Top 8 Night Markets in Bali Indonesia

Bali is not only a beach paradise, but also the island with unique characteristics of economic activity. Thus, there are many markets there. The market is one where you can shop for goods needs to meet the needs of everyday life. In Bali, some markets also provide a location for shopping by – by a typical place and also a place to find traditional culinary that will make us addicted. There are even markets that only open at night. Generally this market sells a variety of unique things that you can only find in Bali. Here are the night markets that only could be found in Bali Indonesia.

  1. Sindhu Night Market

The Sindu market, often referred to as ‘Sindhu’ is also referred to as ‘Village Traditional Market’ is a fresh market in Sanur Village area. It is located near the north end of Jalan Danau Tambling, Sanur. Although called the traditional market but in reality, Sindhu Market is a clean and modern market. Apart from Sindhu Market called modern market, it is just like a traditional market, like bargain directly between seller and buyer.

By late afternoon, the parking lot at Sindhu Market has been transformed into Sanur Night Market (Sindhu Night Market). At around 6 PM local food outlets and carts come in, to peddle local dishes ranging from goat satay, meatballs, to fried rice. Most of the foods there arre affordable price.

  1. Kuta Night Market

Kuta Night Market offers a unique shopping and dining experience. As the name implies, Kuta Night Market began to move after the sun set. This market sells a variety of culinary and Balinese souvenirs with a fairly skewed price.

Located on the beach and also the hotel’s lodging complex in Kuta, this market is just 10 minutes’ walk from Kuta Square and Kuta Beach. Do not forget to bargain before you buy souvenirs or fashion accessories in this market. You can also try a variety of traditional Balinese snacks as much as possible with a very affordable price.

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  1. Gianyar Night Market

Gianyar Night Market is one of the interesting locations to visit when you take the Bali honeymoon package. Gianyar regency is located about 10 km to the southeast of Ubud’s main center. Here, you and your partner can taste a variety of traditional snacks that are opened in taverns, even tents, along the main line of Ngurah Rai Street.

There, both of you will enjoy a great view of the mini city with lots of flashing neon lights at sunset. What a nice honeymoon atmosphere, isn’t it?

You will not be disappointed if you take Bali honeymoon package and visit this Gianyar Night Market. There is a typical food called Nasi Jingo or mini rice with a variety of chicken chili with a very spicy sauce. The heavy food in Gianyar Market starts from IDR 25.000 and for snacks from IDR 5,000.

  1. Badung and Kumbasari Market

The main and largest traditional markets on the island of Bali are Badung Market and Kumbasari Art Market which is located just off the Badung River. Pasar Badung is a place where locals from all over offer their merchandise which consists of fruits, meat, and nine basic necessities.

Meanwhile, Pasar Kumbasari keeps a large selection of batik cloth and contemporary art painting to be used as souvenirs. You and the couple who want to buy souvenirs are advised to visit this Kumbasari market.

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  1. Kereneng and Asoka Market

The Night Market called Pasar Kereneng and Pasar Asoka is difficult to distinguish because of the proximity of each other’s distance. However, it is often referred to simply as Pasar Kereneng.

Moreover, both markets include the largest traditional market in Denpasar City after Badung market, just 1.8km to the west. The popular items that sold well here are batik cloth, traditional kitchen equipment, agricultural tools, and traditional food.

  1. Taman Sari Market

Taman Sari Market is one of the few local night markets that can be found around Seminyak area. Typically, Seminyak is famous for its luxury boutiques and world-class dining.

However, the opening of this local market becomes an ideal stopover for couples looking for cheap food and easy access from villas and resorts in the region. You and the couple who had planned a honeymoon with Bali honeymoon package not to miss come to this Taman Sari Market.

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  1. Legian Night Market

Legian and Seminyak market is a shopping paradise on the island of Bali. In the area of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak there are many categories of shopping places. There are traditional market, luxury boutiques, shooping malls and department stores which specially sell souvenirs of Bali.

Along the highway in Kuta, Legian and Seminyak you will find merchandise in the form of art crafts, jewelry, fabrics and tailor leather jackets. When at night, Legian Market will become very crowded visitors. Here you can also try the typical Balinese culinary that is ready to make your night feel perfect.

  1. Pasar Senggol Night Market

Senggol Market is located on Jalan Ngurah Rai, Gianyar regency, Bali. To try the various tasty Balinese menus you can visit the Senggol Night Market in Gianyar that provides many culinary and typical snacks of the Island of the Gods. This market is well known among local culinary enthusiasts, even foreign travelers.

Here you can find a lot of traditional food, from various side dishes to snacks market guaranteed only in Bali. Culinary Bali has a unique character, able to shake the tongue of anyone who loves even foreign tourists who are accustomed to modern food.

Those are the the famous night market that you can find in Bali. Once you get there, visiting one of them could be the good thing to do. You can see many tourists enjoying them too. However, don’t forget to watch out your belongings. Pickpocket is everywhere!

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