6 Things Only You Can Find in Lombok

Many Indonesian people mistaken that Lombok was taken from the Javanese languange that means chili. Lombok comes from the Sasak languange which is “Lomboq”, this means straight. History said that Lomboq is given to remember the long journey of the ancestor of Lombok when they find the island. As time flies Lomboq turns into Lombok […]

12 Things To Do in Bali For Bachelors

For you who want to take a vacation to Bali but have a single status, don’t be hesitate because there are many interesting things to do with an entertaining place. You can spend vacation time with colleagues, business partners, family or anyone who intentionally wants to experience a vacation in Bali. Read more about The […]

13 Things To Do in Bali With a 4 Years Old

Many interesting things can be done at the time of the holiday season. For example, during the Christmas and New Year holidays, there are lots of special locations for vacationing with a family that you can spend together. Flights to the island of Bali greatly increased significantly. If you do not order tickets from afar, […]

10 Best Area in Bali for Families

Bali  is a favorite destinations for almost people in Indonesia. Even it is also becomes the favorite tourism for foreign tourist too. Frequently, there are also a number of tourist that plan or set to have a familiy trip to Bali. Having a family vacations are always wonderful. If Bali becomes your destinations for your […]

15 Good-looking Public Holiday in Bandung

If you’re looking for acountry that has anyhting to do, or many other atractions that await you, Indonesia might be the right answer. In here, there are some places that have some of the best choices for your holiday. See also : Horse Back Riding in Jakarta Indonesia Stunning Place for Healing Mind in Indonesia […]

12 Most Popular Holiday in Indonesia

There is an amazing amount of diversity in Indonesia. All the diversity brings many holidays in Indonesia. During these holidays, Indonesians do all kinds of celebrations. Here are 12 Most Popular Holiday in Indonesia. Read the many ways they welcome these holidays. 1. Eid Eid is one of the most celebrated holiday in Indonesia. It also […]

Indonesia Mother’s Day – History – Activities

Who doesn’t know about Mother’s day? Yea Mother’s day is annually event and every country has their own way to celebrate it. The way they celebrate it is also affected by their culture, geographical condition, values and moral, and so on. So for now, we gonna talk about Mother’s day in Indonesia, which we know […]