10 Embarrassing Facts of Corruption in Indonesia

Corruption is very difficult to eradicate in any part of the world. Corruption in Indonesia develops systemically. For many people corruption is no longer a violation of law, but merely a habit. In all comparative studies of corruption between countries, Indonesia always occupies the lowest position. This situation can cause the eradication of corruption in […]

Top 13 Indonesia Commodity Export

In general, Indonesian nation from ancient times is very famous for its abundant natural resources. This fact has been recognized by various countries throughout the world. Thus, of course as good citizens, they should be able to preserve their natural resources and avoid the practices of natural destruction. In fact, Indonesia is also known for […]

Simple Steps How to Apply for Indonesian KITAS

For certain purposes, it is important for you to know the importance of KITAS (now ITAS) in Indonesia. This KITAS (Limited Stay Permit) is required if you want to work and live in the territory of Indonesia for a longer time as a foreigner. KITAS can be updated if needed. In the new Immigration Regulation […]

10 Quick Steps How to Get Indonesian Driving License For Foreigner

SIM is proof of registration and identification provided by the National Police to someone who has met administrative requirements, physically and mentally healthy. People who already have a SIM are considered to have understood the traffic regulations and are skilled at driving a motorized vehicle. The SIM indicates that you are fit to drive a […]

13 Terrifying Facts of Poverty in Indonesia

Poverty is one of the problems that arise in development together with the problem of unemployment and inequality. All three are interrelated. In the context of development in Indonesia, the problem of poverty has increasingly become a hot topic since the economic crisis hit Indonesia in mid-1997. Poverty in Indonesia is indeed a difficult problem […]

10 Types of Punishment in Indonesia (#9 is Extreme)

The law in Indonesia is a mixture of the European legal system, religious law, and customary law. Most of the systems adopted, both civil and criminal are based on European law, especially from the Netherlands because of the historical aspects of Indonesia’s past which are colonies with the Dutch Indies (Nederlandsch-Indie). Indonesia also regulates various […]

15 Different Types of Police in Indonesia

The National Police of the Republic of Indonesia is the National Police, which is a unity responsible in upholding the security and order of society, upholding the law, and providing protection, protection, and service to the public in order to maintain domestic security. Due to the extremely heavy police duties, the Indonesian Police are divided […]

16 Type of School in Indonesia You Must Know

Education in Indonesia may not be as good as education in developed countries. However, in some points, Indonesia has first implemented a good education system for students. In terms of facilities and methods applied, Indonesia still needs improvement. However, in terms of availability of types of education, Indonesians have many options. Here are several types […]

12 Reasons Why Indonesia is Important to India

The relationship between India and Indonesia has been in existence since ancient, for nearly two thousand years. In 1950, Indonesia’s first President – Soekarno called on the people of Indonesia and India to “improve good relations” that have existed between the two countries “for over 1000 years” before being temporarily “cut off” by the European […]

13 Reasons Why Indonesia is Good for Investment

Indonesia is increasingly targeted by foreign countries as an investment destination. This time, a report released Indonesia as the second best investment destination in the world. Indonesia is considered to have steady economic growth in the next few years. United Nations Conferrence on Trade and Development (UNCTD) data shows Indonesia as one of the promising […]