10 Annual Indonesia Festivals You Should Not Miss

Indonesia is a big country with thousand cultures from many tribes and communities. Those communities usually holds certain ceremony to celebrate, commemorate, or honour something or someone important that contributes to the community in the past. Just look at some traditional ceremonies that’s held in Indonesia, they have holistic purpose that could be very important […]

11 Most Popular Traditional Wedding Ceremonies in Indonesia

Wedding is every person’s dream. Finding the right person and invite them to take care of each other and spend the rest of your life together is one of the goal that everyone dream of. From getting know to each other to falling in love together must be a surreal experience for everybody. That’s why […]

17 Unique Facts About Indonesian Festivals

Indonesia is known for having so many kinds of culture. Beside that, Indonesia is also having so many unique tribe each with own tradition that is very uniqe. The tradition that brough up by the people of the tribe is still being carried until know. Read also : Unusual Festival in Indonesia Baliem Valley Festival […]

13 Famous Cultures in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country of pluralism, a country with high tolerance and the heaven for cultural values. Indonesia has an uncountable amount of cultures range from Sabang until Merauke, all of them are valued as the national treasure even until now. Surprisingly the local cultures are not only well known among the Indonesian, some cultures […]

Top 13 Famous Festivals in Indonesia

Become a diverse country of origins and religions make Indonesia has good cultural events, ceremonies, and festivals. The population in Indonesia is more than 23 million people and that’s also become reason why Indonesia have lot and lot festivals. The festivals also variated in Indonesia, some of them are affected by many religions, start from […]

Top 15 Festivals in Indonesia – Unique – Religious

One of the things that make Indonesia attractive is its various kinds of cultures. It will never end talking about Indonesian cultures, and it is even more never-ending when talking about each culture’s festival. Every culture must have a special day or period, usually in memory of a religious event, with its own social activities, […]