List of 15 Best Hotels in Java, Indonesia

After talking about some best hotels in the area of Yogyakarta city, we’re going to have another one topic about hotel. But, this one is not located in nearest area of Yogyakarya only, but also all the areas of Java island. So, you may notice that these hotels are located differently starting from the Jakarta province which is located in the western part of Java island, to the East Java province.

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Actually, each areas on this island has an unilimited number of hotels. They come in many varieties of price and also services. So that’s why, we only picked best of the best hotels in Java Indonesia that you can pick as a place for having a nice rest. Here’s the list of the best resorts and hotels you can find in this island.

1. Take Mansion Hotel, Jakarta

The first hotel inside this article of the best hotels in Java Indonesia is Take Mansion Hotel in Jakarta. As one of many best hotels in the area of Jakarta city, the Take Mansion hotel is really suitable to become your oasis in this crowd city. It’s located in the Kebon Sirih 1 street number 3, Central Jakarta. It’s surrounded by some business buildings.

It’s actually a three stars hotel. But, with that level of hotel, you will also get a wonderful experience of taking a relaxation in this place. The services are quite good and sufficient. Also, the location of this hotel which is near some malls like Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia, is a point plus. You can also enjoy the car free day every Sunday just outside the hotel.

2. Treva International Hotel, Jakarta

Beside that, the other interesting hotel in the area of capital city of Jakarta is The Treva International Hotel. The building looks unusual with its decorations on top and bold white colour. The rooms are decorated with a nice touch of chocolate motives wallpaper. It’s very bright though in those rooms, because there’s so many lights placed within only one room.

Like the hotel of Take Mansion above, Treva International also has three stars. With less than five hundred thousands rupiah, you can enjoy a beautiful night in a very comfy room that completed with dozens of service. From this hotel, you only need to walk for some minutes to reach the landmark of Jakarta city, Monas or National Monument.

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3. Amazing Kutaradja Hotel, Jakarta

And for the last one in Jakarta, one that included as the best hotels in Java Indonesia is Amazing Kutaradja Hotel. As you can see, this hotel is being very optimistic with the word “Amazing” on its name. But, their optimism also completed with the efforts to make this hotel to be the most comfortable yet very affordable place to rest.

Spending a night in this hotel would be a very great idea, especially if you’re a backpacker or tourist that has a tight budget. You can have a room with less than three hundred thousand rupiah only ! What a great deal. The location of this hotel is also very strategic, it’s located just few meters from Monas and Ismali Marzuki Park.

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4. Trizara Resorts, Bandung

From Jakarta city, we’re going to come to one city called Bandung in the West Java province part. There’s some hotels that we’re going to talk about. For the first one, let’s check the Trizara Resorts. This not the usual resort you’ve known. In Trizara, you’ll stay in a tent, not a square room like the others, it’s a tent.

Well of course, the tent for your stay is not the ordinary tent that used for camping, but it’s more bigger and comfortable. The tent is also completed with a bed and inner bathroom. Also on the outside, you can also do some things like swimming, archery, and taking a ride with bycicle. With an interesting concept, visiting Trizara would be an amazing experience.

5. Green Forest, Bandung

Bandung has tons of interesting places. And the example of that is this Green Forest Hotel. Bringing the concept of nature, almost similar like Trizara resort, Green Forest is a very cozy place for anyone who wants to have this kind of village atmosphere. Visiting a village will always be a peaceful and calming journey, and Green Forest want to bring that experience to its visitors.

The building of Green Forest is dominated with wooden aspects that combined with the shady trees. Situation here is pretty calm and peaceful. For anyone who intrested to have a room in this Green Forest hotel, they can go to Sersan Bajuri street number 102 Cihideung. With only about half a million rupiah, the visitors can get all the wonderful things inside this hotel.

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6. Imah Seniman, Bandung

The last hotel on the list that located in Bandung is this Imah Seniman. Like the other hotels we mentioned above, this hotel is also bringing the back to nature concept. It’s located far away from city crowd, so you can expect a really peaceful environment in this Imah Seniman Hotel. Not only providing customers with the best services in their bedroom, this hotel also has some activities that you can do.

Every room in this hotel has this kind of authentic Javanese architecture on every corner. It looks pretty good though. Also, you can enjoy the outbond area where you can have some activities like fishing, jogging, doing Yoga, or just lying around looking to the sky. For this wonderful package, you need to pay for about half million rupiahs.

7. Alila Hotel, Solo

And we’re going to Central Java province to visit a city called Solo. You know, Mr. Jokowi, the presiden of Indonesia was a mayor of this city. He used this hotel for his daughter’s wedding processions. Because of that, many people were curious about this hotel and decided to visit this hotel for their own sake.

The result is mostly good. All reviews are like straight good. No wonder, because this hotel, which is also the tallest building in Solo and Sukoharjo, has some things interesting for you. You can choose five types of room, ranging from Deluxe to President suite. The Deluxe, which is the most affordable one is actually pretty good with 50 meters wide and elegant decorations. You can get more and more satisfaction when trying the other types of suite.

8. Hotel Santika Premiere, Malang

So, we’re moving to the East Java province to the Malang city first. Malang city is known to be a tourism city that filled with so many attractions. The opportunity of having a promising income from those tourism places was catches by so many people. They built some business in hotels and resorts, making Malang a city filled with so many hotels.

Among those nice hotels, there’s a very interesting one called Hotel Santika Premiere. The hotel is only for about 15 minutes from the airport. Many good reviews about this place, they were saying that Santika has a very calming looks but very comfortable to feel. Like most hotels in Java, there’s some recreations on this hotel such as swimming pool, spa, and also gym.

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9. Jambuluwuk Batu Resorts, Malang

The next hotel in Malang that also included as one of best hotels in Java Indonesia is Jambuwuluk Batu Resorts. Jambuwuluk looks pretty interesting architecture that very similar with the traditional house of Gadang. This hotel is only about 10 minutes from the famous Jatim Park, and also 15 minutes from Batu Night Spectacular attraction in Batu.

Jambuwuluk can be a perfect choice for you and your family, because this villa or resorts has about three to four rooms in one building. And the villa is well supported with so many stuff like kitchen set, dining room, television, free wifi, and many more. Also, on the outside, you can enjoy several fun activities like Flying fox, Jogging track, plaground, swimming pool, saunda, and karaoke.

10. Majapahit Hotel, Surabaya

Moving from Malang city, we’re moving to north to the capital city of East Java province, Surabaya. Known as the city of heroes, Surabaya undoubtedly has some collections of interesting hotels to sleep in. One of them is Majapahit Hotel. Majapahit hotel is very historical yet very fancy hotel in the city, located near the famous malls of Surabaya.

If you don’t know, this hotel was a place where a historical event happening between the people of Surabaya and Dutch back in colonial era. Every hero’s day or independence day, there’s a theatrical event held in front of this hotel. Back to the hotel, Majapahit has about 143 rooms on the first and second floor. And also, it’s a fiv stars hotel, so its services should be included as the best ones.

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Beside those places, we prepared some other list containing the other best ones in Java Indonesia for you.

  1. Bumi Surabaya City Resort
  2. Hotel Tugu Malang
  3. Kastuba Resort
  4. Omah Sinten Heritage Hotel & Resto
  5. Novotel Solo Hotel

So that’s it, the best hotels in Java Indonesia. After looking at our choices above, we hope that you’ll have a suitable one for you on the area you’re in. Best to find the most suitable one with nice services but without a worrying price.