10 Interesting Facts about Indonesian Language

You know that Indonesia is a country with thousands island. That is why it is needed a lingua franca in Indonesia. It is called Bahasa Indonesia. At the global level, Indonesian Language has not yet become an international language used in official world forums as like English, Spanish or French. Nevertheless, foreigners’ interest in learning Bahasa Indonesia has increased significantly in the last two decades. If you are one of them, you should read these facts below to motivate your learning in Bahasa Indonesia.

  1. The eighth language which has most users

 If you think Bahasa Indonesia is only used in the country of Indonesia, I would say it is totally wrong. There is a fact that in 2014 Bahasa Indonesia was the language that most widely used in the world. Its position on 8th rank in the world makes a conclusion that Indonesian language is used by large people in more than 45 countries in the world. With the total of more than 250 million users, Bahasa Indonesia is really well known. And now, the users of Bahasa Indonesia have already spread in all the part of the world.

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  1. The third most used language in WordPress

For those who usually use internet marketing, WordPress has already been familiar. The complete facility in WordPress would make the blogger easier to write some articles. Bahasa Indonesia is categorized as the third most used language in WordPress.

The large user of WordPress in Indonesia makes Bahasa Indonesia become well known in the world. According to Chief Executive Officer of WordPress Indonesia stated that approximately 200 million Indonesian WordPress pages are open monthly. And there are about 1.7 million Indonesian blogs in WordPress. It is the fantastic number, right?

  1. The second language in Vietnam

Vietnam made Bahasa Indonesia as the second official language in the country, precisely in December 2007. Indonesian is in line with English, French and Japanese as the second priority language. In order to develop and facilitate the study of Bahasa Indonesia, the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in the city helped the various facilities required by several universities.

They Supports the facilities include computer equipment, props, lecturer assistance and financial assistance for any activities related to the promotion of Bahasa Indonesia in their respective university work areas. There are three universities that open Bahasa Indonesia to be studied. They are Hong Bang University, HCMC National University and the University of Social and Humanities in Vietnam.

  1. The part of Malayan language

Malayan language is known as the root of lingua franca in Indonesia. In 4000 before century, the Austronesian language family entered and began to flourish in Indonesia. Then, it spread Malay and Javanese as the languages in Indonesia. Malay is the youngest language among other nations in the world.

It is the fourth language in the order of the most important speakers for languages ​​in the world after Chinese, English and Urdu (Hindi). The experts suggest that Malay language comes from the Malay Archipelago (originating from South Sumatra around Jambi and Palembang. The development of language in eastern Indonesia became more various because of the mixing of Austronesian languages ​​with the Papua language.

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5. Has been sent to outer space

Bahasa Indonesia is included in 55 languages ​​available in outer space. Why? It started when it was launched NASA Voyager satellite. In the satellite there is a golden disc which consists of data about the sound and language of the earth. There are also picture drawings totaling 115 following a recording of natural sounds, such as the sound of waves, wind, lightning, and animal sounds, including birds chirping and the sound of whales.

Well, one of the languages ​​stored in the data is the Indonesian language. So it can be concluded that Bahasa Indonesia has reached outer space.

  1. There is Indonesian language study center in Egypt

The Indonesian Embassy in Cairo has held a free Indonesian course for Egyptians at the Indonesian Cultural Center (PUSKIN), a building that is also occupied by the Indonesian School of Cairo and the Indonesian Mosque. Previously the number of Indonesian observers for a course in PUSKIN located in the Dokki district, across the Nile from central Cairo, was about a dozen people per class.

In 2015 the number of Egyptians who have attended Indonesian language courses in PUSKIN was about 2,100 people, and in the PSI there are 235 people. There are several reasons why Egyptians learn Bahasa Indonesia, partly because of work interests, such as a tour guide in Egypt, or because they want to get a scholarship to Indonesia. (Read also:How to Study in Indonesia)

  1. European football clubs create Indonesian-language sites

Of course, the making of the site is aimed to increase the satisfactory of the visitors who becomes a fan. Not so surprised, these sites were added services in terms of other languages, in addition to English. Not all of the fans could communicate or understand the news in English.

In Indonesia a lot of people are very fond of big European clubs. However, not all groups of people can understand the articles or other information contained in English. That is why several teams of European clubs creat some official sites of the continent blue club that embed the features of the Indonesian language.

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  1.  Used as a daily language in Timor Leste

17 years have passed since the results of the referendum showed victory pro-independence stronghold. Followed by a transitional process under the United Nations, the former 27th province of Indonesia was finally officially became a full sovereign nation on May 20, 2002.

However, Timor Leste still couldn’t move on from Indonesia. The people in Timor Leste continuously use Bahasa Indonesia as their daily language. Since independence, the official language in the former 27th province of Indonesia is Portuguese and Tetum. In their daily life, the local residents use Tetum. There is no official data. However, it is very possible that the foreign language that most dominated and used by the majority of the people is Indonesian language.

  1. Studied in 45 countries

A total of 45 countries in hundreds of places are following the BIPA program (Indonesian for Foreign Speakers). The education includes listening, productive and interactive speaking, reading, and writing for speakers. Recently, there are at least 45 countries that organize the BIPA program, with 174 implementation sites scattered in these countries.

According to the foreign people that study Bahasa Indonesia, there is something different from Indonesia that they want to know more deeply. They are also interested in the social, natural, and cultural conditions that they find interesting to learn.Those are the reason of their studying in Bahasa Indonesia

  1. The popular language in Australia

Bahasa Indonesia grows very fast in Australia. In terms of the number of students who study it. In 1994, fewer than 50 schools offered Bahasa Indonesia as a subject choice. Only three years later, in 1997, the number of schools offering Bahasa Indonesia nearly tripled.  The Australian student’s ambition to master Indonesian is higher. A prestigious private school in the Australian Capital, Canberra, the Burgmann Anglican School (BAS), makes Bahasa Indonesia a compulsory lesson for its students.

In 2016 Indonesian language was studied by 30,351 students in Government schools. Now, second only to Italy, which had 33,741 students in 2016 (remember, Australia has many descendants from Italy who live here as it turns out). Currently Bahasa Indonesia has more students than Japanese or French, the next two most popular languages.

Those are the ten facts about Indonesian Language that might surprise you. Learning language could be something special if you learn the culture too. In addition, Bahasa Indonesia is categorized as the easy language to learn. If you are interested to learn Indonesian language, you could start to read Characteristic of Indonesian Language.