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12 Fascinating Facts about Java Indonesia

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For the people of Jakarta or West Java, they feel not becoming the part of Java. However, if they go to the Central Java or East Java, they call it go to Java. Actually Java is the name of an island in Indonesia that consists of Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta and East Java itself. That is why, when Indonesians tell about Java, it means the area of Central Java, Special Region of Yogyakarta, and east Java.


Indonesia Java  is a tribe that can be said most widely spread in various parts of Indonesia. Almost in all the islands there are Javanese people both genuine and descendants. Even the Javanese in Suriname became part of a vital role in the former Dutch colony.

  1. Javascript was inspired from the name of Java

JavaScript was created by James Gosling when he joined Sun Microsystems, which was later released in 1995. The programming language was officially registered under the Java name after going through the jangling process.

First, it was registered under the name “Oak” to quote the name of the tree that grows near the area of James Gosling’s workspace. However, because there are many other products that use the name, the choice eventually diverted on James Gosling’s favorite drink, which is straight-grained pure coffee. Since the coffee which they drink comes from the island of Java, eventually the programming language was registered with the name of Java (in English Java).

  1. The Javanese Language is available on Google Translate since 2013

Since the possibility of the users’ searching with the local language increased rapidly, Google start to consider the existence of Javanese language. Understandably, Java Island is one of the islands with the largest population of Google user.

If you apply Google Translate through the browser, you can find the Java language as an option to translate. Well, it is not impossible Javanese language or other regional languages ​​that exist in Indonesia entered in the addition of language in new technology Google translate.

  1. Javanese people originated from Javacekwara

According to Babad Jawa Kuno, the origin of Javanese ancestors is also mentioned in the Ancient Bureau of Java land. In this chronicle is told that a prince of the Kling kingdom with his followers who were marginalized by the power struggle to open up new land on a remote island and still uninhabited. They lived settled and colonized to form a new kingdom there and built its own civilization. The Kingdom was later known as Javaceckwara.

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  1. Having its own calendar

The Javanese calendar is a mixed calendar among Islamic culture, Javanese Hindu-Buddhist culture, and European culture. In this calendar, there are two cycles of the day. The first is a weekly cycle consisting of 7 days as like a general calendar.

The second is a ‘Pecan Pancawara’ cycle that only consists of 5 days of  ‘pasaran’. ‘Pasaran’ day is a benchmark of the way looking for a good day that is still maintained by the Javanese who hold the tradition. The Java calendar is also listed on a public calendar that makes it easy for Javanese to see the day of the market.

  1. The Javanese culture is well known as its politeness

The Javanese and manners could not be separated. It is because politeness is important manner in Java. Just notice when the Javanese pass in front of the crowd, surely they will bend slightly while saying excuse me. The language is also the case, although in the jungle they do not use Javanese, these people always throw words politely.

They also know the rules. When there is something prohibited and forbidden in a land, as much as possible they will abide by it. It is these things that make them end up being liked by many people in many places.

  1. Java has a famous astrology called Weton

In addition to the calculation of the period with reference to the rotation of the sun with typical 12 months, Javanese astrology is also familiar with the term ‘weton’. Weton estimates the personality, nature and destiny of a person. Although it is not absolute, weton is used as a reminder for the Javanese to be careful in life. The philosophy of “eling lan waspada” (remember and always alert) becomes an important element in the understanding of weton in the daily life of the Javanese.

Javanese astrology through weton markers also describes the common traits of personality, even physical traits when children, adolescents and adults. Javanese astrology operates using the ‘titen’ philosophy (meticulous and detail) of natural phenomena and their interrelationship with humans and environmental events.

  1. Java has its own traditional script called “Aksara Jawa”

Most of people know well Javanese script with the title “hanacaraka”. The Javanese script itself is a derivative of the Brahmani script that originated from India. This alphabet already exists from the era of the Hindu-Buddha kingdom with a slight adjustment of Sanskrit. The Javanese script was found in 17th century in the kingdom of Islamic Mataram. In this era, they began to use the language and script of this script.

Basically, Javanese script is a merger between two traditional scripts namely ‘Kawi’ and ‘Abugida’. The difference could be seen from the arrangement of letters and readings. Like Hindi script, the way of writing “Hanacaraka” use the technique of hanging the alphabet in above line bottom.

  1. Having the strong culture

Retaining the custom from one generation to another generation is called ‘nguri-nguri budaya Jawa’. That is why, the people of Java are well known of having the strong culture.

Most of the culture in Java is adopted from Hindhus.  Previously Javanese people embraced Hinduism, Buddhism and “Kejawen”. Kejawen is a religion produced from Javanese culture. Kejawen contains about art, culture, tradition, ritual, attitude and philosophy of Javanese people. Today, the majority of Javanese are Muslim and some Javanese are Christian or Catholic.

  1. Having some famous mythology

Javanese and myths are like vegetables and salt; they are completed each other. The Javanese are famous for their belief in myths. Some of famous myths are well spread in all of the part of Indonesia. As the example; a single girl may not sit in front of the door. It would cause a boy who will purpose the girl come back home. Another famous myth is sitting on the pillow believed would make a boil on your butt. Although some myth doesn’t make sense, sometimes the myth could give a hidden message from it.

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  1. Having the good table manner

The nature and behavior of Javanese people have been regulated and trained since childhood, so that they continue to apply them till adulthood. Javanese people also have a rule in the dining table. One of them is they would not like stand up while eating. So, you will not find a standing party in Java.

At meal time, Javanese use spoons and plates carfully to avoid create a noise that disturbs the people around him. In addition, they should not produce any annoying voice because it would be considerated as impolite.

  1. Having famous philosophy

Javanese people basically have a lot of philosophy of life that serve as guidelines for society. But there are seven basic philosophies that at least describe the cultural behavior of the Javanese. Javanese philosophy is considered an ancient language and also outdated. In fact, if you learn Javanese heritage philosophy will continue to apply throughout life. One of the famous philosophy is  “Alon-alon waton klakon” This philosophy actually contains a message about safety. In fact, the content of its meaning is very deep. This philosophy implies prudence, alert, tenacity, and the last is safety.

12.   Not all of Javanese people outdated

 It’s well known that Javanese people are famous of hickey. But that is not true. The Javanese look hickey because of their peculiar customs. In fact, the Javanese are easily accepted in any society. They are known as their simplicity. The spirit of togetherness of the Javanese people must be admittedly remarkable. They are very good at socializing and positioning themselves. That is why it is easy for Javanese people to join a community. 

These are some of the interesting facts about the Java Tribe. Indeed, the Javanese is very special. If you come to Indonesia, it would not be false choice to visit Java. You would see some Javanese Traditional Dance from Indonesia and  Javanese Traditions or taste Traditional Food of Java with Authentic Taste.

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