first to display an up to date style.

  1. Grow as competitive person

Jakarta is a tough city. This will educate you to be a tough person who must be able to conquer the harshness of Jakarta. You will form into a competitive soul as an economic and social demand. As much as possible, you will be a productive person to meet the needs of your life in Jakarta. The soul of your competition begins to grow over time. This is because the people around you are the same.

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  1. The good public transportation facility

Transportation modes such as bajaj, airplane, public transportation, city bus, busway, taxi, railway, commuter line, and also motorcycle taxi, are certainly transportation facilities that characterize the city of Jakarta. Moreover, Jakarta City is building a MRT project which certainly adds the impression of metropolitan city closely attached to the image of Jakarta.

For those who choose to live in the City of Jakarta certainly can feel and find a suitable mode of transportation and appropriate for your activities while in Jakarta.

Those are the benefits of living in Jakarta. If you are one person who would likely to live in Jakarta, you should think much more. Jakarta is the big city where is good place to live. However, you should consider some consequences of living in Jakarta. Remember that you have to great deal with one classic problem there: traffic jam.