17 Benefits Of Tourism In Indonesia – Hidden Paradise

Indonesia became the preferred tourist destination for many visitors, both local and international visitors. Many interesting sights, fun and also uni that can be enjoyed. Cheap price and equipped with adequate fleet fitting into one of the countries with a fantastic tour. Hence interesting positive impacts of tourism in Indonesia.

In addition to the above, for you lovers for travel would know about the benefits of tourism in Indonesia that can be enjoyed with various options. Traveling in Indonesia certainly will not regret, because it is the right choice. Here are the benefits of tourism in Indonesia that you should know:

1. Interesting Places of Interest

Indonesia is famous for its tourist attractions are interesting and fun to enjoy. The natural scenery, as well as the tours that are still very original and also exotic, natural wealth in Indonesia, makes many countries amazed and curious to travel in our country. Starting from coastal attractions, mountains, forests, and also other historical relics. Herewith facts and types of tourism in Bali with the characteristics.

2. Tours in Indonesia Cheap and Satisfactory

If you visit Indonesia many tourist attractions are offered cheaply, especially your book with the package price, it will definitely save the cost of your trip. Packages offered to vary and can be tailored to your needs. Or if you are lazy to follow the package you want to be independent, can travel backpacker style. Big thing and importance of tourism in Indonesia.

3. Easy and Short Trips

You do not have to travel long and do not have to face the fatigue on the street for too long. Because the time difference in Indonesia is only 3 hours long. Thus, travel by plane to places in Indonesia only takes a few hours. Unless you travel by land or sea lane the time may take longer, but you can still get a wife and enjoy the scenery around. Hence characteristics of tourism in Indonesia.

4. Easy in Communicating

You like difficulty communicating because of the language constraints ?, of course, this will be different if you are on vacation in Indonesia. If the holidays in Indonesia you do not need to worry, almost all Indonesian citizens are able to speak Indonesian. In addition, the people of Indonesia is famous for its hospitality in the eyes of foreign tourists.

So if you get lost, you do not have to worry about asking questions. Instead, you can learn the local language along with local wisdom.  Effect and tourists scam in Jakarta you must avoid.

5. Easy Food Earned

No need to bother looking for spicy and delicious taste, if you are a holiday in Indonesia, you do not have to worry the taste of food does not match the tongue. Because the spices used are familiar to you. Instead, you are addicted and add-on. In addition, for you, Muslims need not worry about the difficulty of finding halal food because it is easy to find it in various regions. You should know rules for tourists in Indonesia.

6. No Need to Fear of Extreme Weather

You also do not have to worry and fear of extreme temperatures, very cold or very hot. Indonesia is a tropical country with only two seasons, namely the rainy season and the dry season.

You must be very familiar with these two seasons so that your body is easy to adjust. And very comfortable if coupled with a cool and calm atmosphere. Hence interesting facts about culture and art in West Sumatra.

7. Many Hidden and Unique Places in Indonesia

You who vacation in Indonesia will not lose. Indonesia is a rich tourist country. Starting from nature tourism in the form of mountains, lakes, beaches, and sea, to non-nature tourism. In addition, there are still many beautiful places hidden in Indonesia. You do not have to worry about running out of sights because it is very much spread in various regions.

If you Wantm there are years of holidays too, you will never run out of domestic tourist destinations. The more you enjoy the holidays the more you will never want to go home. Interesting facts about Yogyakarta you need to know.

8. The character of a Friendly Indonesian Society

Vacationing in Indonesia should not be afraid of being misplaced, misplaced or afraid to ask questions. Because of the culture of Indonesian society friendly to the guests and also the nature of the help when there are others who need help.

So you will feel comfortable and feel at home for long in Indonesia, let alone have understood the attitude and culture that exists. Here they are celebrations in Bali Indonesia.

9. Art and Culture of Attractive Traditions

Local cultural wisdom, as well as unique art, interesting and attractive, make many eyes eager to visit Indonesia. The experience of Indonesian culture and arts is unique, from various regional languages, types of dance, traditional dress, building culture, and also its custom which is characterized as a symbol of eternal and waking culture.

Not a few other countries that try to recognize the culture and art of Indonesia, because it is very interesting and glamorous. Hence surprising facts about Lombok Indonesia.

10. Each Tour Has Its Own Character

Every time you travel in Indonesia and find different areas – of course, you will find different habits and cultures. This makes many tourists, both local and foreign interested. With traditions such as food, beverages, clothing, language until the existing tourist attractions are distinguished according to the character of each region – each.

Example of Palembang with pempek food, Padang with rendang, Bali is famous for its tradition of ceremony and delicious and traditional food. Very unique is not it ?. Fascinating things to learn in Bali you must know and enjoy it.


Other benefits of tourism in Indonesia are:

  • Indonesia is famous for its beautiful and fascinating island of Bali. In this place a lot of natural beauty such as beaches, rural, unique ceremonial buildings as well as festive and traditional folk party. The thickness of the mystical and also the custom that is still held firm until now.
  • Indonesia is famous for its stunning and original Raja Ampat tour. Many visitors are amazed by the beauty of nature and the beautiful sea, loss when visiting Indonesia is not a vacation in Raja Ampat.
  • Lombok Island which is the second tourism after the island of Bali is very beautiful and also fascinating nature and coastal tourism. Many resorts and also unique and interesting village tour excursions of course. Make sure this is not missed by you.
  • The beautiful and magnificent Borobudur Temple, one of the heritage heritage heritage and world heritage. Being one of the options for a vacation to enjoy the beauty and architecture of ancient times that still exist to this day. Herewith famous Temples in Magelang.
  • Many animal and plant conservation centers exist in Indonesia, you can interact directly with some animals such as elephants in Sumatra, forest people in Borneo, turtles in Bali and Lombok. And much more beauty tourism in Indonesia.
  • Cultural parties in the art in Indonesia are fun and fun to watch, such as Reok Ponorogo art, Kuda Lumping West Java, Debus from Banten and many others.
  • Many impressive traditional ceremonies in Indonesia, this is usually mystical and sacred as Ngaben ceremony in Bali, Gerebek syawal in Jogyakarta, Rambu Solo ceremony in Minahasa, and many more unique ceremonies that are usually done in Indonesia.

Many are not the benefits of tourism in Indonesia that you certainly do not know, so choose your choice for a vacation in Indonesia. Happy holiday.