The History of Madura Language

Madura is an island located in the northeastern coast of Java. It is part of the East Java Province even though it is separated from Java by the narrow strait of Madura. The Madura people are the third largest group in Indonesia, the majority still lives on the island and also the eastern part of […]

The Evolution of Becak: A Unique Transportation in Indonesia

Indonesia has access to many public transportations. In ocean, it has ship to carry people from one island to another island. In sky, Indonesia has national and international aviation companies bringing and taking people from foreign country and domestic. In land there are more public transportation such as train, buses, travel, and motorcycle. But most […]

17 Common Phrases in Indonesian Language You Have to Know

Bahasa Indonesia is one of the easiest languages in the world. Most of people that have mastered Bahasa Indonesia say that it is the quickest language that they learn. How it comes? It is because Bahasa Indonesia has the simple structure. The vocabularies are also not so difficult. However, for the pronunciation in Bahasa Indonesia […]

Brief History of Indonesian Literature

In Indonesia the new writing culture began since the fourth century AD. The ability of people to make written records continues to grow until the entry of Islam with Arabic script, as well as Latin script brought by Europeans in Indonesia. History of literature in Indonesia is divided into several periods according to changes in […]

10 Effective Ways How to Speak as Indonesian Natives

Indonesian language for foreigners is now a priority language to be mastered by several countries in the world. There has been many institutions within and outside the country that organizes Indonesian language learning program for foreigners. This shows that Indonesian language learning activities for foreigners have become quite important for foreigners. It could be the […]

12 Reasons Why Indonesian Language is Popular

Indonesian language step by step becomes popular in the world. It’s not just in Indonesia that applies Indonesian language lesson. It might unbelievable, but the truth is now the Indonesian language has been studied in more than 45 countries in the world. Some countries are Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Egypt, and Italy. This makes Indonesian language […]

10 Interesting Facts about Indonesian Language

You know that Indonesia is a country with thousands island. That is why it is needed a lingua franca in Indonesia. It is called Bahasa Indonesia. At the global level, Indonesian Language has not yet become an international language used in official world forums as like English, Spanish or French. Nevertheless, foreigners’ interest in learning […]

10 Characteristics of Indonesian Languages

Indonesia, as the state with many islands, actually have so many languages. However, there is one and only official national language of Indonesia. It is called Bahasa Indonesia. Bahasa means ‘language’ in Indonesian Language. Indonesians start to use Bahasa Indonesia as the lingua franca in the multilingual Indonesian archipelago for centuries. If you learn to […]

Daily Phrases in Indonesia – Most Common and Useful

Indonesia has the fourth largest population in a country throughout the world. So that in turn make Indonesian Population among the highest list of users of languages that are used. Indonesian regarded its language as the official language of Indonesia. Then, Indonesian Language commonly known as Bahasa Indonesia. Its a member of the Malay-Polynesian language family along with usage in […]