5 Most Famous Indonesian Folktales

Stories are being passed on from generation to generation. Either proven to be true or a matter of community’s belief, these stories, or known as the folktales, have then become another part of the popular culture which are being retold especially to the children. Indonesia is a country rich of its ancestors’ heritage, and this […]

5 Indonesian Novels Which Are Globally Popular

Indonesian writers are such good authors. This world may put William Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Jane Austen, and other famous authors in the top position. But, we have to bear in mind that most of legendary novel writers from Indonesia have real and amazing talents. They are so creative that they can build a full story filled […]

10 Interesting Facts of Indonesian Poetry

Poetry is a written art. In this art form, a poet uses language to add aesthetic qualities to semantic meanings. In Indonesia, the existence of literary works is highly appreciated by some of the audience. Assessment of literary works can be seen from how many fans of the poem. Beautiful and legendary poems were born […]

17 Fascinating Facts About Indonesia Literautes

Sometimes most people think that the Indonesian literature majors are not prestigious, lost to other majors such as engineering, economics or medicine. So, many people who looked at the eyes of students majoring in Indonesian literature. Though literature students actually have many advantages compared with other majors students. After knowing the advantages of Indonesian literature, […]

Brief History of Indonesian Literature

In Indonesia the new writing culture began since the fourth century AD. The ability of people to make written records continues to grow until the entry of Islam with Arabic script, as well as Latin script brought by Europeans in Indonesia. History of literature in Indonesia is divided into several periods according to changes in […]

Language in Bali Indonesia – Characteristics – Types

The Balinese language is one of the regional languages in Indonesia which is well maintained by its speakers that is the Balinese. The Balinese language acts as the mother tongue and also the first language for most Balinese people. The language is widely used as a means of communication in various activities within the household […]

Folklore in Indonesia – Characteristics – Types – Achievements

Every man feels the childhood. They lived with fantasy, they live with magical creatures and the tales. The tales of the Indonesian cultures. One of them is the Folklore. Thousands of folklore can be found and have a true meaning of goodness in every story. That’s why, many kids love them, because even the story […]

Indonesian Literature – History – Period – Development

As general, literature means artistic creation in written or oral. Not every single written works has to be announced as literature, but it has specific characteristic, such as: The content describes humanity including the issues. Using beautiful languanges in proper terms. Have an attractive presentation and good impression. See also :  Indonesian Etiquette Indonesian Landmarks Indonesian […]