13 Common Traditional Ceremonies in Bali

Bali is an interesting place. There is a lot of cultural richness within the local Balinese community. Balinese culture is widely packed as a cultural attraction that is very popular by the wider community. People from abroad come to Bali just to enjoy and learn about the series of traditional ceremonies owned by Bali people. […]

10 Traditional Ceremony in East Java You Must Know

East Java is a province in the eastern tip of the island of Java, where most of the population is still very preserving culture and Java. The Javanese are famous for their friendly and courteous personalities. Not just their personality, they also have a history of tradition and culture that is very attractive. Examples such […]

20 Strange Customs In Indonesia

Beside to having a diverse culture, Indonesia is also famous for its unique customs of Indonesia and interesting to learn. Some of the Indonesian customs that make the icon of the famous Ngaben ceremony of the island of Bali. The custom is still very thick and sacred for the people of Indonesia, customs that have been upheld […]

13 Rules for Getting Married in Bali

Due to the huge amount of attention that Bali is receiving from the world, many people would like to make it into a part of their special moment in life. The island is surrounded by wonderful people, unique culture, beautiful locations and breathtaking sceneries. No wonder that there are couples all over the world who […]

15 Traditional Ceremony in Indonesia – Characteristics

Indonesia, which has many customs and cultures, also has a variety of interesting traditional ceremonies. Until now, many of these traditional ceremonies are still carried out in their respective local areas. In fact, the ceremony is also a cultural tourism event for many tourists, both from domestic and abroad. Many forms of traditional ceremonies performed by […]

14 Ceremony in Bali (#2 is So Unique)

Bali. Bali is one island in Indonesia which so much cultures and we can find it in another places. We cant deny it if Bali has great influence from Hindunese which originally come from outside of country. However after all, Hinduism in Bali is very different from original one because its also has some influence […]