21 Lists of Wonderful Tourist Attractions in Pati Must Visit

Who does not know tourist destinations in Pati city? Pati city as one of the tourist destinations in Central Java and this city is quite attractive. In addition, it can be stated this city has various kinds of tourist destinations which can spoil tourists. Basically, Pati city is a part of a few interesting tourist […]

5 Things about Madura Bull Racing

Madura culture are generally similar to Java, it can be said that it belongs to the Java, Bali, Madura and Sunda family. Madurese is known to be conditioned in part by the harsh landscape and climate. The people of Madura are well known for their straightforwardness and direct approach, especially in their manner of speech. […]

List of 15 Best Hotels in Java, Indonesia

After talking about some best hotels in the area of Yogyakarta city, we’re going to have another one topic about hotel. But, this one is not located in nearest area of Yogyakarya only, but also all the areas of Java island. So, you may notice that these hotels are located differently starting from the Jakarta […]

12 Fascinating Facts about Java Indonesia

For the people of Jakarta or West Java, they feel not becoming the part of Java. However, if they go to the Central Java or East Java, they call it go to Java. Actually Java is the name of an island in Indonesia that consists of Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta and East Java […]

Indonesia Java – History, Culture, and Development

Locally known as Djawa or Jawa, Java is the political, geographic and economic center of the Indonesia.  Java is where most of Indonesia’s history took place with Jakarta being part of the island. Most of the country’s history took place in Java as it was the core of the colonial Dutch East Indies. This is where the center of Hindu-Buddhist […]