14 Must Visit Markets in Bali

For those of you who are happy with the world of shopping, and happen to be in Bali on holiday events. So you should try to visit some cheap markets in the city of Bali. In addition, there are many items, souvenirs, food, clothing, and also a complete and attractive choice, and the prices offered […]

10 Top Biggest Market in Indonesia with Great Facilities

Market is a center of economy in Indonesia. Here is the place well the seller meets their customer. Most of people in Indonesia even make a life through market. Market could be their source of living where they work every day. Although there have been many luxurious department store in city, Indonesians would rather go […]

Find these 10 Experiences of Cheap Shopping in Indonesia!

Shopping is one of the fun activities when traveling to a country. While you choose Indonesia as your tourism destination, you can have some great experiences for shopping. Not only getting cheap living expenses, even hunting for souvenirs can be a fun thing when you can buy them at a cheap price. Every region in […]

Top 8 Night Markets in Bali Indonesia

Bali is not only a beach paradise, but also the island with unique characteristics of economic activity. Thus, there are many markets there. The market is one where you can shop for goods needs to meet the needs of everyday life. In Bali, some markets also provide a location for shopping by – by a […]

10 Traditional Markets in Yogyakarta – Best for Shopping

Yogyakarta is a city full of a millions beauty. In addition to beautiful natural attractions, stunning cultural tours, and delicious culinary, Yogyakarta has favorite places to relax as well as shopping for souvenirs or souvenirs and other purposes. There is not only large mall that available in Yogyakarta, but also many traditional markets there. In […]

10 Types of Market Structure in Indonesia

When vacationing in a city, don’t just  visit the beautiful places. A unique and various place like the market is turned out to be a fun tourist site. Several cities in Indonesia have various markets that become the target of the tourists both domestic and foreign. Before visiting the market, there are the times you […]

History of Capital Market in Indonesia

Capital market is a financial market or instrument which securities such as long-term debt, stocks, bonds and equities are bought and sold. In the capital market exchange, the brokers that represent investors meet each other. The money is provided for more than one year in capital markets. There are two kinds of capital markets, which […]

17 Shopping Habits in Indonesia – Attitudes

We can not deny that shopping has been becoming one of the most inseparable things for people nowadays, including Indonesian people. Shopping is for sure a very important aspect in people’s life, because in order to fulfill all the needs, people have to buy certain products and some people also need to sell products to […]

10 Popular Traditional Markets in Indonesia

We all know that market is a buyers and sellers rendezvous. There, transaction happened. We could find anything we want in market, especially seasonings. However, market is prevalent to us, how about traditional market? Have you been there before? Nowadays, many people prefer to go to supermarket than traditional market. Why? Because the place is […]

Top 10 Indonesian Floating Market List (#6 is Beautiful)

Indonesia is famous for having a lot of natural wealth, one of which is a big river in Kalimantan, Sumatra, and Papua. This river has many functions, for example as a water transportation and as a place to find freshwater fish. In addition, in Indonesia, this large river can also be used for the marketplace […]