3 Reasons Why Bandung Called Paris in Bandung

Bandung is the capital of West Java in Indonesia, it is 180 kilometers away from Indonesian capital city, Jakarta.This is the fourth most populous city in Indonesia, after Jakarta, Bekasi and Surabaya. Bandung is populer for its cooler climate and surrounding natural beauty, also it is a place for the weekend getaway to do some […]

10 Hidden Temple in Yogyakarta; Beautiful Place To Visit

People know that Yogyakarta is a heaven of temples. So many ancient world knowledge and information from ancient Indonesia can be transferred through time until now thanks to temples in Yogyakarta. From Prambanan temple to Borobudur temple, those site gives us imagination of how the life of kingdoms and empire works in the past. Those […]

10 Historical Building in Bali

There are many beautiful buildings and also historic on the island of Bali. In addition to being a famous and enchanting place, this island has a lot of high history and strong cultural customs. If you visit Bali will be able to feel how friendly and nuances of thick custom. Read also : History of […]

10 Most Visited Historical Building in East Java

East Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia. This province is located in the east of Java where close enough to Bali. Because of its strategic location, some tourists would decide to visit East Java. The capital city of this province is Surabaya which also becomes one of the destinations for the tourists. However, […]

Top 17 Historical Buildings in Indonesia Must Know

Indonesia has so many heritage which is impossible to resist to not take a look if you visit to Indonesia. There are so many histories left around all over archipelago. Not only in art and culture section, but also there are so many places which contain so many history that we can learn about then […]