The 15 Types of Coffee in Bali You Can Get

Many people do love great coffees. They even want to spend portions of their money to get the exclusive and tasteful coffee in some special areas that known for having larger variants of coffee, like Indonesia. In this country, there are a lot of types of coffee. They are lovable, and always being favorite ones […]

15 Types of Indonesian Coffee Beans

If you’re a coffee lover, of course you’ll know your favorite coffees. There’s some kinds of coffee like Americano, Cappucino, and the other coffee types that you can find in your nearest coffee stores, like Starbuck or something. But, if you are from other countries, you should try to come to Indonesia, because this country […]

8 Best Coffee in Lombok with Good Taste

In recent years, Lombok is widely known as the most beautiful marine tourism destination in Indonesia, even to foreign countries. as well as Senaru Village, Bayan District, North Lombok Regency, known as one of the Tourism Villages because it has many beautiful tourist destinations, call it Sendang Gile Waterfall, Tiu Kelep Waterfall & Mount Rinajni […]

10 Best Coffee in Java Island You should Know

Since the 16th century Indonesia is known as a coffee paradise. In fact, in that era Java Coffee became one of the most sought after in the world – known by the name Java. Until the end of the 16th century, the world’s supply of coffee originated only from Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia as two […]

12 Fascinating Facts about Sumatran Coffee

It has been popular in the world that Indonesia is a rich country with the large amount of natural resources. One of them in producing coffee commodity. Based on data from 2013, Indonesia is the third largest coffee producer in the world after Brazil and Vietnam followed by Colombia. Coffee in Indonesia typically has a special […]

The Brief History of Indonesian Coffee

Since the ancient times Indonesia is famous for its natural wealth and spices. One of them is Indonesian coffee that is so popular in the world. It is also the main attraction for foreign tourists to visit Indonesia. Today, Indonesia is on the fourth rank in the world’s best coffee producers. As Indonesians you should […]

13 Popular Coffee in Indonesia (#8 is unique)

As we know that Indonesia is rich with spices that it attracted Europeans came to Indonesia in the past. Besides spices Indonesia is also rich with coffee, it is succeed in becoming one of the countries which produce good and qualified coffee. Indonesia is the #4 of the world’s biggest coffee producer. Therefore we can […]

10 Amazing Indonesian Famous Coffee

Beside the thousand cultures and arts, this beloved country has so many things still to discover. One of them, is the coffee. There’s so many kinds of coffee in Indonesia, starting from the traditional coffee in the west side of Indonesia to the east Indonesia in Papua. All of them have different taste and speciality, […]

Coffee in Indonesia – History – Types – How to Brew

Coffee. Who doesnt know about coffee? Its a profitable business because the real customers will consume that a lot. So, how about coffee from Indonesia? Is it a good one like coffee from another country? For now, we’re not gonna talk only about how good Indonesia coffee is, but also the history – type of […]

Luwak Coffee – Development and Spread

Indonesia is a country which full of diversity. It includes diversity of coffee. Many countries, especially in America, Europe, and Japan know about Indonesian original coffee. Meanwhile, original coffee is a premium grade coffee which has a good taste. Moreover, in 2012, Indonesia is the third largest country of coffee producer in the world after […]