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The 15 Types of Coffee in Bali You Can Get

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Many people do love great coffees. They even want to spend portions of their money to get the exclusive and tasteful coffee in some special areas that known for having larger variants of coffee, like Indonesia. In this country, there are a lot of types of coffee. They are lovable, and always being favorite ones for both the locals and foreigners.


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With an area that already famous in the eye of the world like Bali, the tourists are having expectations for having a great experience there. They want to find some things that they can not found in their hometown, like those exotic attractions and  variants of coffee maybe. That’s why, locals are also preparing many kinds of coffee that known in the country specially for the tourists, so they can get a truly great taste of local coffees. And for the types of coffee in Bali, you can see right on the information below :

1. Kintamani Coffee

The first one and also the most popular is the Kintamani Coffee. Kintamani is like the top Balinese coffee. It’s very popular just like the Bali island itself. The arabica coffee that made out of Kintamani beans has a pretty unique taste, with soft and sweet touch in it. It’s always produced organically, so it can be one of the best types of coffee in Bali.

People of Bali plant the seeds or beans of Kintamani in an area that has a cool temperature, even best with the traditional irrigation system which can easily be found in some areas in Bali island. Because of that speciality, Kintamani coffee is always having uniqu taste, not too heavy, and always addicting. If you want to get one, then maybe you should go for an area named Kintamani in Bali.

2. Toraja Coffee

For the best coffee in Sulawesi, surely the Toraja Coffee is the king of all. Toraja is an area located on that very island that known for having a cool temperature, because basically the areas in there are covered with mountains. It’s inhabited by ethnic people, Toraja Tribe, still having their unique and special traditional culture until now.

With the marine type of soil, people of Toraja can produce the best coffee. There’s a country that is a fan of this coffee, Japan. Many people in that country really love this. They even consider Toraja Coffee as an exclusive item, and for the fact, almost 40% coffee available in Japan is Toraja Coffee. But it’s also available on Bali.

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3. Javanese Coffee

There’s an island in Indonesia that is known as the most improved island of all islands in the country named Java island. It has so many interestings history to look up to, and also the island has a special coffee named Javanese coffee. It’s so interesting that also distributed to other islands like Kalimantan (Borneo), Sulawesi, and even Bali island.

The taste of this coffee is rather strong, that’s why the general consumers of this coffee is basically men. Even though it doesn’t have rich taste like coffees in Sulawesi or Borneo, but there’s special thing about this coffee, which is its aroma. The aroma of this coffee is like combined with spices, not too strong but very good.

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4. Flores Coffee

Bali is not only have coffees from Java island or Kalimantan, basically Bali has almost all coffees that spread accross the country. Like for example, in this island you can find an exclusive coffee named Flores Coffee. This coffee came from the eastern area of Indonesia, Flores, that known for the mountains and hills around the area.

That’s why, the quality of the coffee depends on the ground’s height. For example, the coffee beans that planted on 15550 meters above sea surface taste greater than beans planted on 1000 meters only. Because of the height, the coffee has both great taste and aroma, making it the most beautiful coffee ever made, and also the most expensive one.

5. Lanang Coffee

For the unusual taste of a coffee, you should try Lanang Coffee that available on some places in Bali island. This is the kind of coffee that is really specific only for those who love unusual taste. Very interesting, eh? The beans of Lanang coffee usually seem don’t right at all, or some say that the beans even look like a failure.

But, not many people can find the true taste behind those “broken” beans. Lanang coffee is even considered as a rare coffee, becuase to gather the beans of Lanang Coffee, you only have a chance about 5 til 10% of your total crops. The beans came from all types of coffee, so if you find coffee beans that flat on one side and round on the other, or look like splitted beans, keep them.

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6. Luwak Coffee

Of course, we can agree together is the Luwak Coffee is the most unique coffee in the world. The highlight of this coffee is the making process, which is involving the usage of an animal called Luwak. The Luwak coffee is using beans that already extracted through digestion system of that Luwak. Even though the coffee is already known in South East Asia region, it was starting to blow in 1980 after its publication.

The beans that used to make a cup of Luwak Coffee is just the same like the other coffee beans. You can use either Robusta or Arabica beans. But, when choosing beans for Luwak, you should be more careful about their cleanliness. The Luwak will choosee the best ones from them and finally eat them to be processed to the next step.

7. Sidikalang Coffee

Sidikalang is the national coffee that has the same competitor, which is the famous Brazillian coffee. So what makes this coffee can be the best one around the world. Let’s start with its history first. Sidikalang is capital city of Dairi area in the cool mountains area. According to the the experts, the special taste of Sidikalang Coffee is coming from the location and wet condition of the soil.

This one of many varieties of Sumatra coffee is known for having a very soft texture than the others, having heavy taste yet very complex. Like most coffees in Sumatra, Sidikalang coffee also dry-processed, with a combination of semi-washed method. The Sidikalang coffee not only known for its unique taste, but also for its hipnotizing smell that can always addicting.

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8. Wamena Coffee

In Bali, there’s also the popular coffee from Papua, named Wamena Coffee. This Arabican type of coffee planted about 1.500 meters above sea surface with temperature around 20 til 25 degree celcius. Even though conservated in such a cold place, this coffee is only has less cafein. The sweet aroma, nice taste, and soft texture, the Wamena coffee is always lovable.

For you who want to visit the original area of Wamena Coffee, you can go to Tagulik district or Jayawijaya. You can also find some on the bars and restaurants located in Bali. The best type of the Wamena coffee that you can taste is the one that processed naturally. Like the one produced in Wamena, Papua where people only use all the tools they can get.

9. Gayo Coffee

We can agree that coffee that planted on high areas can have high potential to become a great coffee ever. The same condition is also applied to a coffee that originally created in Bener Meriah, Aceh, Sumatra island, called Gayo Coffee. This one Arabica coffee is the main commodity of Gayo, Central Aceh where people there are working as coffee farmers.

The goodness of Gayo Coffee got many certifications from the world. For example, back in Mei 27th 2010, Gayo Coffee received Fair Trade Certified from International Fair Trade Organization. The name of the best organic coffee was got because of an auction event in Bali October 10th, where Gayo Coffee reached the highest score when cupping score.

Aside from the nine coffees above, we also want to tell you about the other types of coffee in Bali, on the small list below, check them out :

  1. Malabar Coffee
  2. Mandailing Coffee
  3. Liberika Coffee
  4. Excelsea Coffee
  5. Jamaican Coffee
  6. Lampung Coffee

So that’s the lost of types of coffee in Bali that you can also find and enjoy in this beatitul island. For the tourists who are also included as coffee lovers, this can be a great news, because they don’t have to circling Indonesia for finding the traditional coffees. They can also get them, even in Bali island.

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